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The Best Safety Glasses Tested in 2023 Reduce glare, fog, UV damage and protect your eyes from flying debris with the right safety glasses for the job.

Brand Name Safety Glasses

Brand Name Safety Glasses

Many common DIY projects at home and in the professional trade require the use of safety glass. Whether you’re lying upside down in your crawl space to cut a water pipe with a grinder or using a hacksaw to cut a few 2x4s, you’ll feel protected and safe. work

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All safety glasses look pretty similar, but some are designed to work in different conditions and situations. Moreover, not all brands on the market meet the safety and quality standards of those who made our list.

There are many types of safety glasses on the market, but not every product is effective at protecting your eyes properly, so we’ve rounded up a few high-quality pairs and tested them for common situations where safety glasses are needed. Read on to find out what to look for in safety glasses, and check out all the picks we’ve rated as the best safety glasses in their class, including the best.

As a project manager for over a decade, I was responsible for procuring security products that would help my employees stay safe without compromising their ability to do their jobs quickly and efficiently. Safety glasses were a requirement for my employees and myself. I have found that hands-on testing of these products is the best way to determine the right product for the job.

I designed a series of tasks to test the goggles’ ability to protect against flying debris, bright sunlight, and liquids, as well as the more subjective experience of visual clarity, readability while wearing the glasses, comfort, and fit. . To dress each pair, a jigsaw and circular saw were used to cut the pieces of wood, and the edges of the wood were smoothed with an electric sander, and a drill was used to make pilot holes for the TV mounting wall, and a grinder was used for cutting. through a metal pipe.

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For products that are specifically labeled as UV resistant, I go outside with my lawnmower and trimmer to see if the glasses help with the process. The manufacturer states that the lenses and even the headband are fire resistant, so I tried special fire resistant glasses.

For products that are fully sealed around the eyes, I also tested them to determine if they were waterproof or if they would leak water (or other liquids) if the user’s face was completely submerged in water. Based on these test results, the above eight products were evaluated and ranked accordingly.

These safety glasses provide the best value for residential and professional environments based on design, price and customer satisfaction. I’ve tested each safety glass on this list to find the best safety glass for DIY projects around the house, taking into account the important product features listed above, with a particular focus on durability, edge coverage, and scratch resistance.

Brand Name Safety Glasses

For common projects around the house, such as replacing doors or sanding before painting, 3M Virtua CCS safety glass has an ANSI-approved impact rating and is lightweight enough to provide a high level of comfort. The goggles also feature innovative features such as a foam seal around the frame to protect against dust, anti-fog lenses with UVA and UVB protection, and a wrap-around design for rim protection.

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During testing, I wore the goggles for a variety of tasks, including drilling pilot holes to install a TV, cutting wood planks, and hammering in a few nails. It was easy to see while protecting my eyes from debris, even with delicate tasks like removing screws from a computer. The reading diopter on the lens helped me see the instructions without taking off my glasses, which meant my eyes were safe while working on the project.

The only downside is that these goggles don’t have polarized lenses, so they might not be the best choice for outdoor work.

If users are looking for safety glasses with full edge protection, but are concerned about the lens fogging up during projects, DEWALT is a good choice. Not only are they specially designed to prevent fogging, they also feature internal ventilation, a double-injected rubber seal that fits snugly around the eyes, and adjustable fabric straps to keep them in place.

I tested the DEWALT safety glass during several projects around the house to test the accessory’s coverage, adjustability, and clear vision. During my testing, I found that the hard, polycarbonate lenses protect against flying debris, and the double-injected rubber creates a tight seal that prevents dust, small metal fragments, and other objects from entering the glasses. The glasses were a bit uncomfortable after more than 15 minutes of use. However, after adjusting a few sizes with fabric tape, I was able to get a better fit.

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The vents certainly reduced fogging, but the goggles got wet after a few minutes, so I had to take them off and wipe them a few times while working.

These safety glasses can be used indoors or outdoors for basic tasks such as cleaning fences, building prefabricated furniture, cleaning clogged sinks, and more. They are incredibly flexible, durable, scratch resistant, and have UV filter lenses that protect the wearer from UVA, UVB, UVC and harmful blue light.

In the early stages of testing, I found these goggles to be comfortable, with the lightweight frame and soft nose pad preventing shifting and falls. Oakley glasses were a good choice for simple DIY jobs like mowing the lawn, trimming hedges and other lawn obstructions, and trimming lawn edges, because of the high UV protection, so my eyes rarely get exposed to bright sunlight.

Brand Name Safety Glasses

However, the space around the lens leaves enough room for these safety glasses to be effective when working with saws, circular saws, or other tools that generate a lot of dust and debris.

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Transitioning between hot, humid outdoors and cool, air-conditioned indoor spaces is exactly what these anti-fog goggles are designed for, allowing the wearer to maintain clear vision without having to remove and clean the goggles. These NoCry glasses protect the eyes from 90 to 100 percent of UV rays by wrapping behind the eyes and making them flexible.

NoCry protective glasses are lightweight, relatively comfortable, hold the head behind the ears, and are difficult to replace or remove without accidentally removing the glasses. During testing, the glasses were completely fog-free, so I could see the whole time, and the lenses didn’t scratch a single thing, even after a few drops.

These safety glasses are great for basic DIY work, but when using saws, drills, and grinders, the gap between the lens and face left my eyes vulnerable to sawdust, sparks, and other debris. They are not suitable for use in situations with large amounts of flying debris.

High temperature protection is a must with these Sellstrom Cutting Odyssey II safety glasses when cutting boards or welding pipes with a blow torch. With heat-resistant lenses, flame-resistant, adjustable straps, and indirect ventilation to reduce fogging, these ANSI-approved safety glasses will keep the wearer’s eyes safe when the heat is on.

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After several of my tests, the goggle-style Sellstrom safety glasses held up well to scratches, drops, and even flames applied to the neoprene tape for a short period of time during the welding process. The thick double-layered polycarbonate lens was fog-free during operation, thanks in part to an anti-fog treatment, but also to internal ventilation. The flexible seal on the goggles kept my eyes protected even underwater, even though I wanted to make sure no liquid would get into the goggles.

Although I found that the large glasses limited my peripheral vision for precise performance and became uncomfortable within 15-20 minutes of use.

KleenGuard safety glasses reduce glare with polarized lenses that provide clear vision in bright lighting and block some of the reflected light. They are durable, have a flexible frame, and have rubber grips on the end of each arm to prevent them from shifting during use. The lenses have anti-scratch and anti-fog coating to ensure clarity during operation.

Brand Name Safety Glasses

These safety glasses from KleenGuard look good enough to replace my regular sunglasses with a few key advantages, including flexible frames and a wide headband.

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