Corporate Employee Volunteer Programs

Corporate Employee Volunteer Programs – Employees today are more aware of social responsibility and corporate values ​​play a greater role in their career choices. Job seekers want to be part of an organization that shares their values ​​and takes an active interest in serving the community or other defined goals. Creating an employee volunteer program not only attracts new employees, but also encourages retention of your current employees.

If you haven’t considered creating an employee volunteer program for your organization, here are five reasons:

Corporate Employee Volunteer Programs

Corporate Employee Volunteer Programs

Once you understand the benefits of an employee volunteer program, you need to ensure that your program is successful. Below are a few tips to help make your program a success.

Steps To Seamless Employee Volunteer Management

Whichever direction you take with your employee volunteer program, remember that while there may be clear benefits to your business, it’s not really you. To further ensure the success of your program, make sure it focuses on your employees and the causes they want to support.

For more information on building a positive culture and improving morale in your organization, see the Comfort Culture Platform.

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Benefits Of An Employer Sponsored Volunteer Program

Once again this year, the hectic holiday season flies by and before you know it, the new year has begun. However, before we close the book on 2022, we’d like to take a moment to look back at our top 10 articles from the past year. Above… I ask Arthur Ashe’s advice on how to create a successful employee volunteer program, whether you work for a small business or a multinational corporation.

Why do companies use their largest assets forever? For compensation, of course, but also because a strategic employee volunteer program adds value to the company. It helps achieve strategic business goals. Strengthens recruitment, skills, leadership and retention. and strengthens the company’s culture, brand and reputation.

National Volunteer Week (April 18-24 in the US and Canada) is a great time to mobilize and recognize volunteers. However, wherever you are, what makes a difference is the volunteer experience when you celebrate the contributions of volunteers. To achieve this, you need to understand not only what your company hopes to achieve from these efforts, but also the needs and priorities of your employees. Also important: make sure volunteers understand the topic at hand and how their short-term tasks relate to the larger challenge.

Corporate Employee Volunteer Programs

Even a year into the global spread, many companies are gaining social impact through virtual, remote, and even in-person employee volunteering. For example, Salesforce just ended its Global Volunteer Month. Any employee can participate regardless of their job or time zone. Employees can volunteer with their own volunteer projects or with selected nonprofit partners, as the company focuses on workforce development and training. With Pirate Stories, Salesforce volunteers read stories, critiqued and encouraged young writers at planned events. When the staff had time, they could read and record books translated by the Simbi Foundation and distributed to refugee camps. Learn more about Global Volunteer Month and Salesforce’s philanthropy and employee engagement.

How To Create A Successful Employee Volunteer Program

During the month of April, United Way partnered with Cummins to bring employees into the service. Projects include writing motivational notes, reviewing resumes, conducting mock interviews, sitting on Workday panels, reading to elementary school students, and remotely assembling snacks for youth. Last month we facilitated a program where BMO Harris Bank employees answered career-related questions submitted by middle and high school students from underserved communities.

Looking for more ideas and tips? This website describes many volunteer projects and includes strategic and practical tips for building a successful corporate volunteer program. I hope it inspires you to “where to start.” Use what you have. Do what you can.’ Promote volunteerism in your workplace. April is National Volunteer Month, and it’s an ideal time for internal communications leaders to consider starting or enhancing an employee volunteer program. Corporate volunteer programs offer countless benefits, including assistance with recruitment and retention, reputation management, high-skill training, and demonstrating your company’s alignment with ESG initiatives.

Together, these benefits increase workplace culture and the happiness of your employees, especially since giving and volunteering have been shown to increase endorphins.

In fact, 93% of employees who volunteer are more satisfied with their employer. Amidst turmoil with laid-off employees, high turnover and growing mental health challenges, volunteers can be a powerful tool in achieving company goals.

Employee Volunteer Programs: Getting Leadership On Board

As generations X, Y and Z expect employers to give back to the community, creating new volunteer and social impact programs can engage and motivate a multigenerational workforce, no matter where they work.

As employees are spread across the globe in remote, hybrid, and on-site workplaces, volunteers help build cohesion and teamwork while increasing engagement and communication. Virtual volunteers have grown significantly during the pandemic and have become a powerful way to bring together diverse teams.

Examples of virtual volunteers include creating coloring pages or activities, participating in letter writing campaigns for veterans, mentoring, collecting donations, reviewing resumes or conducting mock interviews, and skills-based volunteering (counseling, designing graphics, writing, etc.). . ) and many more.

Corporate Employee Volunteer Programs

If employees are called back to the office, count it. Volunteering with your co-workers doubles as a memorable and meaningful team-building activity, whether collecting kits or packing meals, serving at a shelter or food bank, building a house or planting trees to beautify a park or public space.

Volunteer Programs That Employees Can Get Excited About

The opportunities are endless. For example, CHC: Building Healthy Communities designs in-person and virtual volunteer programs as a company focus, including turnaround packages, on-site volunteer tools, a year-long employee engagement guide filled with feedback, and more.

Communicators who support their company’s employee volunteer programs can create rich content that includes emotional stories and volunteer points that recognize individual employees, teams, and departments.

You can capture these stories and use them repeatedly to advance your ESG efforts, position your company as an employer of choice, and strengthen your DE&I initiatives.

Recipient community organizations and nonprofits typically want to increase your reach by sharing your story through their channels, promoting your organization as a good corporate citizen and building your credibility.

Learn The Four C’s Of A Successful Employee Volunteer Program

Your communication skills will strengthen a successful volunteer program. From gathering volunteer feedback to generating resources and measuring impact, communicators can create a story that ties employee volunteer efforts to larger organizational goals.

By implementing a communication strategy around your volunteer programs with HR, ESG and community relations teams, you can promote your company’s volunteer efforts and policies such as paid time off for volunteers and matching donations. You can encourage employees to volunteer during work hours. . group projects and more.

You can also give employees ownership of volunteer projects. Provide opportunities for the workforce to build teams and pursue their interests and encourage them to plan impactful activities around their interests.

Corporate Employee Volunteer Programs

Amanda Ponzar is senior director of communications and strategy at CHC: Building Healthy Communities. Connect with him on LinkedIn.

Pdf) Csr: A Case For Employee Skills Based Volunteering

Forgot to create an account? Set up now. Is there a problem? Contact cservice @ or 1-800-878-5331. Accenture reports that cservice@ or 1-800-878-5331 volunteer programs may experience unprecedented growth and change, driven primarily by a combination of economic, technological and political factors. The program itself offers various benefits to employers and employees, so organizations can offer this initiative in their organization. Some of the benefits of having a volunteer program at a company include:

Volunteerism is very powerful. British companies have implemented in-house volunteer programs and are seeing strong results, according to Accenture. This program helps create positive effects for society. The Office for National Statistics estimates the economic value of volunteering to be around £31.5 billion a year, which is 1.5% of UK GDP.

In today’s competitive business environment, customers and employees are increasingly aware of the impact organizations have on society and the community. This leads customers and top talent to connect with companies they care about. Consistent and visible efforts to support the community and help others with today’s socially conscious customers and employees. The better employers can provide for their community and society, the better they can attract and retain talent and customers.

In short, for a company’s volunteer program to be successful, employers must have a structure that reflects the values ​​and culture of the company and its employees. Once this is done, employees can buy into the program and everyone can benefit.

International Association For Volunteer Effort Corporate Volunteering For A Post Pandemic World Research Report

Effective and consistent programming may not be easy. If you are a

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