Integrated Marketing Communications And International Advertising

Integrated Marketing Communications And International Advertising – 2 Learning Objectives LO1 Characteristics of local markets that influence advertising and promotion of products LO2 Advantages and disadvantages of promoting and promoting sales in global marketing LO3 When global advertising is most effective; If modified advertising is required LO4 Communication processes and misleading advertising LO5 Impact of a single European market on advertising LO6 Impact of limited media, excessive media and government regulation on advertising and promotional budgets

If your market offer is designed to meet the needs of your target market, you should inform your target audience about your offer. Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) includes: Advertising Sales Promotion Personal Sales All of these mutually reinforcing elements of the direct sales and promotion promotion mix have a common goal: the successful sale of a product or service. Personal selling is a huge part of your sales effort. The goal of most businesses, large and small, is to achieve the synergies that are possible when promotions, promotional efforts, and advertising are used together.

Integrated Marketing Communications And International Advertising

Integrated Marketing Communications And International Advertising

Promotion is a marketing activity that stimulates purchase by consumers and improves the efficiency and cooperation of retailers or intermediaries. Ariel cleaning products from Egypt include the “Ariel Road Show”, a puppet show (not the Little Mermaid!) taken to local markets and villages where more than half of Egyptians still live. Effective promotion can support and strengthen advertising and personal selling efforts, and in some cases can be an effective substitute when the market is constrained to use advertising.

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Cents-off Store Demonstrations Sample Coupons Giveaways Product tie-ins Contests Sweepstakes Sponsorships of special events Point-of-purchase displays A percentage of the promotional budget is allocated in markets where consumer reach is difficult due to media restrictions. You may need to increase your promotional activities. In some less developed countries, sales promotion accounts for the majority of promotional efforts in rural areas of the market. In India, a truck with a loudspeaker with the brand name on the side drives through town to promote its products. They also stop and give away giveaways to encourage people to use their products. Nestlé baby food entering the French market and Oreo pairing milk with cookies in China (although most Chinese are lactose intolerant!) are examples of promotions used to build international markets. 16-5

The role of public relations (PR) is to build good relationships with the popular press and other media so that companies can get their message across to the public (customers, general public, government regulators).

This includes managing unsolicited rumors, articles and incidents as well as encouraging the media to report positive stories about the company. Controversy over contamination of milk and dairy products imported from China and lead content in children’s toys sold in the US (again, manufactured in China) Good publicity is an important part of the international IMC. Improve the reputation and image of your company.

Advertising decisions are largely influenced by cultural differences between national markets, to which consumers respond in terms of culture, style, emotions, value systems, attitudes, beliefs and perceptions.

Integrated Marketing Communication

Advertising’s function is to translate the quality of a product into consumer needs, wants, desires, aspirations, emotional appeals, symbols, and persuasive approaches. Matching international advertising campaigns with the cultural uniqueness of the market is international or global. marketing

Demonstration is a major difference in the development stage between China and Russia. Although ranked relatively low in Exhibit 16.3b, there are four Chinese companies on the list, but only one local company in Russia. Source: Global Marketing Special Report, Ad Age, Copyright © 2012 Crain’s Communications. Reprinted with permission. 16-12

Demonstration is a major difference in the development stage between China and Russia. Although ranked relatively low in Exhibit 16.3b, there are four Chinese companies on the list, but only one local company in Russia. Source: Global Marketing Special Report, Ad Age, Copyright © 2012 Crain’s Communications. Reprinted with permission. 16-13

Integrated Marketing Communications And International Advertising

The basic framework and concepts of international advertising are essentially the same wherever it is used. It includes 7 steps. 1. Conducting marketing research 2. Specifying communication objectives 3. Developing the most effective message for the selected market segment 4. Selecting effective media 5. Organizing a budget according to your needs and achieving the goal secured 6. Executing the campaign 7. Evaluating the campaign in relation to the specified objective

Cs Of Integrated Marketing Communications

Advertising goals vary widely around the world. Intense competition in the global market and savvy foreign consumers have created a need for more sophisticated advertising strategies. Rising costs, challenges coordinating advertising programs in many countries, and the need for a broader company or product image are driving multinational corporations (MNCs) to seek more control and efficiency without sacrificing local responsiveness. More multinationals balance between standardization and customization of advertising topics internationally. Some brand names, such as Unilever’s Gif, Vif and Cif, cannot be standardized because consumers are already familiar with the brand name in each country’s market. However, M&M Mars was able to standardize the brand name Twix, called the Marathon Bar in continental Europe and the UK. It’s called Twix everywhere now. In many cases, standardized products can be sold worldwide. However, due to cultural differences, they still require different advertising appeal in different markets.

16 These vehicle advertisements are effective advertising mediums even in London’s dense fog. Ads for sneakers are immediately eye-catching, as most London taxis are black. 16-16

A market offer is actually a bundle of satisfaction that buyers get. This satisfaction or utility package includes the main features of the product or service and many other benefits conferred by the culture’s values ​​and customs. Different cultures often seek the same values ​​or benefits in key features of a product. However, while generally agreeing on the benefits of a product’s key features, consumers may perceive different features and psychological attributes of an item differently. Examples of different benefits for the same product in foreign markets include: In the United States, bicycles are considered for recreation or exercise, while in China they are considered a means of transportation. , comfort) Wristwatches (jewelry that tells the time, design) Yogurt and global consumption (homemade yogurt is more popular in countries such as India and Thailand)

With the advent of pan-European communication media, many companies are making more standardized promotional efforts. To avoid confusion when the market is exposed to different brand names and advertising messages, and for efficiency, companies are trying to harmonize their brand names. are doing Legal restrictions are gradually being removed in response to changing patterns of advertising and promotional behavior across Europe, and viable market segments are emerging across national markets. Another example is the advertising campaign of Mentos, a coin brand owned by a French company, using the same advertising theme and concept both in Europe and around the world.

Elements Of Integrated International Marketing Communication Strategy

There are many challenges in communicating a company’s product proposition to various target markets around the world. Some of them are: Global advertising and communication processes Legal constraints Linguistic constraints Cultural diversity Media constraints Production and cost constraints

1 Information sources. International marketing executive with a product message to convey. 2 Coding. Messages from the source are converted into valid symbols for transmission to the receiver. 3 message channels. Sales personnel and/or advertising media that deliver encrypted messages to their intended recipients. 4 decode. The recipient’s interpretation of the symbol transmitted by the source. 5 recipients. The behavior of the consumer who receives the message and is the object of the transmitted thought. 6 Feedback. Information about the validity of the message flowing from the receiver (intended destination) back to the information source in order to evaluate the validity of the process. 7 noise. Uncontrollable and unpredictable effects, such as competing activities and disruptions that interfere with the process and affect any or all of the other six stages. Product messaging should reflect the needs and desires of your target market. However, current market needs and sellers’ perceptions of them are not aligned. This disconnect is especially true when marketers rely more on self-referential criteria (SRCs) than on effective research. Communication fails when basic needs are misdefined early in the communication process.

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