How To Start My Own Painting Business

How To Start My Own Painting Business – Estimating exterior home estimates is a major concern of everyone who starts their own painting business. read more

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How To Start My Own Painting Business

How To Start My Own Painting Business

What do I need to start my own paint business? In this article, we’ll explore what it really takes to break into this lucrative industry and help dispel some myths for those who think it’s a serious business. read more

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How to Bid or Estimate a Home Painting Job In this article, we will focus on bidding or estimating a home painting job, including both interior and exterior work. read more

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Free Painting Clues: How To Get Your First Job For Free I want to show you how to get free painting clues. But before we get to that, I want to share what makes entrepreneurs so great. read more

Living In The Future

Mike quit his job to start an art business and made $1 million in 2 years If you are thinking about starting a painting business check out this article on why not to buy a franchise. read more

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How To Start My Own Painting Business

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The Average Cost To Paint A Room Or An Entire House

Description: 5 Foolproof Ways to Promote Your Decorative Painting Business The second way to gauge your client’s budget is to use your templates. After decorating…

5 Brilliant Ways to Promote Your Decorative Painting Business 5 Must-Dos to Promote Your Decorative Painting Business By Sylvia Jaumann Free resale and redistribution rights for this report! You are free to distribute, reprint or copy this report as is, without alteration, as long as you include my credit as the author (links intact. Completeness). For example: ¾ give it to your website visitors ¾ give it as a reward for your order ¾ or send it to your subscribers as a gift for joining. If you would like to add your own Clickbank affiliate link to this report, please contact me at [email protected] using your Clickbank username. I’d be happy to reshape this report for you. Copyright 2007 – Sylvia Jaumann 5 Proven Ways to Advertise Your Decorating Business Do you want to start your own decorative painting business but are you confused about the best way to get clients quickly? Read on for five ways to start a business fast. 1. Newspaper ads are a relatively inexpensive way to let people know about your business. Your budget will help you decide whether to place display or classified ads. Classifieds are definitely cheaper. Make sure you’re on the “to do” or “painter” list. Try to avoid Penny thrift newspapers as these have a reputation for being “cheap” and that’s not the image you want to convey. 2. Direct mail Sending letters, postcards or flyers to a specific area of ​​100 to 200 households can generate a quick response. This is an inexpensive way to advertise your business. You can even hire students (or your kids) to hand them out to you. Make sure you encourage people to call you (e.g. 10% discount for the first 5 people who answer.) 3. Business Referrals Gain instant credibility by finding local business professionals with good reputations and offering them projects at discounted prices. Copyright 2007 – Sylvia Jaumann 5 Foolproof Ways to Promote Your Decorative Painting Business In return, ask them to send a testimonial to everyone on their mailing list recommending your business. Your faux finishes industry. You should pay for all mailing costs for this, and write references for them. 4. Have several signs ready at the business signage to place on the front porch or driveway of the house you are painting. As a matter of professional courtesy, you should make sure to get the owner’s permission before doing so. There is a sign that reads: “ABC DecorPainting is here today. Call 555-1234.” 5. Referrals One way to generate business quickly is to get referrals from interior decorators/designers or contract painters. Once you have established a relationship with these professionals, you have established yourself in a series of ongoing subcontracts. To get your foot in the door, you first need to submit a letter outlining your skills. Never coldly call a decorator before introducing yourself in the letter, as they are busy and appreciate professional courtesy (see page 35 of “How to Start Your Own Decorating Mural”), which is a Beautiful Sample Letter to an Interior Designer). Copyright 2007 – Sylvia Jaumann 5 Proven Ways to Advertise Your Decorating Business Make sure you clearly state in your letter that you will be calling contacts within a week and then Do. When you call interior designers, remind them of this letter and politely ask for a meeting so you can show them your portfolio and samples. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ If you are serious about starting your own decorative painting business, you need to select “How to Start a Business. Your Own Mural Painting Business”. This must-have book has all the information you’re looking for as a beginner. This eBook contains specific information for the decorative painting business, including: • Evaluating your work • Providing estimates to your clients • Using the bidding process to help you find jobs • How to build a winning portfolio • Ways to gain experience (FREE) ! ) • 13 total ways to promote your business • How to look professional at work “How to Start Your Own Wall Art Business” is a comprehensive guide that takes you from naming your business to setting up your office and studio every step of the way. .and along the way, it breaks down the basic business steps you need to take such as: Copyright 2007 – Sylvia Jaumann 5 Sure Ways to Promote Your Decorating Business Writing a Business Plan (We Show You Simple way! ) • Apply for a business license • Secure your job • Hire employees • Set up your bookkeeping system Here’s what one of my clients said about this program: “The program is very well written. Very concise and straight to the point. Simple example explanations of business terms, plans, funding forecasts, and more. Absolutely the best book on entrepreneurship I’ve ever read!” Jan PuckettStevensville, MI, USA This eBook is packed with assorted facts. This information cannot be found anywhere else, online or offline. For a limited time, I’m offering this eBook for $37.00. Get your copy now, before the price goes up again! Click on the image below: Copyright 2007 – Sylvia Jaumann 5 surefire ways to advertise your decorative painting business rewarding great way to get a valuation for your decorative painting © Sylvia Jaumann – All Rights Reserved http:// Picture this nightmare scenario…you’ve spent a fair amount of time and effort putting together what you thought was a reasonable piece of decorative painting, but you couldn’t afford it. You really want to receive it. In the end, you sit in front of your client and demonstrate every intricate detail of the finish you want to create on their wall. Your client seems excited and eager to get started. Finally, you disclose the total estimated cost of the project. Your client is speechless, just stares at you in surprise and murmurs that the amount is much higher than she expected. Are you scratching your head wondering where you lost customers during your sales presentation? this is very simple. You didn’t know the client’s budget on the first consultation. Even if you ask, most clients won’t reveal their budget to you because they’re always looking for a lower price. So finally you need to know

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