New Parent Gift Ideas

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Trying to think of a gift for the new parents in your life? THINK PRACTICALLY! Here are 15 practical gift ideas for new parents. Here are some great ideas to get the wheels turning!

New Parent Gift Ideas

New Parent Gift Ideas

One week ago today we welcomed little Maggie Grace into our world. A birth story coming soon, but let’s just say it’s been a crazy few weeks and I’m so glad she’s here!!

Awesome Baby Gifts For First Time Parents (2022)

As I prepared for her arrival, I also had a few questions from people about what was on our Christmas wish list. After giving it some thought, I thought it would be fitting to share with you these 15 practical gift ideas for the new parents in your life.

Now that the baby is here, I have first-hand experience of how amazing any of these gifts would be for Christmas this year! So let’s go…

Personalized mugs are super cool and you can make them as serious or silly as you want. What new parent wouldn’t want to sip their third cup of iced coffee from a mug with their precious newborn’s face on it?

This photo frame is perfect for those sleepless nights when you forget how your child got here…

Gift Ideas: For The Coffee Loving Parent

Amazon Prime is definitely a lifesaver. With two-day shipping, you can quickly get diapers, wipes, birthday gifts, and whatever else you need, and it’s so convenient you can do it all during late night feedings.

Here are some great ideas from The Bump. Frozen meals really are the best gift! When you have a new baby, cooking is the last thing you want to spend time on. One of our friends said that after they had their second child, he had 15 minutes to spare and had to decide whether to eat or sleep more. With frozen meals, this choice becomes a little easier.

As with frozen food, cleaning the house is one of the lowest priorities on the to-do list for new parents. Help ease some of these worries by giving the new parent in your life a clean home. You can get a Molly Maid gift card, which can be found in most major cities, or you can simply search Google for the best cleaning services in your area.

New Parent Gift Ideas

This tactical diaper bag is amazing! One of my husband’s biggest complaints when we had Clara was that all diaper bags were too feminine and looked like you were carrying a purse with you all the time. That’s not a problem with this bag! Canvas, camouflage, moustache, what more could you ask for?? Everything a new dad needs.

Best Gifts For New Parents 2022

And don’t forget the new mom! Give mom a personalized necklace with the child’s name, stone or footprint on it. This is a favorite I found on Etsy.

Decaffeinated white mocha with peppermint and coconut milk, and semi-sweet if anyone wants to know. One of the benefits of having babies on Christmas Day is that it’s a great excuse to get friends to deliver Christmas drinks to sleep-deprived mums.

I bought one of these books when Clara was born and wrote very poorly in it, but I like the idea. This journal is a quick and dirty version for busy parents to keep track of life and milestones with their sweet new kit.

I’m not going to lie, lately I’ve been living in sweatpants and slippers. I might have gone to the doctor this week looking like a total bum, but you know we’ve done it before, the baby was alive and fed and the newborn was wearing warm pajamas. I’d say that’s a win!

The 12 Best Tech Gifts For New Parents

Give new parents a reason to wear slippers. These Skechers BOBS Slippers look comfy! Plus, everyone wants to look at the newborn anyway.

I remember the first time my parents didn’t have a toddler to chase, we spent a lot of time in the first few months cuddling the little baby while watching Netflix. Give the gift of relaxation with a Netflix subscription.

This book really saved my life!! I don’t know how many times I was struggling with my toddler and looked in this book and found that we were in the middle of a cognitive leap and there were some tips right on the page about how to get through it. without losing your mind. You can read more about my not-so-secret secret to being successful with a child here and why every parent needs this book.

New Parent Gift Ideas

Perfect if you don’t have time to make frozen meals or if you’re just not that good at cooking! Blue Apron Meal Service is a great option!

These Valentine’s Day Gifts Are Perfect For New Parents

Sign up for a subscription and save on Amazon and diapers will be delivered once a month. You can cancel at any time and I know any parent would appreciate that! Before sending them, be sure to find out if there is a particular brand that parents like to use, as some children are sensitive to certain brands.

New parents forget dates. That’s the way it is. They probably have other important things on their minds. Share your opinion with them with a personalized wall calendar. You can make a cute picture with pictures of their new set on Shutterfly here.

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And if you’re a new parent, is there anything you’d like to add to the list? Leave a comment below!

Christmas Gift Ideas For New Parents To Pamper And Help Them

And if all else fails, buy them cute baby clothes. You’ll never have enough tiny baby clothes to match the new season!

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New Parent Gift Ideas

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Small Appliance Gift Ideas For Busy New Parents

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Unique And Useful Personalized Baby Gift Ideas For New Parents

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New Parent Gift Ideas

Learn more Gift wrap from MadeInTheShady Black & White Eco-friendly and stylish wrap for every occasion! Jute or linen bags can be used for small or awkward gifts.

Mother Of The Bride Gifts: What To Buy & When To Give Them

This gift box is for parents-to-be, new parents or already parents! therapeutically uplifting and uplifting!! Help them find time to pamper themselves and relax from everyday stress and life… even if it’s just for a few minutes! They will really appreciate these organic handmade quality full size products that will lift their spirits and relax them!

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New Parents Gift New Parents Jar Of Joy Take One A Day

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