How To Say Stupid In German

How To Say Stupid In German – “Any suggestion that good Germany can be found in the West and bad Germany elsewhere in the East is a stupid direction” | Tobias Schwartz/AFP via Getty Images

BERLIN – When right-wing mobs stormed the eastern German city of Chemnitz last week, attacking foreigners and giving Hitler salutes, Germans elsewhere made sure to set the record straight.

How To Say Stupid In German

How To Say Stupid In German

“Saxony again!” They said, write and tweet. “Is Saxony still part of Germany?” asked the conservative Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung daily. Der Spiegel put the word “Saxony” on its cover, the capital letters turning brown, and Old German type (translation: Nazi writing). A left-wing columnist for the magazine sarcastically suggested that Saxony secede from the country.

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At a time when right-wing populism is on the rise across Germany, the eastern state of Saxony has gained a particularly bad reputation. Chemnitz is the latest in a series of attacks. The cities of Heidenau, Freital, and Bautzen gained fame for similar reasons.

Seen from the big western cities of Hamburg, Munich or Frankfurt, these places seem infinitely far away. When journalists from Berlin want to feel like foreign correspondents, they go for a day to talk to an academic who has done some research on right-wing extremism. Then they present a story that seems as strange to their readers as anyone from Gaza or Pyongyang or, for that matter, the Trump-voting nations in the Rust Belt.

Three decades after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the rift between East and West Germany is still evident – and continues to develop. Struggling East Germany after 1989 has long mourned the end of the German Social Democratic Republic. But recently

Germans are now proud of their successful admission of guilt. They feel that it gives them some degree of moral authority.

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When there is news of another right shift in Saxony-Anhalt or Brandenburg, people elsewhere in the country take to social media, saying that they will no longer stop for gas on their way from Berlin to Munich. Or they want to bring back the wall to lock out the right wing mobs. Or they would love to take nuclear waste from the Czech Republic in exchange for Saxony.

The majority of Germans – especially those who live in the affluent neighborhoods of big cities – are shocked by what is happening in the east. Over the past few years, Germany has undergone a subtle makeover. There is now a widespread perception, here and abroad, that the country has managed to leave its Nazi past behind to emerge as a tolerant and multicultural society.

– “World champions in dealing with the past.” Not using the term suggests that Esterhazy is being sarcastic. But the idea penetrated the national consciousness.

How To Say Stupid In German

An admission of guilt – an essential part of the identity of the post-1945 Federal Republic – has evolved into something else: Germans take

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In their success in pleading guilty; They feel that it gives them some degree of moral authority.

Last week, as things got out of control in Chemnitz, Josef Joffe, commentator and editor and publisher of Die Zeit, pointed out his latest book. It is called “The Good German”. The book chronicles the nation’s progress from a repentant sinner to a moral superpower.

“The Good German” begins with German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer’s first reparations agreement after the war against Israel, then stops at Chancellor Willy Brandt’s authorship in 1970 in Warsaw and ends with the current era of Angela Merkel, staunch defender of liberal values ​​in the Age of Donald Trump. Joffe calls this a story of the maturity of a nation, claiming that Germany has finally reached maturity: “This Germany is the best of all: liberal, democratic, crisis-proof and stable.”

There is some merit in Goofy’s narrative. But it is based on a West German perspective and blends the East German experience, which is very different. Those educated in the GDR never went through the process that Joffe describes.

It’s The Kultur, Stupid

There was no admission of guilt and no sense of reconciliation. (Socialists in the East considered the West to be the only heir to Nazi Germany.) As a result, many East Germans feel that the identity of the Good German does not belong to them, and they resent the the fact that it was forced upon them. Right-wing ideologues exploit this sentiment, arguing that it is unhealthy to base national identity on guilt.

The good Germans in the West, for their part, are deeply confused by the rise of right-wing violence. The relapse was not present in the text. So, they blame the Orientals. They will reluctantly admit that there is some right-wing violence in the western states too – and then add that Saxony or Mecklenburg-Vorpommern is much worse. They say that the Federal Republic of Germany would be better off if the country had not been united.

Here’s a wishful thinking. Three decades later, people’s lives in East and West are too interconnected to allow such a distinction. Right wing politics is an example of this. Yes, it is true that the populist right-wing Alternative for Germany, or AfD, has a stronghold in Saxony and other eastern German states. But the AfD’s most well-known politicians come from the former West, and the party’s performance was not too bad in the West German states either.

How To Say Stupid In German

West Germans used to describe East Germany as Dunkeldeutschland because the area was dimly lit, without bright lights – the big city of the West.

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It is also true that the eastern states of Germany have the highest number of right-wing attacks per capita. But the absolute number is higher in North Rhine-Westphalia, a heavily populated industrial heartland in the West. It is true that Saxony has a disproportionately high number of neo-Nazi communities. But this is partly because the West German Nazis moved east after 1990, sensing an opportunity to build something anew. Unfortunately, they got it right.

In a famous speech three years ago, then president Joachim Gauck described Germany: a nation of mercy and tolerance and yet another nation of hatred and racism. Gauck called that last nation

, or “Dark Germany”, and although Gauck is an East German himself, the East Germans thought they knew who he meant.

Any suggestion that good Germany is to be found in the West and bad Germany elsewhere in the East is stupid Carsten Cole / Getty Images

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Because the area is softly lit, without bright lights – the big city shining from the west. So, when Gauck visited Saxony the following year, demonstrators carried signs saying, “We are the mob” and “Welcome to the

The idea of ​​good and bad Germany is very old. It is found in common juxtapositions: Goethe, Goebbels, Heine, Hitler, Beethoven, and Buchenwald. The implication is that the Germans are a special people, capable of absolute good as well as extreme evil.

That may be true. But any suggestion that good Germany can be found in the West and bad Germany somewhere further east is stupid. If more and more East Germans embraced the idea that they were the bad Germans, things would only get worse – and not just in Saxony.

How To Say Stupid In German

. He is the author of a German-language novel, The Chancellor: A Fiction, about Angela Merkel and the refugee crisis.

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Log in to access content and manage your profile. If you don’t have an account, you can register here Some words lose their humor when translated into another language and don’t sound funny enough to elicit the kind of uproarious laughter that was intended. However, there are German words that are inherently funny and retain their inherent sense of humor even when translated into English. The fun of those words is not lost in translation. On the contrary, their literal translations are funnier in English.

The amazing thing about the German language is its abundance of funny words. For non-German speakers, including myself, the German vocabulary is full of strange but logical expressions. And they can be an invaluable resource for you if you want to vent your funny self!

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German Swear Words, Slang, Phrases, Curses, Insults & Expletives!

Explanation – Does it sound like a silly German word? I must say, it is not. If you have ever been in the military, you may be aware of the arrangement made for the militia to answer the call of nature. It is a communal toilet or a toilet of some kind. You may ask why “thunder ray”? The beam is a seat bar-like structure, while the thunder is the sound you can guess.

Explanation – Anyone who wants to relax in the great outdoors may find Wildpinkler amusing. One fun word in German, Wildpinkler describes people who urinate outdoors in the wild, not a toilet. Although this is not a practice we encourage, it is true anyway, and anyone who does it is annoying.

Explanation – Handschuhe is one of the funniest Germans

How To Say Stupid In German

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