How To Advertise For Companies On Instagram

How To Advertise For Companies On Instagram – There’s no denying that Instagram is a powerful marketing tool, but with over 200 million business accounts on the platform today, it’s imperative that you spend the time creating well-designed and thoughtful Instagram posts to stand out. You need a strategic design plan for your business’ Instagram app to attract a loyal following and achieve long-term success on the app. But creating a clean, consistent Instagram feed takes design skills and an investment of time you might not have, and using an algorithm that favors brands that post at least once a day can add to your stress. If so, you’re in luck – in this post, we’re going to talk about how to create predesigned Instagram post templates that you can use anytime. Also, making sure you use the same template for different posts will make it easier for you to create a good-looking, consistent feed. Instagram Post Templates Instagram templates are available for different purposes and we have our own roster for you to brainstorm and customize for free. Panel Template Download This Template Free For those of you looking to advertise in an upcoming virtual or in-person panel, you can promote it with our panel template. Personalize it by adding the speaker’s profile photo and username to build buzz and give followers a chance to see what they can expect. What we like: Your followers don’t have to send you a private message asking about the group, because the examples provided in the template provide all the background information they need to plan attendance. Quote Template Download this template for free Sometimes you want to stay ahead of the algorithm, and posting quotes consistently between ads can help keep relevant deals that need to be seen. Interview insightful team members and even use inspirational quotes your followers love to see when they scroll through their feed. What we like: The versatility of this template lets you change the background image to match the tone of the quote you’re sharing. Sale Announcement Template Download this template for free I don’t know about you, but when I see a sale announcement I’m excited to check out what’s available. This sale announcement template can grab instant attention when you want to sell your existing inventory or share a seasonal offer. Change the background image to suit the occasion and you’ll have this post ready in minutes. What we like: This model is neither messy nor overbearing; those who are already fans of your product will want to visit your website to take advantage of the opportunity. Quick Tips Template Download this template for free Sometimes your followers might need some advice, and that’s where our Quick Tips template can meet your needs. If you’re targeting professionals or budding amateurs, you can help them become more proficient in the skills they’re working hard to develop. Change the image to reflect the tip of your choice and share it with your followers. What we like: While it’s a simple template, it’s an easy way to interact with your followers between events, and if you want to get the most out of it, commenters are encouraged to share any tips or advice they find useful. We’re Hiring Template Download This Template For Free Yes, you can post jobs on sites like LinkedIn, but you can also find exactly the person you’re looking for on social media channels like Instagram. Customize this template to showcase various jobs you’ve held, or to showcase specific jobs that you can expand on in your post description. What we like: You can use this template to reach a wider audience via Instagram and use the post boost feature to better target the person you’re looking for. Offer template Download this template for free Use our offer templates to promote things like ebooks or guides. By giving your followers a taste of your new offering, you can use the post description to call them to action and download different types of assets. Customize it to reflect your brand’s color scheme and products. What we like: Instead of a long ad filled with too much image text, this chic template captures just the professional, minimalist approach your audience will want to see. New Product Mockup Download This Mockup For Free When you’re ready to launch a new product, you should meet your target audience on Instagram the day it’s posted. Using our new product template, you can let your followers know what they can expect from this new innovation. You can also change the images to reflect the product solutions. What we like: Without using words, your followers get a better idea of ​​what your new product can do for them after they buy it. Review Template Download this template for free Whether internally or externally, sharing a positive review of your brand or product is a great way to add legitimacy to your business. Use our review templates to share the positive experience your customers or employees have had with your company, which can attract clients and talent to your company. What we like: Sharing reviews can help build trust with customers, and adding those posts to your profile can help with that process. Podcast Template Download this template for free Podcasts are on the rise, so to help spread the word, you should do it on your Instagram. This simple template is a great way to announce the creation of a podcast. You can use post descriptions to let your followers know about upcoming events and encourage them to spread the word. What we like: Whether you pick this or frame it as a surprise, you can tell the type of podcast in the picture. The possibilities are endless. These aren’t the only templates we have available, so download the pack to brainstorm ideas for your future posts. How To Use Instagram Post Templates Download Instagram Post Templates. Choose the format of your post. Choose an image. Add design elements. Save the photo. Upload to Instagram. 1. Download the Instagram post template. Let’s face it: You don’t always have the time, resources, or people to create noteworthy posts on Instagram. That’s why we recommend Instagram business post templates, which you can create and customize from. Here are some options for creating and saving Instagram post templates, so you can always have a great post ready when it’s time to publish. Featured Resource: 22 Free Instagram Post Templates for Business Need a template to get started? Download HubSpot’s free Instagram post templates for traditional posts and stories that you can customize to match your branding. You can edit any part of your template (images, text, and design elements) to make sure your posts grow and engage your follower base. 2. Choose the post format. While traditional Instagram posts on your permanent timeline are more persistent and allow for comments and likes, you shouldn’t underestimate the power of Instagram Stories, which can be used for more immediate needs and occasions. In fact, 500 million accounts use Instagram Stories every day. So when you create a post, ask yourself if it’s worth publishing as a story or a traditional post. 3. Select an image. Perhaps you’ve decided that you don’t need photos for your posts, and a text overlay on a solid color background will work for you. If this is the case, go to the next step. If you decide you want to use a photo, especially if you want a photo as a background for your text overlay, you have a few options. Take photos with your phone or camera. You don’t need to be a professional photographer for your Instagram posts – you can learn how to take great pictures with your phone here. Use a photo from your company files. This works great if you need to use better quality team photos or product photos. Use stock photos that are relevant to your business (make sure you don’t use the same photo more than once!). Whichever photo you decide to use, simply replace it with the background from the template you’ve been using in HubSpot’s collection of Instagram post templates and resize the photo to your liking (and in great quality). Free Business Templates 22 Free Instagram Post Templates Fill out the form to get a template. 4. Add design elements. Instagram post templates come with design placeholders for text with special characters and other elements. The next step is to edit, add or remove any elements as you see fit. This includes updating your copy to reflect what you want your followers to know and/or the actions you’ve taken

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