Integrated Advertising Promotion And Marketing Communications 7th

Integrated Advertising Promotion And Marketing Communications 7th – Football Integrated Marketing Communications in the Digital Age: Defining Promotional Channels with the Case Study of Paris Saint-Germain

The discipline of marketing communication is one of the main areas of marketing and aims to promote the company or the brand and its services and products in various marketing and communication channels through

Integrated Advertising Promotion And Marketing Communications 7th

Integrated Advertising Promotion And Marketing Communications 7th

Tactics, e.g. sales promotion and PR (Fill and Osmond, 2017). The development of information technology in the 1990s, where the Internet became accessible to mass consumers, led companies to reevaluate their promotional channels for adequate and effective delivery of their brand messages (Friedman, 2005). This means that companies need to integrate their marketing communications mix, where brand messages and experiences are connected across channels and delivered to consumers at the appropriate stage in the customer journey (Batra and Keller, 2016). This promotional activity is parallel to the efforts carried out through integrated marketing communications, therefore the terms

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, also known as the 4 Ps of marketing (Kotler and Keller, 2012). This is extended to 7 Ps by combining parts

(Kotler et al., 2019). The purpose of the marketing mix is ​​to provide a strategic tool for marketers “to develop a product or service that will stand out in the eyes of prospective customers, to the point that they will choose it over all the competition.” ” (Baker, 2008, p. 247). A strong focus on two-way or many-to-many interactions such as relationship marketing, co-creation activities or social marketing will be legitimate in the current marketing environment (Jackson and Ahuja, 2016). As a result, one of the main tasks to achieve the goal of the marketing mix is, among other things, the correct implementation and continuous maintenance of the promotion component, which is a collection of all integrated marketing communications between the brand and its target group (Fetchko et al., 2019). According to Batra and Keller (2016), “Integrated marketing communication is a coordinated, consistent way in which companies attempt to inform, persuade, persuade and remind consumers – directly or indirectly – about the products and brands they sell” (p. 137) ). This means that marketers need to assess the suitability of their marketing and communication channels to achieve the desired goal or outcome in the consumer journey. Research has shown that different communication channels and media have different effects on their recipients (Batra and Keller, 2016; Fetcho et al., 2019). Therefore, marketers must consider which channel to pursue in order to achieve a desired goal or outcome.

This article will examine the possible combination of marketing and communication channels that can be used to achieve desired goals or outcomes in a brand’s consumer journey. Examples of material obtained from the first team of Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), one of the most famous and successful football clubs in France in recent times, will be offered and discussed. Examples from other football brands can be offered where no relevant example can be found on PSG channels.

(Fill and Osmond, 2017). However, the mix of channels and media available to marketers to communicate information and communicate with potential customers has evolved since the dawn of mass communication and continues to evolve as new technologies emerge and communication behaviors are constantly adapting (Herczeg, 2007; Lister et al., 2009). The academic literature does not agree on ‘1’ specific integrated marketing communications mix, but offers a number of possible mixes, as shown in Figure 1.

Value Of Objectives Communications Planning And Decision Making

An integrated integrated marketing communication mix based on the literature reviewed for Figure 1 is provided in Figure 2 and described in the following paragraphs.

Fill and Osmond (2017) defined advertising as “an impersonal form of mass communication that offers a great deal of control to those responsible for the design and delivery of advertising messages” with television, radio, environmental, print and film as core. media channels (page 1/11). An additional feature for the advertising component is the required payment for placing an advertisement on a third-party platform to reach the service provider (Stanton, 1984). The communication platforms TV and screen can be linked to the advertising side, as they both require the advertiser to pay to gain access to the service provider’s audience (cf. Batra and Keller, 2016). Looking at advertising from a digital marketing perspective, any paid media campaign that takes place on search, social or mobile channels can also be linked to the advertising platform, as they follow similar principles (Smith, 2011; Burcher, 2012). These include Google AdWords, in-stream video ads on YouTube and other ads, Facebook ads, and specific ads delivered through branded apps (Safko and Brake, 2009). Advertising messages offer a

, i.e. to promote sports brand products (e.g. tickets to a PSG football match, PSG merchandise, access to PSG TV Premium, etc.) directly to fans and potential customers, and

Integrated Advertising Promotion And Marketing Communications 7th

, that is, promoting non-sport goods and services using a sport brand such as PSG as a communication tool such as through sponsorship, venue naming rights or licensing (Fullerton, 2010). Figure 3 shows an example of

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: It shows a paid Facebook ad in which Juventus FC explains why football fans should subscribe to access Juventus’ online TV channel. This can be used on PSG efforts.

Include sponsorship deals such as the jersey sponsorship deal with the multinational hotel chain Accor (Carp, 2019) and a premium partnership with Qatar Airways as the official airline (Qatar Airways, 2020). Furthermore, PSG installed virtual billboards for geo-targeted advertising in 2018, which allows “to use additional advertising space on LED screens around their home by allowing different brands to occupy the same space while advertising in different markets” (Holmes, 2018). Another modern example of

For PSG is shown in Figure 4. When the term «psg jordan» is entered into the Google search engine, to search for PSG merchandise from the Jordan sportswear, the ads of third-party retailers appear instead of the PSG online store. One reason could be that PSG doesn’t pay for ads on Google or because retailers in

Posts may pay more than PSG is willing to pay to serve ads for the aforementioned keyword (Google Ads, 2020).

Difference Between Digital Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing

Sales promotion is an impersonal form of communication that is highly capable of targeting smaller target groups and consists of tactical marketing methods to increase the value of an offer, with the aim of accelerating sales and gathering market information (Fill and Osmond, 2017). Such methods may include

, e.g. trade fairs and conferences, competitions for sales representatives, etc. (Kotler and Keller, 2012). For digital marketing, accepted online sales promotion methods may include discounts, displayed coupons, gifts or freebies, exclusive or membership offers, product tracking, and free delivery (Zikienė and Kalmakhelidze, 2016). Sales promotions aim to offer a

To purchase a product or service (Kotler and Keller, 2012). These incentives are typically used in the later stages of the customer journey, when the recipient of the promotional message is already aware of the product or service and needs additional motivation to purchase (Schwartz et al., 2013).

Integrated Advertising Promotion And Marketing Communications 7th

PSG offers sales promotions on its official website store, following two digital marketing examples published by Zikienė and Kalmakhelidze (2016): On their French website, customers in France receive free delivery with purchases of €50+, as shown in figure 5; on their UK website there is a 30% discount on the 19/20 third shirt; see Figure 6. Both experiments serve as motivation––that is. triggers – to motivate and enable users to purchase (Yocco, 2016).

The 4 Ps Of Marketing: What They Are And How To Use Them

, i.e. advising managers on public issues, and corporate status and image (Kotler and Keller, 2012). The company’s goal is to get publicity from third-party media outlets that are considered unbiased and neutral sources (Schwartz et al., 2013). This helps the company and its stakeholders “fit together” (Fetchko et al., 2019, p. 276).

Example: The new partnership between PSG and Qatar Airways was announced on 1 February 2020 via press releases from both companies’ media relations and picked up by SportsPro, an international publication in the sports industry, to spread the news that PSG and Qatar Airways have “reached out” to SportsPro without having to paying for it and using their media relationships effectively.

Figure 6: Example of media relations where PSG and Qatar Airways get SportsPro access; all websites accessed April 9, 2020

A further example is shown in Figure 7. PSG launched the #PSGengagé fundraising platform to benefit caregivers and people in need. The campaign follows a company’s communication strategy as it uses external communication to promote the values ​​and interests that the company wants the public to know (Kotler and Keller, 2012).

Digital Marketing Vs. Traditional Marketing: What’s The Difference?

Events can be considered a strategy in public relations, because according to Kotler and Keller (2012), “Companies can draw attention to new products or other company activities by organizing and promoting special events such as press conferences, seminars, outings, trade shows, exhibitions. , competitions and contests and birthdays that will reach the target audience” (p. 529). An effective way to cover an event online is to offer a live stream or about the event (Stewart, 2018). For example, PSG uses Facebook live to broadcast training sessions to fans and followers (cf. PSG Facebook, 2019) and discuss upcoming matches (i.e. events) to give viewers a sense of proximity

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