Wiley X Prescription Glasses Near Me

Wiley X Prescription Glasses Near Me – ANSI rated quality of all Wiley X eyewear is also available by prescription. We offer a variety of sunglasses and eyewear customization options, including mirrors, shades and lens types. To find your next pair of glasses, visit an authorized Wiley X prescription retailer.

Each pair of Wiley X lenses is prescription-capable, precision-crafted for precision, digitally mapped and rigorously tested to high standards. The only way to ensure that your glasses are ANSI rated for clarity and protection is to have your prescription filled by Wiley X or a certified partner laboratory. Every prescription lens manufactured by Wiley X is engraved and certified, ensuring that you are receiving the highest quality lenses available.

Wiley X Prescription Glasses Near Me

Wiley X Prescription Glasses Near Me

To maintain ANSI standards, Wiley X uses a process called digital edge thinning to develop high-coat, eight-core frame prescription lenses. Digital Edge Thinning is a technology developed to improve vision for high prescriptions in wraparound sports frames. This process allows us to create lighter and thinner prescription lenses in most styles from -7.00 to +5.00, providing an improved look without compromising frame or lens integrity.

Wiley X Designer Eyeglasses Wx Crush Youth Force In Matte Grey / Blue 52mm :: Rx Single Vision

Wiley X DigiForceTM digital lens technology allows us to customize Rx lenses for our high-coverage frames. By combining user prescription and frame measurement, our advanced digital lens process creates sharper and clearer optics, improves color contrast and reduces distortion. Our Wiley X Twisted Radiation Glasses are designer lead glasses that offer radiation protection in a virtually unbreakable, triloid nylon wraparound frame. Radiation reducing lead glass lens with 0.75mm Pb lead equivalent. OSHA rated for occupational eye protection. Optional lens enhancements include anti-fog coating and anti-reflective coating. Frame color options are almost as detailed. Best suited for medium to large faces. If you want to fit your prescription Rx lenses into your lead glasses, consider our Nike lead glasses, most of which can accept prescription lenses. For more designer frame options, browse our Wiley-X frames or see our full collection of lead glasses.

The Phillips family’s deep roots in the optical business date back 115 years in 1905 with the production of eyeglasses for Bausch & Lomb. With the creation of Philips Safety Products in 2001, the company began focusing its extensive optical experience on professional safety, particularly protecting the eyes of consumers using X-ray and laser equipment for health, education and military purposes. As the company grew, its experience protecting X-ray professionals led to innovative radiation shielding barriers that provide both radiation protection and patient visibility. State-of-the-art Computer Numerical Control (CNC) on Phillips edges allows them to produce the highest quality products, ensuring accurate production of both spherical and spherical lenses. With a wide range of designer and affordable classic frames with the ability to include prescriptions in safety glasses, Phillips Safety excels at combining the best and most affordable styles with the safety features you need to protect your eyes.

Storage: Glasses should be stored in a clean and sanitary “ready to use” condition away from dust, dirt and other contaminants. Storage at normal room temperature and low relative humidity is ideal.

Cleaning for standard and anti-reflective lenses: Rinse all dirt, dust and particles from the lens by running it under a stream of warm water. If the residue is not washed off, you will end up with scratches on the lens that cannot be removed. Apply a small amount of dish soap diluted with water to the lens and rub gently over the entire surface. Rinse the lentils thoroughly under running water and pat dry with a dry towel. Always store glasses dry, facing up in the storage case, to avoid scratches.

Wiley X Climate Control Plastic Anti Fog Safety Glasses In The Eye Protection Department At Lowes.com

Fog Free Lens Cleaning: Always use a microfiber cloth to clean and dry the lens and never rub the lens. Be gentle with your lenses. Use a mixture of 4 parts alcohol to 1 part water to clean the lens with a microfiber cloth. Dry thoroughly with a microfiber cloth. After cleaning, the strength of the non-fog coating will temporarily weaken. For best results, clean the cup at the end of the day and leave it in an open, dry place outside the storage box for a few hours/overnight to allow the coating to dry completely. Do not use ammonia or chlorine as a cleaning agent. Do not immerse or wash the lens in water. Failure to follow the above instructions will permanently affect the performance of the coating. Always store glasses dry, facing up in the storage case, to avoid scratches.

Maintenance: Check your glasses frequently. If lenses become punctured, cut, or otherwise damaged, discontinue use immediately. End user maintenance should be limited to tightening the hinge bolts when necessary.

Warranty: All Phillips security products are fully warranted against manufacturer’s defects (materials and workmanship) for 1 year from the date of purchase. It does not cover careless use of the product (including scratched lenses). Coating problems caused by cleaning lenses other than those mentioned above will void the warranty. Phillips-Safety will repair or replace any defective merchandise. All shipping costs are paid by the buyer.

Wiley X Prescription Glasses Near Me

Recycling/Disposal: All frames are nylon, acetate, aluminum or black. Frames can be recycled with similar metals or plastics. Lead lenses contain 70% lead oxide. Lenses should be sent to an approved lead recycling facility or returned to the manufacturer for proper disposal. Please contact customer service for detailed instructions.

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Customers wishing to return this product should contact customer service within 14 days of receipt to obtain a valid return authorization number. A restocking fee may be deducted at the manufacturer’s discretion. Prescription orders cannot be returned. Frames with custom prints cannot be returned.

Unfortunately, we don’t have the weight of these frames with lenses mounted. However, the frame itself weighs 20.1 grams.* If your prescription is stronger than +/-3.50, visit our Motorcycle Glasses for Strong Prescription page for more information or talk to our experts at (877) BIKER -21. M-F 9am-5pm CST.

Wiley X Grid Prescription Glasses feature a tough triloid nylon safety frame that will take you anywhere! Large envelope frames and lenses fit close around the face to block light in every direction and provide peripheral coverage. These motorcycle goggles have rubber nose pads that keep the frame in place and optically aligned. The frame includes a hard shell case, a strap with rubber temple tips, and a cleaning cloth to protect your glasses for years to come.

The removable Facial Cavity™ seal protects against wind, dust and debris, giving you a more comfortable and distraction-free ride. The glasses meet ANSI Z87.1 and OSHA safety standards for high-mass/high-velocity impact and optical clarity, meaning you can wear them on the street or in the workplace.

Wiley X Worksight Judge Prescription Glasses & Sunglasses

WX Grid prescription glasses pair perfectly with the new generation XtrActive Transitions lenses. This allows the wearer to use one pair of glasses for both night and day. We specialize in prescription lens wraps and offer many performance options specifically for motorcycling. Customize your lenses with any of our performance coatings. We offer anti-reflection, anti-scratch, anti-fog and super sexy mirror coating.

Wiley X is a family company founded over 30 years ago. Wiley X specializes in safety glasses that exceed the ANSI z87.1 professional standard. Partnered with Wiley X to provide high quality prescription eyewear for bikers and anyone who prioritizes safety and eye protection. Whether you need single vision, progressive, Transitions™, polarized lenses for night riding, or have a very strong prescription, they can help. And we do it right. Talk to our Rx specialists at (877) BIKER-21 or email us today at bikerservice@

The chart below will help you determine your head size. You can click here to see a chart organizing all of our prescription frames, sorted by size.

Wiley X Prescription Glasses Near Me

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