Business Holiday Gift Ideas

Business Holiday Gift Ideas – We share holiday gift ideas that help small businesses. They need our support now to get through the current global situation and I look forward to placing orders now so they can be here in time for the holidays.

Hey guys! Happy Monday! I hope you had a great weekend. Ours went dark but beautiful. We checked out the holiday lights at Arctic Adventure in Tempe, worked in the garden (I’ll share the GORGEOUS Garden Pilot built soon!), horse lessons, and soccer. All good things.

Business Holiday Gift Ideas

Business Holiday Gift Ideas

Exciting news today: Beautycounter is 15% off sitewide today (excluding shipping) and free shipping over $50. This is our biggest sale of the year and it includes holiday sets! You can view it here. A few of my favorites: Vitamin C serum, Countertime Supreme cream, this bath set, lip gloss trio, charcoal mask, and hand cream. Here is the link to buy and please let me know if I can help with any suggestions!! I definitely recommend joining Band of Beauty if you place an order over $50 as you will receive a free gift, 10% product credit back and always free shipping on orders over $100. It’s $29 a year. Every time you place an order at Beautycounter, you help me provide for our family and I hope you know how much I appreciate it. <3

Unique Corporate Gift Ideas For 2022

It’s time to get the party started with our Holiday Gift Guide! I look forward to putting them together every year and have actually taken the time to make a list of things that I think would make great gifts. I will have them on the go each week and I hope you will benefit from your gift ideas in the comments section!! For my first gift guide, I wanted to focus on small businesses. Right now they are really struggling to stay open and I wanted to share some small business love out there. If you have a favorite local or small business that will be posting for the holidays, give them a shout in the comments! THANK YOU to those of you who shared your favorite small businesses with me on Instagram. I have included many of them in this gift guide and I love checking out all these new companies and sites.

National parks are a gift to family members to preserve our parks. Perfect for hiking with our furry friends!

Blue Glass Candle Co.: Hand poured, clean burning candles. Ordering this is entirely from Santa’s Tree Farm.

The Creative Shop: One of my favorite local shops with beautiful stationery, candles and gifts. They also make custom gift boxes, which I used to make special and easy birthday gifts for friends!

Christmas Giveaway Ideas For Business

Large White Yeti Candles: Handmade soy candles from Milwaukee. They have a scent called Woodland Elves – I had to tell you. πŸ™‚

Retro Girl Candles: This is my favorite local Tucson company. The fragrances are amazing and last a long time!

Blue Spilled: Handmade resin coasters from San Diego! This would make a wonderful gift. We ordered these confetti and the girls love them (and actually use them because they’re fun).

Business Holiday Gift Ideas

Two Sisters Boutique: Designed to suit women of all bodies and ages. I didn’t want to know about this site because I stopped writing this post to search for about 20 minutes lol. So many lovely things!

Easy Ways To Thank Your Clients This Holiday Season

Jules and James Boutique: This reminds me of Four Halos! There are lots of lovely fashionable pieces at affordable prices

My Cheeky Baby: gifts for different family members. I have to buy this shirt for my mom!

Young, Wild and Friedman barrels. I asked these girls and their cousins ​​at the beginning of Rona and they were a huge hit. They play with these bins for hours! It has a monthly subscription or you can buy individual boxes. Such a fun and unique holiday gift for kids!

Mildred and Dildred: This is our favorite toy store. They have amazing toys, crafts and books for children of all ages. You can order online and they will help you choose gifts. (for example Liv had three friends who had birthdays this weekend, so I told them the ages of the kids, they helped me choose gifts for each child, I wrapped them, I went into the store to get everything. amazing!) Check it out! I can’t say enough good things about this magical place.

Holiday Gift Ideas For Clients!

Nugget: Our niece has one of these and they are so cool! It’s like a bed that you can take out and go to different parts of the castle. I love that this is a piece of furniture that they are encouraged to enjoy.

Princess Awesome / Boy Wonder: A clothing store that honors all the interests of children. Liv would go crazy for this planetarium dress!

The Cravory!! This is our favorite place for the best San Diego cupcakes. Fun story: I went to college with one of the founders and the other founder is a friend’s brother. Order something to treat your family, neighbors or yourself. I love old fashioned chocolate (now they have gluten-free!)

Business Holiday Gift Ideas

So tell me, friends: Where are you selling small or local this holiday season? Link your favorite in the comments!

Best Client Holiday Gift Ideas

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Hooray for the first gift guide of the year! I plan to post more over the next few weeks to help with holiday shopping, and I’m super excited about today’s guide: The Small Business Holiday Gift Guide!

Diy Christmas Gifts For Everyone 2022 β€” Homemade Holiday Gifts

IT’S a year (to say the least) and small businesses need our help and support more than ever. I love being able to put my money towards helping a family or group build a business they love. You usually get unique items that often come with little things like personalized packaging, small charms or extra accessories, etc., which only add to the special feeling.

So, without further ado, here are some of our favorite small businesses to support this holiday season. (None of this is paid for or sponsored in any way.)

Storyworth is one of our favorite gifts to give the adults in our lives this year. My kids and I gave my parents a gift this year for Mothers and Father’s Day and it is SO fun to get stories from my parents every week. You can choose from suggested questions or come up with your own, and your parent sends their story as an email each week. At the end of the subscription, all their stories are combined in a book! This makes a great gift for parents, grandparents or in-laws!

Business Holiday Gift Ideas

We love Raddish kids. You can check out our full review of our experience here, but in short, it’s a monthly subscription for kids chefs. Each month you’ll get 3 recipes that match a theme (which can be seasonal, cross-cultural, etc.), a fun bonus activity or activity, a collectible piece, and a complete cookbook. Each recipe teaches your child new cooking skills that can be easily adapted to their age. They even have accommodations for common allergies and dietary restrictions!

Holiday Presents That Employees Loved Getting From Their Bosses

(FUN FACT: I often take photos for use on their website. Milo and Sophie do almost every hand model you’ll see and it appears frequently in Raddish ads!)

Not sure if you want the full subscription? You can buy individual sets (from previous months) to see what you think first!

The kindest family in the world owns the Queen Creek Olive Mill. (The BEST!) I went to the olive oil and the room where they fill the oil, and it is a precise process done with care and quality in mind. Their award-winning balanced oil is my everyday favorite, and they also sell flavored olive oils and vinegars that can be used to enhance all kinds of dishes. The bottles make a great gift for guests or mothers-in-law! A few favorites:

Olive + June is my go-to for anything nail related. They have quality nail polishes (made without many harsh chemicals/additives) and nail tools that can help you achieve the perfect manicure or pedicure at home.

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