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Advertisement Ideas – Need some advertisers? You have come to the right place. Below, I’ll go over some of the new advertising features and options available today.

Originally introduced by Facebook, Google has now entered the game and is now offering this great advertising feature.

Advertisement Ideas

Advertisement Ideas

Life Event Targeting allows advertisers to target their ads based on important life milestones, so they can better reach their audience at the moments that matter most.

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As purchasing behavior trends and brand preferences change through major life events, you can now use the following targeting techniques to help you identify and target potential customers:

These live events are triggered by the user’s search history, which Google uses to determine which key milestones they may enter or leave.

According to research from Network Insights, live event targeting is more effective than demographic targeting, noting that “consumers who attend live events are much more likely to have similar purchasing needs than users who are only in the same age, gender or income demographic. “

It is able to produce great results because live event marketing peaks at emotional highlights. And when it comes to big purchases, emotions play a big role. Therefore, for one of the best advertising ideas, Live Event is ideal.

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Success stories are already pouring in from brands like Sonos, which reported a 50% increase in ad recall, a 35% increase in purchase intent, and a 5x increase in discovery after targeting a live event to use

Google notes that because live keynotes are rare, brands tend to target a much smaller audience. However, this can pay off in the long run. Special areas are a great place to try new ideas.

For more on Google Life Events and how to use them in your marketing strategy, check out my complete guide.

Advertisement Ideas

For those unfamiliar, using in-market audiences is a way for advertisers to connect with consumers who are actively researching and comparing products.

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“Reach potential customers while they are actively browsing, researching or comparing the types of products you sell. Connect with those who are interested in what you have to offer, using detailed segments that categorize consumers based on their apparent market behavior and purchase intent.

Previously, this feature was previously only available for Display Network and YouTube campaigns, but recently Google expanded the audience in the market to search ads. Thus opening up ideas for marketers.

They also use users’ search history to look for “behavioral signals” and determine when they may be nearing the end of the buying cycle and ready to buy. In a sense, you can think of this method as a kind of lifetime advertising strategy.

Based on these signals, Google can then segment users based on purchase intent, which advertisers select when setting up their ads.

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The move to search signals is a great opportunity for advertisers to generate ideas, as search is considered a better way to target real customers.

In addition to the Display Network where someone often stumbles upon an ad while browsing, search targets buyers during the search process.

As with other techniques, in-market audience insights can be used in conjunction with other targeting options to improve overall ad performance.

Advertisement Ideas

Google Ads users are no strangers to extensions. So, of course, they should be familiar with the use of special extensions for comments.

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Instead of the standard headline, URL and short description, an expanded ad packs a little extra punch. This can take the form of a star rating to indicate customer reviews, a phone number for an easier way to contact the business, additional links to the advertiser’s website, product price, and more.

It’s worth using extensions for advertisers – Google reports that adding extensions can improve your click-through rate (CTR) by 10-15%.

Speaking of ad extensions, Google just announced that YouTube ads would be getting their own space extension.

This is the first extension added to YouTube and will be available on TrueView in-stream ads and advanced ads.

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When viewers view the ads, they will see a business’s address, directions and opening hours.

To go with the location extensions, Google also released a store visit metric for YouTube, which shows how many people went to a store after seeing an ad.

This is a big deal for several reasons: 1.) It brings one of Google Ads’ big features (extensions) to one of its most popular search engines – YouTube, and 2) It gives advertisers more ways to measure the impact of their ads. On offline activities.

Advertisement Ideas

Combined with YouTube’s ad targeting capabilities, site extensions help advertisers target real prospects and provide them with the information they need to visit their store—all in one ad. As far as ideas go, this is a gold mine.

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Advertisers can then track effectiveness by measuring store visits to see the actual impact their ad is having on customer traffic and behavior.

For any brands with a local business, this is a huge step forward in online advertising and should be considered one of the best advertising ideas for 2019.

Some of these programs also come with Google Ads integration – Google Optimize is one of them.

Optimize allows marketers to create and test landing page variations related to their specific advertising campaigns. It is fully integrated with Google Analytics, which allows advertisers to gain insight into conversion rates, bounce rates, mobile friendliness, etc.

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Using Optimize makes it easier for advertisers to A/B different elements of their campaign’s landing page, either at the campaign, ad group or keyword level. As an advertising idea, it is invaluable.

“An antiques dealer with AdWords campaigns targeting high-end customers can leverage these signals and run tests on their high-end landing page. For example, based on the hypothesis that high-end buyers are more focused on authenticity and historical value than price, antiques. Buyers can create a test on the landing page that prominently displays verified confirmation and exclude prices.

Currently, the Optimize integration supports search and shopping campaigns, as well as Search Network with Display Select, but only search traffic.

Advertisement Ideas

These surveys allow advertisers and marketers to create and target surveys to remarketing lists to gather key information about what is and isn’t working. This live advertising strategy is key to developing better marketing techniques along the way.

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Using these surveys makes a/b testing much easier, as it gives advertisers a way to directly ask their audience why an ad was or wasn’t clicked.

Although similar to the previous Google Surveys, Google Surveys 360 adds much more functionality by allowing brands to target users by zip code or remarketing list.

One of the big selling points for Google is the speed of the searches; Usually, products can be returned within a few days.

Google Attribution  is a tool that helps marketers identify each channel that played a role in sales and how much those channels contribute to the overall return on investment (ROI).

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It uses machine learning to measure the impact of each customer touch point by collecting and analyzing data from Google Analytics, AdWords and DoubleClick research. It can be of great help in generating ideas for advertisers of new products.

Too often, marketers only look at the last click a customer makes on their journey to a sale (called last click attribution), but Google attribution can help them understand the impact of each channel that customers interacted with, be it email, social. Media, PPC, etc.

Initial beta tests of Google attribution have seen success, with companies like HelloFresh reporting a 10% increase in conversions from using attribution. For advertisers, this is a fantastic tool.

Advertisement Ideas

Note that the paid version, Google Attribution 360, comes as part of the Google Analytics 360 suite, while the free version was first released to select advertisers.

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We all know it by now: page load speed is critical to success, especially when it comes to mobile.

In fact, every one-second delay on a website causes a 20% decrease in conversion rate, according to Google.

This is where Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) comes in. The application is designed to load pages in less than a second, and is ideal for keeping visitors on your site.

Now, advertisers can take advantage of the accelerated speed of AMP by placing it on their landing pages. Advertisers can now drive traffic from search and display ads to AMP landing pages.

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Google previously released test results from some of the first to test AMP landing pages. The results were:

AMP now supports dynamic content, checkout and payments, and A/B testing (note that it does not support third-party testing). These new features should help you find effective ideas for your business.

Also, keep in mind that Google recommends that you do not use AMP if your site has complex payment flows.

Advertisement Ideas

In addition to the search landing pages, Google is also running ads on the Google Display Network using AMP technology.

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Google has automated a number of ads across the web, and found that they typically load up to five seconds faster than standard, unmodified ads

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