How To Advertise For Google

How To Advertise For Google – When you hear the word advertising, paid methods likely come to mind. Pay Per Click Advertising, Affiliate Marketing, Hiring SEO Experts and more. You may be surprised to know that all advertising methods are free even from Google. In this post, we cover 20 ways to get free ads online and offline from Google and others.

We’ll start by looking at how to get free exposure on Google and social media, then finish with additional free strategies to help you gain exposure online and offline.

How To Advertise For Google

How To Advertise For Google

With more than 3.5 billion searches per day, Google is a hotspot for consumers. And with rich results that vary by location, check the weather, buy tickets, find products, find triage services, answer simple questions, find local shops open, and the list goes on. In this section, we’ll cover some strategies local businesses can implement to get this high-traffic search engine ranking for free.

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Perhaps the best form of free advertising on Google is useful content. Regularly publish blog posts and website pages that answer common questions your ideal customers are searching for, and use SEO best practices to help your pages rank higher in search results. This page helps you reach people who don’t know about your business yet. The more information you provide them, the more likely they will trust you and choose you when they need a product or service.

If your business is popular or offers unique amenities, make it worth writing about! In the example below, a Google search for ‘patio seating near me’ shows restaurants that mention patio seating first in their reviews.

You can use this easy, free advertising strategy for other features of your business, such as heated interiors, same-day service or emergency repairs. Learn how to collect more Google reviews here.

Another way to get your business on Google for free is to include popular amenities in your Google My Business description. In the example below, you can see that South Street Diner came up first on Google for ‘all day breakfast near me’. It is no coincidence that the word “24 hours” is included in the description.

Advertise On Google Ads For Business

In addition to Google Business Listings, you can get free homepage ads from Google if your website mentions certain features. In the example below, Miss Rickey’s appears first in the search results for “breakfast all day downtown Chicago” because the website mentions all-day breakfast.

Local SEO is a proven way to advertise on Google for free. Placing location-based keywords in the right places on your website can help you appear first in organic search results for searches that include your product or service and location.

In the example below, ABA Appliance Repair, Inc. Their website appears first in the local results pack (under the Sears sponsor list) and second in the organic results under the Yelp Roundup page. Apparently they have a website optimized to show for “relevant search terms + Austin tx”.

How To Advertise For Google

There are many directories besides Google My Business that appear on Google. In fact, directories like Yelp and TripAdvisor have been trusted by Google for some time and their pages often appear on Google’s homepage.

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For example, if you search for “Besttails in portsmouth nh,” you’ll find that the first two organic results are a Yelp page listing the top 10 tailors in Portsmouth. The meta description for that page is Erana, Terri’s Tailor Shop, Mr. Karl’s Custom Tailoring, Fineness Cleaners and Tailoring, and All Stitched Up are mentioned. All 5 of these businesses got free ads on Google by having solid Yelp listings.

Other examples of free local and niche directories that can help you appear on Google include TripAdvisor, Angie’s List, HomeAdvisor, and the YellowPages.

What have you learned from your internal data over the past quarter, year or longer? Did you gain valuable insights into sales, marketing, finance or human resources? If so, please share what you find to help others. By doing this you will gain the trust of your readers.

Have you written opinions or thought leadership? Industry information posts? Does it pack a punch? Then it’s worth submitting to an official site with a wider audience. You should choose a trusted, well-known site that already has a lot of Google exposure in your industry.

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In the example below, Jason Brooks, founder of Linkology UK, wrote a guest post on the WordStream blog about strategies for building links in Google rankings. You can find out (at the end) about his company, UK Linkology, by clicking on the article and you can visit the site from the post. As you can see, guest blogging is a great way to advertise on Google for free through other sites we trust.

There’s no better way to advertise your business on Google for free than with our optimized Google My Business listings. In fact, on average, full Google My Business listings get 7x more clicks and lead to 50% more purchases than empty listings.

As you can see in the example below, Red Lantern’s Knowledge Panel listings (taken from Google My Business) provide a wealth of information to encourage potential customers to opt-in.

How To Advertise For Google

It syncs with all contact information, over 450 reviews, attractive descriptions, ability to book a table, answers in Q&A section, list of events and other online ordering platforms. Potential customers can also see photos of the restaurant’s interior and exterior. Also, your website, Yelp profile page, OpenTable page and TripAdvisor page will be visible on Google.

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If you offer a service that allows you to offer free consultations, trials, classes, or assessments, consider using it to get Google recognition for free. Create a clear call-to-action on your website and a dedicated landing page aimed at “free consultations” (or whatever free services you offer). This will help your page rank on Google for people looking for free consultations in your area. For example, the following business appears first on Google for “Free Blind Consultation Dallas Texas:”:

Google isn’t the only place you should find a way to get exposure for free. Don’t forget your social media networks! Also use traditional marketing techniques. Here are some ways you can get free advertising for your business in your community, both online and offline.

Social media platforms are free. Use Facebook to promote informative blog posts and encourage questions and answers in the comments. Use Instagram to make it easy to showcase your products and services. Use LinkedIn to post your thought leadership work and network with other businesses. Drive traffic to your website and build credibility while getting exposure to the right audience for free.

Take advantage of forums and groups on Facebook, LinkedIn and niche sites. You don’t need to talk about your business or talk constantly (in fact, don’t). Join the conversation and offer your knowledge for free. Being a trusted contributor helps potential leads and partners notice your business.

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Working with respected influencers in your industry gives you free exposure to a highly relevant audience. Get them to try a product or service and review it on their website, blog or social media. Or ask them to post guest posts on your blog. These opportunities cost you nothing but your time and help strengthen your network while providing free advertising.

Social media giveaways and contests generate excitement. He talks to people. Or you can call it tagging. Usually people tag friends and family who share similar interests. This is a great way to get free business promotions. You may also want your followers to tag others to win prizes.

Encouraging the submission of user-generated content is essentially the equivalent of doubling your ads. This type of content usually leads to a lot of tagging and more sharing, further increasing your business reach. Followers are more likely to share content submitted on their account. So it reaches the audience as well. Followers can repost user-generated content you share on your account. That’s a lot of free advertising!

How To Advertise For Google

Are there community centers or similar facilities in the area? If so, take advantage of the available bulletin boards. Hang eye-catching posters and flyers that increase your business awareness. A large number of people gather at such centers for various events. You have a chance to grab their attention. To do this, present a message that is most relevant to the types of people you will meet there.

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Free advertising is a great way to make a positive impact on your community.

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