What Is The Average Cost Of Advertising For Small Business

What Is The Average Cost Of Advertising For Small Business – Growing your business through online advertising has never been easier. That being said, there is a lot of information that can overwhelm you, and for those new to online advertising, it can be a little overwhelming, to say the least.

Each online advertising platform has its own strengths and weaknesses, and there are dozens of ad formats, campaign types, and performance metrics that advertisers must consider. However, underneath it all, there is always a burning question:

What Is The Average Cost Of Advertising For Small Business

What Is The Average Cost Of Advertising For Small Business

Today we take a close look at advertising costs on three of the biggest online advertising platforms – Google AdWords, Facebook Ads and Instagram.

Statistics Digital Marketers Need To Know In 2021

We will examine the relative costs of advertising on Google, Facebook, and Instagram, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of each online advertising platform. Finally, we’ll look at how each platform measures up in terms of performance, and there’ll be plenty of real-world data and research throughout.

As the grandfather of Internet advertising, Google Ads is not only the world’s largest online advertising platform, but also an integral part of the Internet itself.

You may have heard the joke that Google is an advertising business that owns a search engine, but that’s not far from the truth. Google derives the bulk of its billions of dollars in annual revenue from its online advertising, which in turn allows the company to stay on the cutting edge of search technology.

Before we can answer that, we need to determine which part of Google’s sprawling empire we’re talking about—the search network or the display network.

What Is Google Ads? How The Google Ads Auction Works

The Google Search Network is where pay-per-click (PPC) ads appear above and below organic search results for a user’s search term. Because Google offers online ads that are highly relevant to the search query, businesses using Google Ads can drive highly qualified traffic to their website and landing pages on the ground. Instead of showing your ads to a large audience who may or may not be in the market for your products (like when you buy space on a billboard), you can target people who are specifically looking for different types of products or services. . You provide

The Google Display Network is where display ads are shown. The display grid overlaps most of the list grid. Although advertisers can include rich media content in many display ad formats (such as animation and video), most display ads are usually banner ads.

As the name suggests, PPC ads are priced on a cost-per-click (CPC) basis, meaning that the advertiser is charged a small amount each time someone clicks on an ad.

What Is The Average Cost Of Advertising For Small Business

Your cost-per-click is calculated in flight each time your ad appears according to a process called an ad auction. Ad auctions are Google’s way of deciding what ads are displayed when a keyword search is performed, how ads are ranked, and how much each online advertiser pays per click.

Instagram Ads Cost In 2023

Ad position and cost per click are partly determined by the competitive environment and partly by your maximum bid (the maximum amount you are willing to pay – ) and quality score (a scale from 1 to 10 for how good your ads are). . A higher quality score will increase your ad rank while lowering your CPC.

There are many other factors that affect CPC and other Google advertising costs. For example, CPCs can vary from one geographic location to another (even for closely related keywords and search terms) and from industry to industry.

For example, the CPC for financial keywords is often significantly higher than for other verticals (more on this soon).

Display ads on the Google Display Network (and other networks in general) often have a much lower click-through rate (CTR) than PPC ads. In fact, according to Solve Media, you’re more than 475 times more likely to survive a plane crash than clicking on a banner ad — a truly sobering statistic.

Website Costs Compared To Traditional Advertising

However, the CTR of your online display ads increases dramatically when combined with smart targeting options like remarketing and life event targeting. Similar to search ads, display ads drive higher.

Now that we’ve broken down the key differences between these two ad types and their standard pricing models, let’s dive into all that juicy data.

Online advertising costs vary greatly not only by platform, but also by the advertiser’s industry. With that in mind, let’s look at the average cost of Google Ads advertising across 20 industries:

What Is The Average Cost Of Advertising For Small Business

The average CPC on Google ads across all businesses is $2.32 on the Search Network and $0.58 on the Google Display Network.

It’s Getting Even More Expensive To Advertise During Tv’s Biggest Shows

As you can see, some of the most expensive keywords on the Google Search Network are in the legal industry, with an average CPC of $5.88. Given the high cost of legal services and the large sums often involved in lawsuits, this is not surprising. In other common industries, the average cost per click for an ad ranges from 19 cents to $3 to $4 per click. In general, the more expensive the product or service sold, the more expensive the advertisement.

To put this data into context, the average monthly PPC cost per client is $9,813.

You can lower your cost per click in your campaigns by increasing your quality score. Quality Score is largely a result of achieving a higher than expected click-through rate, so increase your click-through rate by writing highly relevant ads that touch searchers on an emotional level to keep them from clicking.

For tips on writing really high CTR ads, check out our analysis of what factors contribute to the best Google Ads ads.

Everything You Need To Know About Tv Advertising Costs

The first is a technique called day-to-day planning or advertising. This allows you to specify time windows during the day when your ads will be displayed. For example, a brick-and-mortar retail business may want to increase foot traffic to its physical locations, and day-of-use allows advertisers to limit ads to hours or days when the source is open.

In addition to providing greater control over when ads are displayed, day-splitting can be used to reduce costs, even through “sub-optimal” windows. If you look at the chart below, you can see that the average cost per action (CPA) can vary greatly depending on the time of day. This allows advertisers to reduce costs as their ad budget increases.

CPA by time of day, on both weekday and weekend searches. Notice how weekend CPAs are significantly higher than weekday CPAs.

What Is The Average Cost Of Advertising For Small Business

To continue with the real-world retail business example from above, the same business hoping to drive foot traffic to a physical store probably won’t see much return on ads that are shown to users who live outside of that business’s service area. .

Cost Per Acquisition (cpa)

Geotargeting options have been implemented in Google Ads. This example shows a physical radius of 20 miles around Boston.

This is what makes geo-targeting so powerful. It allows advertisers to target the places where they are likely to have the most impact. Along with holidays, this gives advertisers more control over where and when their ads appear.

Another method you can use to control your AdWords ad budget is device targeting. Again, using our physical store as an example, device targeting allows advertisers to — you guessed it — target specific devices with their ads and bid higher for searches performed on mobile devices.

In the figure above, the suggested Enhanced Enterprise settings are used to set prices based on locations. Advertisers can use the suggested settings in the Tools tab.

Optimizing Advertising Campaigns

This means that advertisers can bid on higher-cost keywords, such as “near me” searches, which are highly profitable, as these keywords often have a much stronger business intent and indicate that the searcher is more likely to return to the search engine. to continue A nearby store – in our example, store ads in AdWords.

Although some keywords cost more than others, Google Ads offers a good return on investment for advertisers of all sizes. The average costs you can expect will vary depending on your budget and your business, but contrary to popular belief, paid search marketing isn’t just for big brands with deep pockets—even small moms to increase their business expenses—effectively. With AdWords

Although Google Ads are more expensive than online ads on Bing or Facebook, the search intent is hard to beat, and they’re very effective at driving sales right when people are ready to buy, which makes it worth the extra cost to me.

What Is The Average Cost Of Advertising For Small Business

As the largest and most widespread social network in the world, Facebook is a real giant in the world of online advertising. It’s not unusual for a business to run multiple online advertising campaigns in both PPC and paid social media, and Facebook ads are a great way to diversify your digital strategy and increase sales and leads.

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Basically, the pricing model for Facebook ads works like Google ads. Advertisers can set a daily date

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