How To Start Your Own Cleaning Business From Home

How To Start Your Own Cleaning Business From Home – There’s an old English saying: “Where there’s dirt, there’s money.” This means that wherever something is dirty, someone will pay to clean it up. This is where the cleaning industry comes into play.

The cleaning profession will probably never go out of fashion: it may change and evolve over time, but it has remained largely consistent throughout recorded history.

How To Start Your Own Cleaning Business From Home

How To Start Your Own Cleaning Business From Home

In modern times, the cleaning industry can be divided into four types: residential cleaning, commercial or assisted care, specialty cleaning, and dry cleaning/laundry.

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Although these cleaning services are quite diverse, they still suffer from one major drawback: in tough times, they are quite vulnerable to economic downturns. When the economy suffers, people see cleaning as a luxury and start cutting back on it first.

This explains why revenues during the Great Recession or global crisis of 2007-2009. falling by 5.3% industry-wide in 2008 and then again by 6.1% in 2009.

But the negative only accentuates the positive: In 2015, there were approximately 875,000 cleaning companies in the United States with a total of 3.5 million employees. Even better, in 2015, the cleaning company’s revenue reached $51 billion!

If you are a cleaner or thinking about entering the cleaning industry, now may be a good time to start or expand. Business is recovering from the global economic downturn and more and more regions are growing in prosperity.

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But starting a cleaning business has some things in common with starting any business – you need a strategy.

Of course, you can ignore this advice and simply go door to door with a bucket in hand and ask people if they want their houses or offices cleaned. Of course they’ll believe you, of course they’ve heard of you. Of course they will let you into their homes or businesses.

Not so much. There are many things to consider before embarking on a cleaning business, but where do you start? And how to start?

How To Start Your Own Cleaning Business From Home

This is where this guide comes into play. Today we’re going over the pros and cons of starting your new cleaning business and how to prepare your basic business plan and tools.

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We’ll also go over the necessary hardware and software you’ll need, as well as how to set up a social media marketing strategy and how to reach your first customers.

The first and biggest part of starting your own cleaning business is the complete freedom that comes from being self-employed.

You have the ability to set your own schedule and the knowledge that your work is (literally) in your own hands, instead of answering to someone else.

Another advantage is that you can generally start a business without high initial costs. Most house cleaning, for example, requires standard equipment found in most homes.

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Even better, you’ll be earning soon after you start cleaning, as most pay either on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Third, the industry is quite flexible. You can start a full-time cleaning business and dedicate 8 or more hours to your work every day. Or you can do it part-time, as your studies or other tasks demand the rest of your time.

In any case, if you provide quality services, the flexibility of the job means that you will be able to fill your schedule with cleaning work.

How To Start Your Own Cleaning Business From Home

The last good thing about this industry is that there is a wide range of areas to clean. I’m not just talking about the four big categories above.

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There are many cleaning niches that allow you to branch out in different ways – or specialize in one and branch out. This includes everything from air ducts and vents, mattresses or even, as at Sunshine Cleaning, biohazard/crime scene cleanup.

The first disadvantage is related to the first advantage – with great self-employment comes great responsibility. You will be free to decide things yourself, but – and this applies especially to employees – you also have all the responsibility.

You have to work many more hours than usual, always be available and take care of all aspects of your business.

Second, although there is no high cost for cleaners, the costs will be quite high if you want to start a laundry service.

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This also applies to other special cleaning services. The more specialized the cleaning becomes, the more specialized the equipment can be. Even if you want to see the potential in that niche, you must first find the money to buy the necessary equipment.

Finally, because the barrier to entry is quite low, easy to start and relatively quick to monetize, lots of independent cleaners are also popping up all the time.

In fact, you are now one. With great competition comes more work to get noticed and possibly lower prices. Hopefully the quality of your cleaning is high, but you still need people to know that you exist and that your wonderful services are available.

How To Start Your Own Cleaning Business From Home

It’s good to know the pros and cons of running a business to make sure you’re prepared for the ups and downs that are sure to come.

How To Start Your Own House Cleaning Company: Go From Startup To Payday In One Week: Brown, Angela, Brown, Julie: 9781530476046: Books

But if you’re really thinking about starting your own cleaning business, you need to be more than aware of the general trends in the industry. You need to do your homework, and that includes a business plan first.

A good business strategy depends on a good business plan. There are many different ways to create a business plan, but they all cover a few basic points.

First of all, you need to decide what your market is. This means: what field do you hope to work in, what is the average income level for that industry, who are your likely clients, etc.

Of course, those who are likely to use your services are college educated, middle aged and upper middle class or above. Your market needs to include those types of customers, and if you don’t have those customers in your market, you need to change your market.

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Who is your main competition, and what are the other smaller competitors? What do they have that you don’t and what can you offer that they can’t? What makes your services unique – what problem do you solve?

To get started with your business plan, grab one of our free business plan templates. They will really simplify the process of completing this important step – and best of all, it’s free.

Company business plan templates help simplify the important task of creating your business plan. Files are available for Word, Excel, Open Office and Powerpoint.

How To Start Your Own Cleaning Business From Home

For the well-being and peace of mind of you and your customers, we recommend that you take out insurance. This type of insurance depends on the type of cleaning job you will be doing, but in any case you should have some coverage.

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There are many situations where homeowners – and almost certainly office managers – will not accept cleaners unless they are covered.

This makes sense because you will be entering their homes and offices when they are not likely to be there.

Insureon has a great website that helps you calculate an insurance coverage estimate based on the type of cleaning job.

For example, for maid and cleaning companies, they quote annual prices. General liability will cost you around $275-$700, business owner’s policy is $725-$1056, workers compensation $1,600-$3,200, bond $100, etc.

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These numbers can make anyone dizzy, but it’s important to know what type of coverage is needed to run a reliable and successful cleaning business.

As the barrier to entry is quite low, you don’t need too much professional knowledge to start working as a residential or commercial cleaner.

If you’ve ever cleaned your own home, you’ll probably have enough skills to clean other people’s homes, as the job is pretty much the same. In general, you should know which chemicals are suitable for which materials so that you don’t damage and have to replace certain furniture.

How To Start Your Own Cleaning Business From Home

However, sometimes owners will require other types of cleaning that new cleaners may not have encountered, but the process is not overly complicated.

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The situation is similar for commercial cleaning – if it is about cleaning smaller offices. Larger offices with tiled lobbies cannot be managed by just one person.

It would also require more equipment and knowledge of that equipment. Training should not be too long – cleaning equipment is generally not complicated.

For laundry and other specialized cleaning services, the necessary knowledge will correspond to the degree of specialization. High specialization, possibly highly specialized tools. This especially applies to dry cleaning, which requires knowledge of manufacturing materials and cleaning processes.

You may also need to obtain a DBA (Doing Business As) and vendor license in the United States. You can get your DBA relatively easily by contacting your local county clerk or county government.

Ultimate Checklist For Starting A Cleaning Business

In general, depending on the size of your cleaning business, you may need to invest in different software. As you become a business owner, your responsibilities include the business side of your… business.

You will be sending invoices to your customers on a regular basis, and first you need to decide whether it will be done daily, weekly, monthly or at some other time period.

You can download one of the many free invoicing templates by clicking here for

How To Start Your Own Cleaning Business From Home

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