The Best Way To Advertise On Facebook

The Best Way To Advertise On Facebook – Facebook – the platform we all read every day, spend hours browsing, and declare dead every few months, but it’s still growing. The social network is this and a little more. Freelance is one of the best places to grow your business. Many freelancers and large companies have learned to love landing clients domestically and internationally.

It can be very narrowly targeted and can be very affordable if you know what you are doing. To help you out, here are 5 things to keep in mind when setting up Facebook ads for your freelance business.

The Best Way To Advertise On Facebook

The Best Way To Advertise On Facebook

In some aspects, Facebook ads are no different from the old standard advertising campaign. And like any good marketing strategy, the first thing you need is a clear goal. Nothing hurts advertising except what exactly you think. One of the options for the target is obvious – customers who have projects and are looking for freelance work to hire.

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However, this option seems a bit more reasonable than that. Facebook is not a job board. Facebook is a social network – so it’s all about building an audience and relationships. It’s not necessarily the people who will hire you directly or for that matter. But these are the people who spread your name, refer you, and ultimately turn you into a brand. Goals are best when they are specific. Whether you want to grow your email list, get 15 new subscribers through your Facebook campaign or get some likes as a starting point – make your goals measurable. Know what numbers you’re looking for and measure them to track your progress.

A major advantage of Facebook ads is the ability to filter large numbers of people based on your desired criteria. Audience targeting is basically what Facebook ads are built on, so it should be the first thing you consider. Age, location, gender, zip code, interests: these are all things you can choose, so think about who you want to reach with your advertising strategy and filter accordingly.

A common mistake many people make is not thinking about what makes a difference in social media advertising. When you create ads for Google, you do so on the basis that people are actively searching for something.

Facebook is like TV in this respect – people are actually there for other content, but they also see your ads. Personalized ads that offer some kind of interesting information or have a built-in call to action can distract people from their endless scrolling and viewing of vacation photos. Your ads must attract attention. Otherwise, they will just drown in a sea of ​​baby pictures and more.

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This option found in the Facebook Ads Manager helps you do two things. First, you can upload a contact list of people you know – for example, people who have already subscribed to your newsletter. That way, you can generally reselect and convert people who are interested, but haven’t eaten yet.

Feature, you can tell Facebook to search for people similar to the list you’ve created. Facebook automatically applies a number of filters and gives you a list of people who are similar to those who subscribe to your newsletter – these may be customers. You’ll definitely notice how much fun targeting these features to the right people can be!

Last but not least, once you’ve created the perfect Facebook ad that makes everyone want to click, it’s time to think about what happens after that click. In other words, it’s time to decide on your landing page. A mistake that is often made here is simply directing users to your home page.

The Best Way To Advertise On Facebook

Remember, people check their Facebook time and have many distractions. Your ad ideally contains a promise or call to action – lead directly there. The performance of your landing page should be closely related to your goals. And it should go from the ad to the page. If your goal is to get someone to sign up for an online course, take them directly to the registration page.

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Facebook recently introduced canvas ads to create interactive mobile ads. This feature allows you to create a landing page for mobile users on Facebook so you can send your customers from there.

Have you ever used Facebook Ads? Give us your feedback or ask a question in the comments below!

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The Best Way To Advertise On Facebook

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Key Facebook Statistics Marketers Should Know In 2023

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And it really goes beyond selling on Facebook. You can use Facebook as an advertising channel to drive users back to your brand’s site, where you have more control over the experience and interaction.

Facebook feed ads can have a minimum resolution of 1080 x 1080 pixels and a maximum size of 30 megabytes. Facebook supports aspect ratios from 1.91:1 to 4:5, although promotional ads and stock photos require a 1.91:1 ratio.

As for text, you can have up to 40 characters in your title, 125 characters in your body text, and 30 characters in your description.

Facebook Ad Sizes And Specs For 2023 (guide)

Facebook feed ads are the primary form of advertising. Users see it in their Facebook feeds, mixed in with posts from their friends, groups and pages. Facebook feed ads can still be images, animated GIFs, or videos. This includes panoramic photos and 360-degree photos.

Facebook carousel ads also appear in users’ news feeds. These types of Facebook ads include multiple images or videos instead of just one. Images are presented in gallery or slideshow format, and you can use anywhere between two to 10 images or videos.

The ad size requirements for Facebook carousel ads are the same as for Facebook feed ads. Photos can be up to 30 megabytes and videos up to four megabytes, and the resolution must be at least 1080 x 1080 pixels. You want to stick with an aspect ratio in the 1.9:1 to 1:1 range. Videos must be at least one second long and up to 240 minutes long.

The Best Way To Advertise On Facebook

Other guidelines include up to 40 characters for the title, 125 characters for the body text, and 20 characters for the description.

Facebook Ad Design Tips And Examples

Facebook’s right column ads will not appear in the main news feed. Instead, they appear on the right side of Facebook pages for desktop users. Mobile users will not see Facebook right column ads.

Some of the same ad size guidelines apply to Facebook carousel ads and right column ads. This means you can have up to 30 megabytes of photos or up to four megabytes of video. You can also add up to 10 visual assets, but Facebook will only display the first for the right column ads. The resolution must be at least 1080 x 1080 pixels, and videos from one second to 240 minutes.

There are some differences from Facebook carousel ads though. The aspect ratio of the image in your right column should be 1:1. The headline for the main column ad is limited to 40 characters, and there is no room for extra copy.

Facebook’s in-stream video ads also use the carousel format, regardless of whether they appear in users’ Facebook Live feeds. In other words, when someone watches your Facebook Live videos, they are in your stream.

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