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When you spend a significant amount of time and money on a mobile app, you will see downloads and engagement. Fortunately, Facebook and Instagram ads are particularly useful for increasing mobile app downloads.

How To Advertise App On Facebook

How To Advertise App On Facebook

We’ve come a long way since games like Tetris were the only “apps” we had on our phones. Even about 42% of small businesses have mobile apps, and an additional 30% plan to do so soon.

Facebook & Instagram

Since mobile apps enhance user experience while providing brands with a way to communicate with their target audience (including push notifications!), it’s clear that apps are inherently valuable.

Whether you are trying to connect with a cold audience or get existing customers to download your mobile app. You have to convince them that it’s worth downloading the app, which takes up valuable space on their phone.

In this post, we’ll look at seven simple strategic steps you can take to increase mobile app downloads with Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads.

While some apps are entire businesses (like Candy Crush, which is the entire product behind the business), many apps are designed to provide additional services or convenience to customers. Stitch Fix’s mobile app allows users to effortlessly sneak in their next fix, like a banking app that lets you deposit money remotely.

Facebook Adds Video And New Pricing To Its Mobile App Ads

For your product or service, you should start by targeting your existing customers. Based on your customer’s lifetime and typical purchase time, use custom audio for users who have purchased from you in the last 30-90 days. (Note that you can change these schedules more depending on your business and they will still be effective. If you are a seller

(Launch an app to see the car’s specs and show ads to people who own a car with that feature.)

You can use the new app to reach out to long-lost customers and see if they’re interested. Let’s say your business offers financial billing and tracking tools to customers. Previous customers may have switched to other mobile-friendly tools to scan coupons. Telling them about your new mobile app will help you win some of them back and increase the overall usage of your product.

How To Advertise App On Facebook

If you are used to the new FB Ads interface, be aware that you will need to create a new target audience from Ads Manager rather than “Create an Ad”.

Facebook Advertising And Apple Ios 14 Update

If your app has something that sets you apart from the competition and can help you attract a cold audience, great! We’ll get to that in a second.

When you’re trying to reach cold audiences or people who haven’t heard of you, lookalikes are a safe bet for most campaigns. They allow you to reach users who are demographically similar to a specific audience, so we recommend focusing on high-value and frequent app users.

To do this, you’ll want to set up Facebook’s SDK in your mobile app. It works like a standard site tracking pixel, but for apps. It helps you build retargeting campaigns or visual audiences by anonymously tracking who uses your app and how. You can see exactly how to do it here.

You can build a visual audience of people who regularly engage with the app, showing that the app is valuable. If you want to reach customers who are more likely to choose in-app purchases, you can create campaigns by retargeting users who have previously made in-app purchases.

Facebook Launches Playable Ads, Tests Retention Optimization For App Advertising

I use a tracking app, like MileIQ. It can track the distance I travel, and I use it to track business trips that I can use as a business expense in tax travel. There is a free version of the app that only tracks 40 rides per month. That was enough for me because I mostly work online and work from home. My husband, on the other hand, upgraded to the professional paid version as he does a lot of driving for commercial purposes as it is technically paid. It would be more valuable as a viewer “model” as opposed to mine for this particular application.

Want to increase mobile app downloads? Do everything you can to make it as user-friendly as possible. Use these audience segments to ensure you’re showing the right app store landing page to the right users based on the device they’re using.

As an iOS user, I clicked on mobile app ads before being taken directly to the Android store. It didn’t do anything for me, I clicked

How To Advertise App On Facebook

And never change. Most users follow suit. You want to strike while the iron (and engagement!) is hot, and if you don’t, they’ll back off and you might have a chance to take down.

Facebook Advertising: The Complete Guide

Then you can see “All Mobile by Brand” showing the right ads to the right users.

Your customers are probably inundated with applications, and now you are trying to find new ones. Many businesses have applications, after all they are only interested in downloading the ones that are valuable to them.

You’ll see the best results with Facebook and Instagram ads when you focus on demonstrating value in your copy and the visual components of your ad.

Ideally, your photos and videos should go beyond showing a person holding a mobile app. It should show how the application works and highlight different use cases with ease for people. People want to see the interface and functionality so they know it can deliver, and the copy needs to reinforce that.

Should I Advertise My Small Business With A Facebook Ad Management Company?

Let’s look at an example. This first ad for Freshbooks is a video ad that just shows someone scrolling through their phone, with benefits like, “Track your bills and log your expenses in one place.” It says there’s a great mobile app and that it’s convenient, but it never says so, and it certainly doesn’t encourage mobile downloads.

On the other hand, this ad does more to convince users that the mobile app (and the service itself) is worth it. You can see how the interface looks, which puts users at ease while piques their interest.

Images showing the interface are great, but try adding videos that show actual use of the app. Split the two and find out what works for your audience.

How To Advertise App On Facebook

Choosing the right CTA can be a game changer for the results of your campaigns. Our own experience proves it

Ios 14 Updates And The Impact On Facebook Advertising

When it comes to the best CTA button for your mobile app install campaign, we generally recommend one of the following:

“Download” and “learn more” CTAs are usually the most effective here. If you select “Download” CTa, mention that the application has a free trial or a free basic version. The lower the client’s risk and financial capital, the better. Most people don’t want to pay just to try your mobile app, even if they are customers of your business.

Try different CTA buttons and see what works for you. Be sure to track your cost, quality score, clicks, and actual app installs. One may be a little more expensive, but will result in higher quality leads, so look at the big picture data here before making any changes to your campaigns.

6. Keep Instagram and other mobile posts in the game Many advertisers tend to leave their posts as default (read more about when to set them up and why you should here), and you certainly don’t want to remove the mobile-first setting when come to mobile downloads.

All The Facebook Ad Sizes You Need To Know In 2022

Users are more likely to download the app when the landing page opens on a phone instead of a desktop. This way you can get many startup programs that you don’t get. So this is key to enabling mobile deployment. This includes Stories, Facebook’s audience network and of course Instagram.

Some advertisers have avoided using Instagram because they are more expensive per action than other types of posting. This is actually not true. While costs are up and down, Instagram’s costs are lower and closer to what you’d expect from a similar layout on Facebook’s feed.

And since most Instagram users come to the app primarily on mobile devices, ads are only shown on mobile devices.

How To Advertise App On Facebook

You don’t want to miss this valuable opportunity for Instagram users to receive highly engaging and branded content.

Ios 14 App Advertising Apple Vs Facebook

Many apps have affiliate programs. If you have one, consider promoting it to your existing customers through Facebook and Instagram ads. Bonus points if applicable

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