Christmas Gift Ideas For Frequent Travelers

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Christmas Gift Ideas For Frequent Travelers

Christmas Gift Ideas For Frequent Travelers

Whether it’s the holiday season or a special occasion like a birthday, these are simply wonderful gifts for those who love to travel and fit any budget.

Awesome Gifts For Travelers (2019)

A lot has changed in the travel space over the past year, but that doesn’t mean the lust for travel has faded for the intrepid traveler (you may be reading this).

I’ve been blogging for almost 9 years now, and what’s going on in my head and in my wife’s backpack has changed somewhat, but has also remained the same.

As a serial traveler, I always carefully analyze what I need for my trips, whether it be camping equipment, clothes, backpacks and comfort items.

This is not going to be your generic “holiday gift guide”, but things that are really useful and gifts that I would really like.

Clever Travel Gift Ideas To Give In 2023

We’ve shared my travel toolbox in the past and also created a guide to camping gift ideas, but here’s my list of the best gift ideas for all types of travelers that are sure to impress. They are practical, useful and thoughtful.

Do you or know someone who is obsessed with travel? This is an ingenious idea for displaying, tracking and remembering your adventures. The durable leather key chain contains a ring of stainless steel tokens that can be anything from countries, cities, states, landmarks, oceans, seas, national parks, or anything out of the ordinary (such as special events and dates).

It’s like your world map with pins, but in your pocket. You can proudly display it at home or hang it on your backpack.

Christmas Gift Ideas For Frequent Travelers

We recently received one and wanted to show you some detailed photos of the token holder in green, as well as country tokens and custom gold tokens. To start, I booked all the countries I visited in the last 3 years and marked them with golden tickets “Go” and “Places”.

Best Gifts For Travelers In 2023

What I love about it is that there are endless ways to keep your memories together in a compact form factor. The holder shows a high level of craftsmanship with hand stitching and painted sides. The engraving on the silver foil leather is very cute and it also has my monogram initials printed on it!.

As a bonus, each order also provides food to a child in need through the non-profit Rice Bowls program.

I was able to secure a 20% discount for my readers using the code GAPWANDERCLUB. This is a bigger discount than what they offer as an email subscription offer, so be sure to take advantage of it! Start building your collection today!

I’ve owned them since day one of Going Awesome Places and every traveler should have them.

Insanely Useful Small Travel Gifts

For the travel minimalist or OCD on how to stay organized, this is a great way to develop the habit of folding your clothes and keeping them tidy and compact. The bags themselves are very durable and weigh almost nothing.

You can see that I include this on almost all of my packing lists, including my recent list to French Polynesia or even for something local like this cottage packing list.

This is Anker Powercore II 10000mAh with fast charging. You already know how useful these things can be, whether you’re traveling or not.

Christmas Gift Ideas For Frequent Travelers

For me, this was my power bank because of several things. First, its footprint is very small, which is perfect for the Peak Design Tech Pouch. Secondly, 10,000 mAh is an important specification, since some airports have started to limit the maximum capacity to 10,000 mAh (for example, in China).

Epic Gifts For The Frequent Flyer In Your Life

There is now an upgraded version that delivers Power Delivery (PD) and is actually smaller! It is called Anker PowerCore 10000 PD Redux.

This is a very handy organizer that I use to store all my travel cards, passport, boarding pass, cash, booking confirmation printouts, coins and a pen. Another added benefit you get from this is that it provides RFID protection.

Victorinox has made a durable case that will fit in any backpack as part of your hand luggage. This is especially useful at the airport or when checking into hotels, so you don’t have to rummage through your bag looking for things. Take it out and be sure you will have everything you need inside.

This may be one of my favorite things in my travel backpack. We all have to bring more and more technological equipment, gadgets and cables with us. Tech Pouch keeps it all together.

Holiday Gift Ideas For Frequent Travelers

I have a Tech Pouch review on YouTube, but what you need to know is that this is the perfect place for your power banks (laptop and phone), power bank, cables, headphones, memory cards, business cards, pens, SIM cards, and keys.

They’ll look familiar since they’re from Eagle Creek, but aside from being a coincidence, they’re an extremely useful way to organize different gear together.

Using it in a backpack or suitcase, you will immediately know what is inside when you take it out. I personally use this to get all my charging electronics together. I use another one to put all my socks in.

Christmas Gift Ideas For Frequent Travelers

There are many ways to use this and anyone who loves to travel will find a place for it in their kit.

The 40+ Best Travel Gifts For Valentine’s Day 2022

Belt bags are back in style and there is nothing better than this one from Fjallraven. This waist pack comes in 3 sizes, but the best option to use as a backpack companion or as an everyday pack is the large size.

It is not only a fashion statement, but also a waterproof, versatile and roomy 4-liter bag to store your belongings while walking around the city or walking paths.

This was a bit of a random discovery for me, but it was a game changer because caps by design don’t fold, so you have to find a place to squeeze them into your backpack or secure them to something. Thanks to this, I can literally fold it and put it in my pocket if necessary.

This unisex Outdoor Research cap provides 50+ UPF sun protection, is water resistant and dries quickly making it the perfect travel hat.

Secret Santa Gifts In 2022: Useful Presents They Actually Want

We could not go through this entire list and not throw away a single piece of hand luggage. Samsonite makes some of the best suitcases on the market and one of their latest versions is a winner.

Built to last, practical and backed by a 10-year warranty, you can’t go wrong with giving it to any traveler. I love that it has two built-in TSA compliant locks, has 4 multi-directional spinning wheels, and is available in a variety of colors including navy blue which I really like.

If you follow our Instagram account or see any of my photos when I travel, you will see that I usually wear this piece around my wrist, neck or head. This is one of my essentials that I take with me on every trip.

Christmas Gift Ideas For Frequent Travelers

I have a full review of Buff Headwear, but the downside is that it is a versatile piece of clothing that I use to warm my neck or protect it from the sun, as a headpiece that can be used as a hat, or to dry off sweat. away.

Gift Ideas For Frequent Flyers

I have always considered socks to be a very thoughtful gift, whether for a traveler or not, because they are useful and effective in everyday life.

These hiking socks from Smartwool are made from 66% merino wool, making them warm, cushioning, breathable and built to work whether you’re on an active hike or need a warm pair at home.

Putting on nail clippers is a little weird, but in a swiss army knife, it’s not weird at all!

It’s a useful multi-tasking survival tool that’s much smaller than its big brothers. On flights, you will need to remember to put this in your check-in bags.

Awesome Travel Gift Ideas For 2023

Listen to me. When you travel with quality sunglasses like Maui Jims, the worst thing is when you hang them on your shirt or on your head and you forget and they accidentally fall out.

This completely eliminates this problem and is especially important for photographers because you can’t shoot with sunglasses on and it allows me to quickly put my sunglasses on.

I would normally recommend a 3-outlet Belkin surge protector, but this is a nice all-around power strip that makes sure you can charge all your stuff when you travel.

Christmas Gift Ideas For Frequent Travelers

Any seasoned traveler will tell you that the worst thing about any hotel, hostel or Airbnb is the lack of power outlets. One of the first things I do when unpacking is look for all the outlets and start unplugging all the things I won’t be using, like the kettle and maybe even the TV. That being said, you only need one and you’re done.

Best Useful Christmas Gifts 2022

I just love the simple aesthetic

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