Qualities Of A Good Nurse Essay

Qualities Of A Good Nurse Essay – Provide a critical analysis of how nurses’ beliefs, values ​​and attitudes can influence the provision of personal care.

A person-centred approach to care focuses entirely on the patient as an individual, beyond their diagnosis or symptoms, ensuring that their needs and preferences are heard and respect According to Draper & Tetley (2013: n.p.), personal care is defined as “the way in which the nurse focuses on the person’s personal needs, wishes, aspirations and goals, so that they are central to their care and the nursing process This may mean putting the person’s needs, as they define them, above those identified by health professionals as the most important.” , this is the goal to achieve – ethical nurses should provide care that respects the diversity of values ​​and needs, choices and preferences of those who care for them – but how there is no agreement between values, beliefs and attitudes the patient and nurses will reconcile them This discrepancy will inevitably have a negative impact on the quality of care for this person give?

Qualities Of A Good Nurse Essay

Qualities Of A Good Nurse Essay

This article will explore the beliefs, values ​​and practices of nurses who plan and deliver person-centred care, and the impact these issues may have on the provision of that care.

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Nurses are expected to work in a caring, knowledgeable, professional, ethical and non-judgemental manner, and many do this as a matter of course, always showing incredible respect for their patients. However, values, beliefs and attitudes are, of course, subject to each individual, and in the context of providing nursing care based on each individual, it is necessary to identify those who are complete and the treatment, instead of focus only on those being treated. no. . According to Brink & Skott (2013), some findings lead to preconceived ideas about the people who receive them, which ultimately affects their care and treatment. This can be particularly evident in the case of mental illness, which is often treated with contempt, fear, ignorance and discrimination.

A study by Chambers et al (2010: p. 350) found that “Attitude towards mental health professionals affects the quality of care provided to people with mental health problems, and their rates of recovery.” Although nurses working in mental health must have more skills and knowledge in this subject than those in other nursing specialisms, it is not inconceivable that nurses can take some ideas about mental illness and those diagnosed with it, which can affect. in how they provide good patient care.

People seeking treatment for alcohol or drug abuse may also experience less empathy in nursing care, who may feel that the condition is self-inflicted, or that the property can be used elsewhere. This attitude can be even more evident in the case of liver transplantation due to liver alcoholism, when there can be a false belief that the other person receives it “properly” from the organ.

Other diseases that can be understood as having an independent element (eg obesity, smoking diseases, type II diabetes, addiction) can also be understood by nursing staff, who may not have appropriate empathy and compassion, or make preconceived notions about these patients based on their research.

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Similarly, patients who attempt to kill themselves or deliberately harm themselves may experience insult, lack of compassion and lack of understanding from nursing staff, especially if the nurse is supervising their care and is involved in the care of seriously ill patients bad or condition. Caring for patients who come to the emergency department for suicide or deliberate self-harm can create negative emotions and attitudes among the nursing staff who care for them. Nurses who work with such patients say they have great ambivalence and frustration.

In addition, patients who deliberately harm themselves may develop negative behaviors such as anxiety, anger, and lack of empathy (Ouzouni & Nakakis 2013).

A suicidal patient expresses his desire to end his life and expresses a wish. However, in the case of person-centred care, it will be difficult to believe that this desire will be seen as a need of the person. This can be a source of conflict, difficulty and lack of discretion in coordinating the patient’s needs and wishes in this situation, completely contradicting the nursing care. In such cases, it can be argued that the care given cannot be independent, as it does not correspond to the patient’s wishes. Clearly, it would not be legal or ethical for a nurse to allow a suicidal patient to actively end their life while under their care, or to comply with someone’s wishes not to receive treatment in case of tries to kill himself.

Qualities Of A Good Nurse Essay

Similar ethical considerations can also affect the treatment of patients undergoing pregnancy termination procedures, and can have a negative impact on the degree to which patient care is truly focused. There are well-documented cases of nurses refusing to assist with these procedures, or refusing to treat patients who have undergone treatment.

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Many such cases arise because of conflicts in religious beliefs and the moral and ethical beliefs of nurses who are asked to help with these procedures. The Nursing and Midwifery Council (2015) states that “Nurses and midwives must always adhere to the principles contained in The Code: Professional standards of practice and conduct for nurses and midwives (2015: n.p.). This code states that nurses and midwives refuse The performance of their conscientious objection must tell their colleagues, their supervisor and the person they are caring for that they have not refused treatment because of their conscience.

They must arrange for a competent colleague to take over the person’s care. Nurses and midwives can only be legally certified in both directions. Firstly, Section 4(1) of the Pregnancy Act 1967 (England, Wales and Scotland). This provision allows nurses and midwives to refuse to participate in medical procedures that lead to the termination of pregnancy because they have conscientious consent, except when it is necessary to save life and it is to prevent serious and permanent injury to physical health or mental. . of a pregnant woman.

Second, Article 38 of the Human Fertilization and Embryology Act (1990). This provision allows nurses and midwives to refuse to participate in technical procedures to achieve pregnancy and birth because they have obtained the consent of their conscience.

This is a big and exciting debate, and one that attracts many debates and ongoing debates, and it is significant that it can be asked when the beliefs and values ​​of nursing take precedence in their duties and responsibilities in caring for their patients’. importance, whatever they are? Should nurses be allowed to refuse to participate in systems of care that conflict with their values ​​or beliefs, or refuse to care for those they consider ‘unfit’? Does this set a worrying precedent for other conflicting procedures to be added to the list (surgery for example)? It can be argued that a nurse’s first duty should be the duty of care for their patient, and this requires them to take a holistic and personal point of view; a concept that should not be covered by nursing ethics or ethical theory.

Pdf) Transformational Leadership In Nursing Practice

The different aspects of personal care discussed in this article are of a controversial nature and perhaps more unique. However, what often happens, part of each day of nursing can come under the influence of nursing values, beliefs and attitudes that affect the quality of care for the person in question.

Giving patients autonomy over their care can lead to some conflicts as nurses may feel that their professional expertise is being neglected, and they may feel that the opinions and decisions that patients know about their care may undermine recovery if is good health. This can lead nurses to adopt a didactic approach and believe that they know best, when the patient is sure that his decision is the right one for him. Nurses must ensure that they see the patient as a whole person, not just a disease or condition to be treated or managed, as this can lead to ambiguity as those The nurse tries to align them with their desire to provide effective, proven care, knowing that the expressed wish or interest of the patient is contrary to this aim.

However, if it is considered that the patient has the right to make informed decisions about their care and treatment, with all the facts available, nurses must accept this if it is good care that everyone must giving (NHS Choices 2014). If the patient does not have the capacity to make an informed decision (eg.

Qualities Of A Good Nurse Essay

Patients with more advanced forms of dementia), therefore, any preferences and options known before the onset of illness should be documented and followed where possible. There is always a risk that people with disabilities receive care that is task-oriented rather than person-oriented. Again, nurses may think of what is best for the patient, rather than respecting their choices and preferences.

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