How Do We Say Hello In Chinese

How Do We Say Hello In Chinese – For anyone learning Chinese as a beginner, the first thing they will learn is basic greetings, how to say hello in Chinese? Today’s lesson will guide you through three simple ways to say hello in Mandarin Chinese.

You may have watched some other videos that also teach you some basic phrases to greet people in Chinese, but did you know that different phrases should be used in different situations?

How Do We Say Hello In Chinese

How Do We Say Hello In Chinese

In Chinese it means how are you or how are you in English. It’s usually a formal phrase you use when meeting a colleague or client at work.

How To Say Hello In Chinese Like A Native

For example, if you first meet your client named Jessica, you might say:

Ni hao Jessica, Hen gaoking jian dao ni, (Hello Jessica, nice to meet you) as a formal way of greeting.

Another phrase that was actually adapted from the English “hello” but is now commonly used among young people in China is ha lau (哈强). For example, if you meet a new friend or add someone new to your WeChat, you can say “哈强” as a way to say hello and start a conversation.

The third phrase is Ni chile ma(你吃了吗), this phrase literally means “have you eaten”, one of the most commonly used greeting phrases. When you ask someone Ni chile ma, it is considered a polite greeting rather than a specific question. To answer this, you can say, Shi de vo chiguole. Yes I do, and you? Just like the English phrase, how are you? I’m fine and you?

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Now that you know how to say hello in Chinese in three different ways, start practicing with your Chinese friends! Lesson Library Latest Lessons Favorite Lessons Dictionary Flash Cards Vocabulary List Free Word Bank Free Chinese Dictionary Free Top 100 Free Top 2000 Words My Words Teacher My Teacher Messenger My Assessment Test Chinese Resources Mobile Apps Grammar Bank My Blog Help Center

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China has always been known for its long history and culture. It is an old country that has developed its own characteristics over time. As in other countries, Chinese manners have absorbed the heart of Chinese culture. Learning how to greet people in Chinese will give you a great start to your Chinese studies and become a little more familiar with Chinese culture!

How Do We Say Hello In Chinese

Greetings are always one of the first things someone learns when learning a new language. They are important to ensure that you make a good first impression on the people you are talking to right from the start. The right Chinese greeting can really open the door to a full, desired conversation.

Chinese Conversation Scripts To Prepare You For Real World Dialogues

If you’re new to learning Chinese, the first question you might ask is “How do you say ‘hello’ in Chinese?” There are different Chinese greetings for many occasions, so let’s help you understand the essence of Chinese greetings like a native! You’ll be learning about Chinese greetings in no time!

Like almost all cultures, the Chinese language uses different greetings, depending on the time of day. Chinese greetings here focus on this.

Have you ever wondered, “How do you say ‘good morning’ in Chinese?” You should know that there are three ways to say good morning in Chinese.

Although they all mean “good morning” as a morning greeting, there is a slight difference between them.早 means “morning”, which is the easiest way to wish someone good morning.

How To Say Hello In Chinese

Many Chinese do not greet like this and it is rarely said in Chinese culture. We will talk about how we say good afternoon in Chinese.

As we mentioned earlier, this is not a common greeting in China either. When you say these Chinese greeting phrases out loud, they sound very formal and stiff.

Saying “good night” is very nice for Chinese people, especially teenagers. An interesting fact about its pinyin: if you take all the uppercase letters of those letters, they represent: 我爱你,爱你(

How Do We Say Hello In Chinese

, which means “I love you, I love you.” So it became important for young Chinese couples to tell each other. You can say this to your Chinese friends to show that you care.

How To Say

Your Chinese greeting vocabulary isn’t complete until you know how to say “hello” in Chinese, so here are a few phrases to remember.

您 is usually a polite way of saying “you” to people in senior or senior positions. When the Chinese greet you like this, they will usually shake your hand; When you do, lower your head slightly and shake your head slightly to show respect. Remember that Chinese manners and body language are just as important as the words you use.

These Chinese proverbs are often used among young people. The Chinese words here are only translated from English to Chinese based on their pronunciation, so it’s not a formal way of greeting. Don’t worry too much about it! You must say the same thing to that person!

It’s a special Chinese word for the first greeting people give on the phone.喂 sounds pretty boring by itself, so you’ll also want to add 您好 to greet the caller as we mentioned above. If you don’t know who is calling you, you can make additional inquiries such as 新您是哪位? (

Ways To Say Hello In Chinese

These ways of greeting can make Chinese people feel warmth and kindness from you because they are original ways of greeting. Some people may be confused as to why the Chinese would greet by asking if they have eaten. This is common because of Chinese culture since ancient times.

In ancient times, it was very difficult for many workers in China to support themselves. At that time, people often wonder if they will have enough food, so the main concern is whether they can get food. As time passed, “Have you eaten?” I’m used to asking. It became a common way of greeting and has reached many generations so far. With the continuous development of modern Chinese culture, this habit is gradually being replaced by some universal polite expressions.

Once you’ve learned Chinese greetings and introductions, it’s important to know how to properly greet someone you haven’t seen in a while—even friends who’ve been separated for a few days or more! Learn about the best Chinese etiquette on how Chinese people greet people they meet after a long time apart.

How Do We Say Hello In Chinese

Generally, you want to answer 挺奥好 (ting hao de) which means “very nice”. Even if you’re not feeling well—you don’t want to get into a conversation where you have to explain everything—you should say you’re fine. If the person is a close friend of yours and you are ready to explain the situation, you can reply 不性意,以……(

Why Chinese People Usually Don’t Say Nǐ Hǎo (你好, Hello) To Each Other

This English proverb – which is not grammatically correct – actually comes from Chinese. You can say 好久见 as a formal or informal way to greet someone in Chinese if you haven’t seen them in a long time. Usually the answer will be 是啊 (

This is another common way to start a conversation. People who ask this aren’t really expecting an answer, but are probably trying to warm up the conversation before moving on.

This Chinese greeting is not often asked either, like in English when people ask how, they are not really looking for an answer, just a way of greeting. You might want to answer 公司啦 (mei shen me la), which means “nothing”, unless you really have something new to say.

啦 is one of the most commonly used final particles in Chinese, so remember to add it to the phrase to make it sound more natural and friendly – ​​otherwise, it can come across as cold to the listener. You can learn more about Chinese final particles later because they are extremely useful and can dramatically change the tone of a sentence.

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The Chinese version of this greeting is “Have fun today!” It’s worth saying. However, it would be too rude to say the literal meaning in Chinese, as native Chinese do not usually greet each other this way.

To answer, you can simply reply with 好始(hao de) which means “okay” in English. Of course, once you can further understand the meaning of some final particles, you can use them at the end of a sentence to sound more casual and friendly.

再见 is the most common way of saying goodbye, although it literally means “see you again”. It can be used for all occasions, like leaving a party, hanging up, etc. You can also use 拜拜, which is based on the “pa-pa” sound in English.

How Do We Say Hello In Chinese

待会见 means “see you later” and is used if

Ways To Say Hello In Chinese

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