What Is Promotion In Marketing Mix

What Is Promotion In Marketing Mix – The advertising mix is ​​the combination of its components to achieve the goals and objectives of target marketing.

Promotional mix is ​​a combination of different promotional tools; product promotion; user engagement; They can also be used to attract and create space for the product in the market.

What Is Promotion In Marketing Mix

What Is Promotion In Marketing Mix

Because advertising is the fourth most important component of the marketing mix. Promotional mix aims to promote the company’s products in the best and cheapest way.

Marketing Mix In E Commerce

Because every market is different; Different parts/parts of the promotional mix have different roles. Depending on the situation, the marketer can manage one or more elements of the promotional mix.

5 main elements of promotional mix play a big role in a successful advertising campaign of the company Now let’s understand these points separately.

Advertising is a form of paid personal promotional activity in which a product is promoted by a specific sponsor to a target market. One of the most striking elements of the promotional mix is ​​that the marketer promotes its offerings through a variety of media.

Ads can be run both offline and online. Offline means newspapers, magazines and social networks; Online methods like websites etc. Compared to personal selling. Advertising is a great way to reach a large number of customers.

Aida Marketing Model And Promotional Mix Marketing Best Practice Tools And Templates

For example, In personal selling, Marketing must personally visit each customer he wants to attract, but with one advertisement, the seller can reach the entire population on an international scale, throughout the country.

However, since advertising is impersonal, there is no face-to-face interaction, so we cannot know the reaction of users during the advertising process.

For advertising Marketing or the company uses radio, national newspapers; magazines, television, film commercials; display websites; Social media (Facebook, Google, Twitter) can be selected.

What Is Promotion In Marketing Mix

The main purpose of advertising is to reach the public. encouragement and assistance in personal selling; attraction of new market segments; Its purpose is to promote new products and increase sales and profits of the company.

Marketing Mix: The 4 P’s Of Marketing

Personal selling is when a salesperson meets potential customers face-to-face and engages them in order to create a desire for the product he or she is offering.

Personal selling involves personal communication where both the customer and the salesperson have a two-way relationship between them. Such prompt responses are provided and queries and clarifications are provided in real time.

Personal selling is one of the best parts of the promotional mix that allows you to build long-term relationships with your customers because it is person-to-person communication. But not through advertising, the coverage area is limited and the cost of individual sales is very high.

For effective personal selling; Salespeople need communication skills; It is necessary to influence the psychological knowledge of people and for many customers. More sales staff needed; This increases the costs of the business.

Step 3: Marketing Program (marketing Mix, Marketing Strategies, 4 P’s)

The main purpose of personal selling is to attract people to the seller’s offer. In addition, other benefits and goals are to improve personal interaction; building relationships; Compatibility and more.

The 7 most important steps you must take for personal selling success. It starts with finding potential customers and eventually making sales with them. The necessary steps are possible; preliminary approach; sales presentation approach, to fulfill the objectives; sales closing and tracking; Get a detailed explanation of how these steps work here.

Sales promotion is the third most important component of the advertising mix on our list. A sales promotion strategy is a marketing strategy that uses short-term marketing strategies as well as incentives to create a desire for profit in the minds of consumers.

What Is Promotion In Marketing Mix

Promotion is primarily aimed at consumers. One of the best examples of sales promotion is salespeople. It is the “Buy One Get One Free” that manufacturers or retailers operate aggressively across the market.

Integrated Marketing Mix: What Is It And How To Use It

The ultimate goal of sales promotion is to attract the attention of potential customers and existing customers, which sometimes creates the desire of new customers and compels them even if they have never bought from them before.

The effect of the promotion and offer is only for a short period of time, up to a maximum of 3 months. This is advertising, In addition to personal selling or public relations, tools are used to motivate customers.

To achieve sales promotion, the seller or salesperson may offer special offers; discount Insurance coupons, samples, prizes, sales contests; You can use tools like gifts.

The fourth component in our list of promotional mix components is public relations. Communicating with the public is with the community; It is the attempt of the business company to get to know the people and establish a good relationship with them.

The Promotion Mix And Major Tools Of Promotion

A public relations company believes that whenever a company has good relations with the public, the chances of people buying its products and services are very high and vice versa.

Public relations to create a brand image of the company; It is very effective in gaining the trust of the people and securing the future of the organization.

The main purpose of public relations is the formation of mutual understanding with society. creating awareness; building trust; motivating the sales force and sales representatives; etc. to reduce the cost of running the company.

What Is Promotion In Marketing Mix

In order to establish good public relations with society, the company participates in events; media relations; social media; You can choose tools such as oral communication.

Marketing Mix: What Is The Promotion Mix?

The fifth component of the promotional mix is ​​direct marketing. Direct marketing is a marketing strategy that promotes sales; This is a marketing strategy that does not use marketing intermediaries in the sale and delivery of products and is personally involved in delivering products to end consumers.

For this purpose, the Direct Marketer uses social media or mass media to reach his potential customers, but does not consider the use of marketing tools.

To direct marketing; Marketers use telemarketing; personal visits; phone calls video calls; messages, direct mail; kiosks websites; catalogs etc. can be used.

One of the main advantages that direct marketing offers to sellers and buyers is the convenience of buyers. Nowadays most people are very busy and prefer direct home delivery. Since there are many consumers, they neglect to visit retail stores.

The Marketing Mix — Is It Still Relevant To Marketers Today?

In this regard, customers prefer online shopping where they can easily order from home or call the seller directly and place the order. Again, they get delivery directly to their homes and the seller or manufacturer does not have to pay any costs to retail stores or middlemen.

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What Is Promotion In Marketing Mix

The promotional mix is ​​one of the 4 Ps of the marketing mix. It includes public relations, advertisement Includes sales promotion and personal selling. in this lesson, You will learn how a marketing team uses the sales promotion mix to achieve company goals and objectives.

What Is Marketing Mix (4ps, 7ps, 4cs, 7cs)? Definition & Guide

Aims to stimulate demand for a brand. Examples are the telecom service provider ads we see almost every day from Globe and Smart.

It aims to develop goodwill for a company or business. An example is PAGCOR’s advertisements about responsible gaming and their various charity projects. Promotion/marketing communication is one part of the marketing mix. Traditionally, promotion involves advertising (via various media),

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