How To Advertise Your Business On Facebook For Free

How To Advertise Your Business On Facebook For Free – Facebook – the platform we all read about every day, spend hours staring at and still announce its death every few months even as it continues to grow. Social networks are all of that and a little more. It is one of the best places to advertise your freelance business. Landing clients, local or international, is a prospect many freelancers and large corporations have learned to love.

It can be very narrowly targeted and can be very cost effective if you know what you’re doing. To help you out, here are 5 things to keep in mind when setting up Facebook ads for your freelance business:

How To Advertise Your Business On Facebook For Free

How To Advertise Your Business On Facebook For Free

In some ways, Facebook ads are no different from any regular old ad campaign. And like any good marketing strategy, the first thing you need is a clear goal. Nothing, absolutely nothing is more harmful to advertising than not knowing exactly what you’re targeting. One possibility to achieve the goal is the obvious one – a client who has a project and is looking for a freelancer to hire.

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However, this option seems more logical than it actually is. Facebook is not a job board. Facebook is a social network – as such, it’s about building audiences and relationships. These people are not necessarily the people who will hire you directly, or at any point in time for that matter. But they are the people who will get your name out there, refer you, and ultimately turn you into a brand. Goals are best when they are specific. Whether you want to grow your email list, get 15 new subscribers with your Facebook campaign or get a certain number of likes as a first step – make your goals measurable. Know what number you’re aiming for and measure it to track your progress.

The biggest advantage of Facebook ads is the ability to filter large numbers of people by almost any criteria you want. Targeting a specific audience is basically the purpose of Facebook ads, so this should be the first thing you think of. Age, location, gender, zip code, likes: These are all things you can choose from, so think about the people you want to reach with your advertising strategy and filter accordingly.

A beginner’s mistake that many people make is not thinking about what makes social media advertising different. When you create ads for Google, you do so on the basis that people are actively searching for something.

Facebook is like TV in this aspect — people actually use it for other content, but they also watch your ads. Personalized ads that offer some kind of interesting information or have an embedded call to action can get people out of their thoughts of endlessly scrolling and looking at vacation photos. Your ad needs to get noticed. Otherwise, they will drown in a sea of ​​baby pictures and the like.

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This option in Facebook Ads Manager will help you do a few things. First of all, you can upload a contact list of people you know – for example, people who have subscribed to your newsletter. This way, you can retarget and convert people who are generally interested, but haven’t already.

Feature, you can tell Facebook to find people similar to the list you just created. Facebook will automatically apply some filters and give you a list of people who are similar to the ones who signed up for your newsletter – they are potential customers. You must have noticed how exciting it is to use this feature to target the right people!

Finally, after you’ve created the perfect Facebook ad that everyone wants to click on, it’s time to think about what happens after that click. In other words, it’s time to decide on your landing page. A common mistake here is simply directing users to your homepage.

How To Advertise Your Business On Facebook For Free

Remember, people look at their Facebook timelines and only care about so many distractions. Ideally, your ad contains a promise or call to action — which leads directly to it. What your landing page actually does should align with your goals. It must flow from the ad to the page. If your goal is for someone to sign up for an online course, take them directly to the registration page.

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Facebook recently introduced Canvas Ads, to create interactive mobile ads. This feature allows you to create a Facebook landing page type for mobile users so that you can also forward potential customers from there.

Have you ever used Facebook ads? Send us your feedback in the comments below or ask us a question!

Victor is the voice behind the blog. Each week it provides helpful tips, checklists, and guides for the freelancers and freelancers. If you want to know how to find freelance jobs online or how to choose yourself as a freelancer, don’t miss his freelance tips! No matter your industry or business, Facebook can be an invaluable marketing tool that allows you to connect with new and existing customers.

Facebook is now one of the largest social media platforms out there, offering a variety of different advertising options for businesses to take advantage of.

Quick Perks Of Using Facebook Advertising For Your Business

Most companies will see great results from running social media ads that target their relevant customer base, which helps complement their other marketing efforts.

So, why should your company consider running Facebook ads? In the article below, small business coach Anthony Teed will discuss.

With a user base of more than 2.6 billion users currently on the platform, Facebook offers businesses around the world the opportunity to market their products and services to a very large and diverse audience.

How To Advertise Your Business On Facebook For Free

Regardless of your business demographics, the Facebook platform has the ability to show your ads to the right people.

Tips For Small Business Marketing On Facebook

While Facebook generally has a younger user base, with 62% of all users between the ages of 18 and 34, the social networking site has a wide demographic that includes all genders and ages, making it a great platform for businesses across multiple industries.

Most business owners often think that Facebook ads are just a worthwhile investment for B2C companies.

While Facebook is certainly a great way for B2C companies to connect with their customer base, thinking that advertising on the site can only be successful for B2C companies and not for B2B companies is a misconception.

With the right campaign setup, Facebook ads can act as a great marketing tool for any business, and attract new potential customers who may not have heard of your brand otherwise.

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If you are still not sure about advertising your business products and services on the Facebook platform, remarketing may offer you a great alternative.

Facebook remarketing is a much cheaper option compared to existing Facebook advertising options, and it targets users who have visited your company’s website and shown interest in the past.

Remarketing helps you keep your brand and the products and services you offer at the forefront of their minds, which lengthens the sales funnel and makes them more likely to return to your site to complete a purchase in the future.

How To Advertise Your Business On Facebook For Free

Overall, there are some great benefits available to those who choose to advertise their business through Facebook ads, allowing them to reach a wider audience and thus grow their customer base.

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To learn more about how to run your own Facebook ads for your business, discover Anthony Tedd’s Best Facebook Ads course today.

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How To Advertise Your Business On Facebook And Actually See Results

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With that in mind, check out these seven simple ways you can use to advertise your business now:

Then make a variety of different posts. Learn about the types of “sticky” posts and make them more interactive, such as photos, videos, or

How To Advertise Your Business On Facebook For Free

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