How To Say Advertisement In Spanish

How To Say Advertisement In Spanish – The woman whose photo was used without permission in a “beach agency” advertising campaign criticized the Spanish government’s explanation that they did not know they were “real people”.

Sian Green-Lord, whose prosthetic leg was edited out of the image, said he “didn’t believe it – not at all”.

How To Say Advertisement In Spanish

How To Say Advertisement In Spanish

An advertisement by Spain’s equality ministry aims to encourage women to go to the beach, regardless of how they look.

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The Spanish government, which has so far not commented on the situation, told Radio 1 Newsbeat: “We want to make it clear that it was never known that the woman in the picture is a real person.

“Therefore, the Women’s Institute, as an interested party, has contacted the model to clarify the situation and is waiting for the illustrator and model to reach an agreement.”

After the ad was published, three British women said they had disapproved of the use of their image.

“It feels like they only blame the illustrators, but the government that hired them,” said Niom, who lives in London.

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“This campaign would have been great if they had invited us to Spain and done a photoshoot and paid us but they decided to put my head above everyone else’s and removed Cian’s leg.”

“They haven’t even apologized – that’s ridiculous. We have to take it as far as we can. I just want justice for all of us because it caused a lot of anger.”

Juliette FitzPatrick, a cancer survivor who underwent a mastectomy, believes the woman in the commercial could be based on her.

How To Say Advertisement In Spanish

He said the body on the poster was not his because the woman only had one breast, even though she had a double mastectomy.

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Copyright laws in the UK and Spain state that a photo, or part of it, cannot be used or copied without the owner’s permission, even if the photo is posted on a site such as Instagram.

“Given the justifiable dispute over rights to images in works of art, I have decided that the best way to compensate for any damage my actions may cause is to split the money I received for the work in equal parts. to the people on the poster,” said the artist. As governments and communities around the world grapple with the COVID-19 pandemic and scientists look at simulations to see how different approaches might affect the global trajectory of the virus, some observers are comparing the pandemics. another, which occurred more than a century ago, called the 1918 Spanish flu, which is believed to have killed 50 million people worldwide, is used as a yardstick to show how COVID-19 compares to other pandemics in history.

Last week, a 105-year-old man believed to be Spain’s last victim since the 1918 pandemic warned the world to be “cautious” during the coronavirus outbreak. “I don’t want the same thing to happen again. It took so many lives,” Jose Ameal Peña told Spanish newspaper El Mundo

Although the 1918 flu and COVID-19 were distinct illnesses, and much has changed in the medical world since then, a newspaper advertisement from 1918 suggests that the two moments were in some ways very similar.

Spanish Beach Body Ad: Women ‘not Buying’ Government’s Explanation

“We say that history is in cycles and history repeats itself, and for that to be exactly the same in a number of ways,” said Elizabeth Zetland, a researcher at MyHeritage, which has a database of 11.9 billion historical records, including newspapers. specializes in family history. (You can search for the newspapers here.) In early March, as the coronavirus began its rapid spread, Zetland searched for “Spanish flu” in MyHeritage’s collection of historical newspapers. “I was surprised by the resemblance,” he said, “and I didn’t expect it to be as strong as it is now.”

Although medicine has advanced and access to information has greatly improved since 1918, there are some similarities in the messages and advice given to the public. Although the health care system in 1918 was more fragmented and disjointed in the US than it is today, authorities then were savvy enough to know that people should stay away from one another because of the highly contagious nature of the flu. Meanwhile, in the absence of a vaccine, public health efforts around the world have focused on personal hygiene, quarantines and limiting mass gatherings.

The emphasis on frequent hand washing, avoiding crowds, and wearing masks are recurring themes in newspaper accounts, as are the insults for people who break the rules. One ad for the Berkeley, California, Red Cross

How To Say Advertisement In Spanish

In October 1918, supported by the local government and health council, declared that gauze masks were “99% effective against influenza” and that anyone who did not wear a mask was a “dangerously lazy”.

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In 2020, guidelines are different in the US, with health experts at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advising healthy people not to wear face masks, which are now in short supply. But in other countries, particularly in Asia, the wearing of masks is a cultural norm and recommended by healthcare professionals to slow the spread of disease.

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As they exist today, there was a shortage of masks in 1918, and according to Zetland, several newspaper entries telling people how to make their own masks. Today, while it is generally accepted that homemade masks do not prevent the spread of disease the way N95 respirators do, many people also make their own.

Commercial advertisers quickly stepped in, selling their products to educate the public about the growing pandemic. Sanitary conditions on the battlefields of World War I in the final year of the war were deplorable, and the war drained the country’s medical resources heavily. The outbreak was first identified in the United States among military personnel in the spring of 1918, and outbreaks in the state are frequently traced to military bases and Army hospitals, such as Minneapolis.

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The cramped living conditions of the urban centers of the United States in the early 20th century created ideal conditions for transmission of the virus. To educate the public about hygiene as well as market its products, the Lifebuoy Soap Company purchased a series of newspaper advertisements across the United States in November 1918. The ads acted as a health message, telling people why it was important to wash their hands and how their soap would make their skin “antiseptically clean”. Today, the importance of washing hands is again repeated.

In some cases, businesses are capitalizing on the public’s fear and despair about crises, even if their products appear out of date. Some advertisers promote their products based on doctor recommendations or scientific studies, even though these products, like Horlicks Malted Milk, have little or no medical link. An advertisement for a massage parlor in San Jose, California directly promises that their treatment is “guaranteed to cure the Spanish flu.”

“Back then, people were using drugs which is funny to read about now,” says Zetland, who notes that one particular drug kept repeating itself while he researched. “You have to boil 12 tubers, take the juice and drink it the next day and it will protect you from colds.” Right now, misinformation about the coronavirus and the best ways to prevent infection — including, for example, the debunked claim that blowing hot air in the sinuses kills the virus — is spreading fast on social media.

How To Say Advertisement In Spanish

With the promise that the bike will arrive germ-free. The same newspaper ran an advertisement for an insurance company offering a “Special Illness Policy” for the Spanish flu. More than 100 years later, several companies use the same message. In early March, several AirBnB listings in the US promised “coronavirus-free vacations” for travelers looking to “escape” the virus.

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Historians credit the 1918 flu with revolutionizing public health systems around the world, but little seems to have changed in the world of advertising.

On social media, journalists have documented PR offers received in recent weeks that seem pitched to be related to the coronavirus or related to news about the pandemic, even though the product itself is not directly related to the health crisis ‘I. Beto O’Rourke was the first candidate to speak Spanish during the nationally televised Democratic debate on Wednesday night. He is not alone. Senator Cory Booker and former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Julián Castro also broke into Spanish.

A majority of Americans (42%) say presidential candidates are “held low” rather than “respected” when they speak Spanish during a televised presidential debate, but Democrats and Hispanics think otherwise. Nearly half (46%) of Democrats and 37% of Hispanic Americans view a candidate’s attempt to speak Spanish during a debate as honorable, according to the poll.

The same poll also showed that conservative and white Americans were more likely to classify these bilingual moments as audience accomplices. Nearly six in 10 (59%) Republicans call Spanish speech during debate “pandering,” as do 47% of white Americans.

Clues About Covid From The 1918 Spanish Flu

For better or for worse, multilingual candidates often receive extra attention and scrutiny,

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