Integrated Advertising Promotion & Marketing Communications

Integrated Advertising Promotion & Marketing Communications – This is a guest post by Mcessay Marketing Director and writer Alice Zucker. You can find him reading classical philosophy and writing short fiction in his spare time.

By the end of 2020, businesses are expected to spend around $110 billion on digital advertising in the US alone. To put that in context, that’s more money spent on digital advertising than will be spent on both TV and print ads combined.

Integrated Advertising Promotion & Marketing Communications

Integrated Advertising Promotion & Marketing Communications

It is essential for every business to know how to market their products and services effectively in order to not only survive but also grow and thrive in a competitive global market.

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It’s not uncommon, when asked about marketing, for a business owner to simply produce a business card, a brochure stitched from a Microsoft Office template, or a barely functional website with little or no traffic.

In this recurring post, I want to give you an overview of everything you need to know about the marketing communication mix, including:

In the 1960s, Canadian author Jerome McCarthy referred to these 4 Ps as the marketing mix, which he defined as:

“The dialogue between a business entity and its current and potential customers that takes place during the pre-sale, sale and post-sale stages” (Trehan and Trehan, 2011, p.42).

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Also known as the communication mix or the promotion mix, the 4 P’s have been considered a fundamental aspect of business marketing initiatives.

However, over time, the 4 Ps, while a great framework for product development and design, became outdated and needed updating to stay relevant in today’s market.

In 1981, Booms & Bitner added the three new P’s to include services (not just physical objects) in the newly expanded marketing mix.

Integrated Advertising Promotion & Marketing Communications

One example of a company that uses the 7 P’s is HubSpot, which was founded in 2006. Currently, Hubspot has accumulated more than 86,000 users in 120 countries. They offer services like Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, Service Hub, CMS Hub, and a free CRM, so it’s clear that HubSpot offers its customers value that encompasses all the 7Ps.

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First, you need to evaluate your product to find out if it is suitable, useful and in demand for today’s audience. In this case, you need to match your products/services with the wants and needs of your customers. You can then create your marketing campaign or introduce new products to your customers.

Next, you need to evaluate your prices. Sometimes you may need to cut them down to help sell your products or vice versa. It will also help you understand whether your products are profitable or not, so you can better determine how to improve your marketing campaign most effectively.

It is also important to find suitable places to sell your products. For example, in emails, catalogs or even telemarketing. Whichever option you choose, remember to only use the one that brings you the most profit, as not all sites are suitable for all types of businesses.

Then you need to choose the best form of advertising to promote your products. There are many options for advertising, but your task is to evaluate them all, choose the most suitable one and do not forget to alternate between them, because even small changes can cause disturbances in the sale of your product.

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These sales irregularities occur because, for example, some salespeople claim that the most important P has been omitted,

For example, a company where employees show up in clean and pressed uniforms will be viewed more favorably than a company with employees who may have slept in their uniforms. It can send the message to your customers that your company is lazy, disorganized and doesn’t care about their overall business.

It is also important because it is the set of steps required to deliver your products to the customer. You can make it as a visual map that you can present to your employees to show their progress.

Integrated Advertising Promotion & Marketing Communications

The marketing communication mix is ​​a combination of advertising, personal selling, advertising, public relations, digital public relations, etc. which companies use to achieve their marketing goals. You are directly responsible for the delivery of your advertising message through various communication channels.

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Marketing communication mix refers to the set of tools used to promote services or products to target customers. The key is in the name –

, that is, a list of important principles and factors involved in the act of promoting these products and services.

Selling means selling your product/service. This includes your employees who are in sales and the sales tactics they would use to use your product or service.

In a larger organization, this may include your sales manager and sales staff who can go out in the field and knock on doors, visit businesses, or even be on the sales floor of your business, such as a car dealership. Sales in a family or small business may be handled by a cashier, for example, in the case of a small retail store or family restaurant. The cashier can play the role of a salesperson, in the case of a restaurant, make a menu offer.

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You don’t have to be a big company to organize and plan an effective sales strategy. You can be a small retail store with one store and have a sales strategy where every employee participates, helping to generate sales for the business.

Advertising is defined as the act of attracting public attention, especially through paid advertisements. Advertising can be considered an umbrella factor in a communications mix that includes several other factors such as public relations, word of mouth, and sponsorship, just to name a few.

However, for purposes of discussion, I will define advertising as any advertisement paid for and available through print media, broadcast media, or online advertising that represents an offer or helps position a product or service.

Integrated Advertising Promotion & Marketing Communications

While large organizations can spend millions of dollars advertising in national magazines, newspapers and television, small businesses can also use local advertising tactics without spending a fortune.

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For example, if you are a local property management company with one physical location, you won’t want to spend time thinking about national advertising, not only will it blow your budget, but it will also be ineffective. Instead, focus your efforts on local and regional publications. You can also place ads on your local cable company at affordable rates tailored to your local area.

Examples of sales promotions include coupons, buy one, get one free offers, product samples, contests, and prizes, to name a few.

Yes, sales promotion is part of the 7Ps of marketing, but it can also be part of the communication mix because it is a specific type of “promotion”.

Although in the marketing mix, sales promotion is mainly aimed at the customer, although it can be applied to the employees of a particular organization or company. For example, offer your employees a bonus or a prize in a sales contest, reward them for signing up customers for your service or attracting new customers to buy your products.

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An example I came across recently was for a local hair salon. The salon is located in a local shopping center and offers 50% off haircuts to customers who bring a coupon. The problem is that the coupons are for other stores in the same mall. Each business promotes other businesses in the center and offers coupons to entice customers to purchase products or services.

Direct marketing is any form of communication directed at an individual, regardless of the medium. There are three characteristics that distinguish direct marketing from any form of communication delivery:

A lot goes into a direct mail campaign, including testing your message, but it can be used with great success by businesses large and small. As for small businesses, they can benefit from a direct marketing campaign quite easily and one that won’t break the bank.

Integrated Advertising Promotion & Marketing Communications

For example, a local bike shop can run a direct marketing campaign by collecting the email addresses of local residents who buy something from the shop. Incentives for giving The Bike Shop your email address could be a 10% or more discount on future purchases, or to receive future email promotions and The Bike Shop’s monthly newsletter.

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So what we have here is a combination of direct marketing, internet marketing (I’ll get to that later…) and sales promotion in one nice package.

Advertising/public relations is the ability to generate interest in your business, service or product through the media at little or no cost.

You may have heard the saying, “bad publicity is better than no publicity,” and while that may sound logical, I prefer to pursue positive publicity. Generating publicity is usually done through well-crafted press releases sent to various publications that may be interested in your product or service.

Small businesses can benefit from generating advertising through local magazines or newspapers from local newspapers

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