How To Say Your Funny In Spanish

How To Say Your Funny In Spanish – If you’re reading this article, you’ve probably spent some time online, and chances are you’ve come across at least a few internet memes.

Ah, the memes! Those funny pictures or phrases that test your understanding of certain cultures, current events, and humor…gotta love them!

How To Say Your Funny In Spanish

How To Say Your Funny In Spanish

Even more than in other cultures, memes have become one of the most important ways people express themselves in Latin American culture. And if you’re learning Spanish, los memes en español (memes in Spanish) can even be a teaching tool if you’re culturally and linguistically open to them.

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And if you don’t want to be a meme yourself (when your native Spanish-speaking friends talk about memes in Spanish, and you can only say “good morning”), then read this article, because I have prepared the Top ocho memes populares en Latino America that you can find out.

Memes in Spanish are graphic jokes that have gone viral for one reason or another. So they cover all kinds of humor in the Spanish written spectrum of funny things.

A little warning: some of the jokes we’re going to talk about might seem a little offensive, and if you explore memes en español yourself, you might come across some racist, sexist, or very dark jokes. So be prepared!

Another thing to keep in mind is that some memes in Spanish are intentionally written horribly to add a bit of silliness to the mix. So don’t get upset if you don’t directly understand io no soi 100tifiko (Yo no soy científico / I’m not a scientist) or something like that.

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El león gringo is actually a great way to start this game because it became popular as a joke about people learning Spanish and feeling confident until they encounter the vastness and weirdness of Spanish and Latin American slang.

It doesn’t make sense according to any grammatical rules. So this poor lion’s face is exactly how I would feel if someone said something like “short corto” or “¿viste cómo se escucha esa canción?” (Have you SEEN what this song sounds like?) Just ridiculous!

By the way, are you learning Spanish with lists of vocabulary and grammar rules and feel like el león gringo? Then don’t hesitate and sign up for our free Spanish course, which will show you how we teach our students to speak Spanish much faster!

How To Say Your Funny In Spanish

I will also give you some examples of blocks later in this article. It’s a one-way street, I promise!

Fun Spanish Jokes For Kids

This meme is not exclusive to Latin America. This meme captures a situation where a woman screams in frustration and anger at this cold-blooded-looking cat and responds with a sly reply or pun.

The great thing about being Spanish is that the puns you can use are unlimited… That’s why I say goodbye to sentences like this:

, this meme consists of a series of three images featuring the character Pablo Escobar from the Netflix series Narcos. He stares blankly at three different screenshots from the show.

They know all the references, famous phrases and everything that is happening now, they associate it with a particular episode. The result was a huge and fun collection

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Even if you don’t know the name, I’m sure you’ll recognize this dog breed on the internet…

These dogs have been a great source of memes because of their silly expressions and cartoon faces. Meet Chims or as they call it in some Latin memes I’ve seen: Pan Salao or Pan Dulce.

Chims is a pretty famous meme where they ironically compare something in the past (like a very strong and cocky dog) with the current version, which is a somewhat bored and anxious dog sitting with a sad expression that says it used to be better. the past.

How To Say Your Funny In Spanish

I’m going to learn to speak English by playing video games and reading comics because “chunking” hasn’t been invented yet.

Beautiful Ways To Say I Love You In Spanish

Now in Venezuela, they have adopted Chims as a permanent personification of the common citizen, naming him Pan Salao (Salty Bread) and Pan Dulce (Sweet Bread), and many memes featuring the two have gone viral in 2020.

Most people know how famous The Mandalorian series has become by 2020, but the series became most popular after this little green guy appeared.

There’s a certain scene in the series where he appears with a cup, drinking soup, and of course the Latino Internet meme community wasted no time in grabbing Baby Yoda:

And any other kind of breakfast you ate on your way home from class when you were in tercer grado, y sonaba el timbre del recreo (third grade and the bell rang at recess). Cute and fun!

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We all have that family member/friend/pet or even say that when you get something for yourself, they assume you’re sharing it with them.

Bugs Bunny the Communist is an old cartoon image with a red filter and the symbol of the communist Soviet Union. It is supposed to represent those people who arbitrarily claim ownership of what belongs to you.

Some of the ones I’ve seen are incredibly funny because the slogan is straight up “WE have” and not “you have”.

How To Say Your Funny In Spanish

De eso se trata (that’s what it’s about) is a good example of a passage that you can memorize instead of making up your own sentences. A literal translation would be something like “that it heals itself”, but of course that doesn’t make sense.

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Often you can’t literally translate from English to Spanish… So whenever you want to explain something or ask the meaning of something, you should use De eso se trata. example?

You know when something is so unpleasant that you’re not even angry, you’re just tired and about to cry? Well, here’s the face of that agony: Wey ya meme

This meme comes from a scene from the Netflix series YOU and shows a girl with a sad/tired expression on her face.

Wey ya is an expression commonly used in Mexico that means something like “Dude, stop it.” I don’t know who had the wonderful idea to put this text under the poor girl’s sad smile, but I can’t deny how effective it is!

Ways To Say Good Morning In Spanish With Examples

What is the matter with you? Do you think I’m missing any important memes you know in Spanish? Do you think they are funny or maybe not at all? Let me know in the comments! I will definitely check them out!

OK! Well, that’s it for today! I hope I got a few laughs from you. Next, to continue working on your knowledge of Latin culture: my article on 6 things we natives never say, so you don’t embarrass yourself there.

Juan is a Venezuelan teacher, engineer, writer and musician from Buenos Aires, Argentina. He likes travel, music, video games, movies and pop culture in general. He is a member of the band Santa Fuego and lives with his wife Leah and his Shiba Inu Okami

How To Say Your Funny In Spanish

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