Advertising & Promotion An Integrated Marketing Communications Perspective

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Want to improve the user experience of your email marketing subscribers? Try these best AMP email tools to create and send interactive emails.

Advertising & Promotion An Integrated Marketing Communications Perspective

Advertising & Promotion An Integrated Marketing Communications Perspective

Email marketing product developers are constantly looking for new technology to make these promotional emails more engaging. Therefore, this affordable marketing process will increase what happens when e-mail, opens and referrals.

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One such advanced technology is the integration of Google AMP in emails. If you also run aggressive email marketing campaigns and want to change your strategies, you can try AMP for email.

Read on for comprehensive information about AMP emails to get started with the best tools used by expert email marketers.

AMP is the abbreviation for the open source HTML accelerated mobile pages. Google started implementing this mobile website delivery technology in 2016.

If you optimize your website according to the AMP framework, it will load faster on different mobile devices in a responsive manner.

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Since its emergence in the Internet domain, many products have integrated AMP. For example, Google’s AMP web stories, AMP ads, AMP websites, and not to mention AMP emails are for marketing purposes.

This JavaScript code component ensures that the core benefits of the original website are available to users of mobile devices without errors. AMP JavaScript calculates all page components and their sizes before loading the resources on your mobile phone.

AMP HTML consists of mobile-oriented custom tags and properties. Finally, content loads faster, which increases time on site (session length) and reduces bounce rates.

Advertising & Promotion An Integrated Marketing Communications Perspective

AMP caching is the essential feature of AMP technology. Some AMP cache-enabled CDNs preload web pages, web stories and ads that have an AMP tag, so that the mobile device accessing the content loads faster. For security reasons, the AMP cache does not work for AMP for email.

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AMPing your emails allows you to build interaction on marketing emails. This technology allows the recipient to perform various actions, such as filling out a survey, requesting a quote, adding a product/service to the cart, subscribing to newsletters, receiving dynamic product pricing, and more.

Your target audience can do all of the above without leaving their familiar email service provider such as Gmail or Yahoo.

With marketing and promotional emails, marketers are concerned that most customers do not trust such emails because the email redirects users to another website that the user is not familiar with.

With Google’s AMP for email technology, marketers can display their content directly on email without going to another website.

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AMP emails can contain anything and everything that serves the goal of interactivity and dynamic content. However, the following are critical when running promotions through AMP emails:

This element allows you to include a content/product/service selector in an AMP email. You don’t need to display product cards through infinite scrolling. Users can easily select what they need and your e-commerce site can display several products directly on the email.

Another way to display many products/services without distracting the user is an image carousel. You can use this element in an AMP email to search for the user by clicking left or right on the carousel.

Advertising & Promotion An Integrated Marketing Communications Perspective

AMP for Emails allows you to create and deliver a fully functional survey or online form via emails. Users can fill out the form directly from the email without visiting additional websites that might take them away from the form.

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AMP listings help a marketer to constantly display fresh content, products and services to their target audience. The list item connects directly to your inventory server, promotional CRMs, etc., so customers don’t click and then end up on an outdated landing page.

You can use AMP musicbox to display more content per email without overloading your marketing emails. It also saves your target audience from content overload. You can use headers for content and then embed the accordion feature to enable the hide/expand option for long form content.

AMP Lightbox creates a large overlay on the email when a customer clicks on call-to-action (CTA) buttons such as subscribe to a newsletter, enter a promo code, etc.

It works when you send AMP emails to Gmail users as part of a marketing campaign. However, consider the following:

Advertising And Promotion An Integrated Marketing 4th Edition Belch Test Bank By Colerussos offers full-service AMP emails for marketers and personal users. You can use AMP Email Playground to produce AMP emails for free.

Marketers must register with Postmaster and follow guidelines such as company domain, logo, minimum 5,000 emails, etc.

AMP emails retrieve the latest data from your servers. Therefore, the content of the emails is always up to date. This enables enhanced personalization by displaying accurate information such as customer names, specifications, preferences, subscription levels, renewal dates and more.

Advertising & Promotion An Integrated Marketing Communications Perspective

AMP for email comes with various professional and business templates. You can reuse the templates to reach different customers for different products without having to code new pages every time. Therefore, you give the most consistent brand message.

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Since your AMP emails use AMP HTML and AMP JavaScript, almost any standard web browser, including Google Web View, can display your AMP page directly on any smartphone with browsing capabilities.

AMP emails help you keep a customer on your content without redirecting them to your website. For example, users can subscribe to email newsletters, renew subscriptions to services, answer marketing questionnaires, and more in just a few clicks in the email.

The interactivity and dynamic content available through AMP for email does not involve third parties between you and your customers. When it comes to AMP caching, there are only two providers: Google and Microsoft.

Caching takes place in an encrypted way so that no one can intercept email content. Not to mention, AMP emails can’t contain ads, so there’s no chance of interception-based ads.

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So far you have gone through the basic level information about AMP for email technology for email marketing. This will help you develop excellent and engaging AMP emails to promote your brand, product and service using the following AMP and email tools:

AMP email is the future of e-commerce as more and more companies choose this email marketing solution. With Stripo, creating beautiful AMP emails is quick and easy. So you can take advantage of this revolutionary technology to stay one step ahead of your competitors.

This solution comes with a drag-n-drop editor so users need to invest a lot of coding skills for such emails. Also, it allows you to have complete control over the look and content of the email.

Advertising & Promotion An Integrated Marketing Communications Perspective

In addition, this platform allows you to integrate custom HTML code with interactive features, customize your emails, add sender details before running email campaigns, and track conversions.

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One can browse through its collection of templates and choose the one that suits their business needs. At Stripo, you’ll find templates for categories including welcome, abandoned carts, webinars, gaming, wedding photography, Christmas, Pride, and more.

Mailmodo is the platform that offers you a complete AMP email marketing package. It is packed with useful features not only for sending AMP emails, but also for creating a marketing funnel that prioritizes conversion.

Here, users can include interactive features such as charts, widgets and calendars. You can also include multi-step forms in emails that support recipient response submission. By eliminating redirects and reducing steps, Mailmodo simplifies the conversion process.

To create an AMP email, you can start with a blank template and edit it in the drag-and-drop editor. Alternatively, you can choose from their growing list of pre-built templates and customize them in the same editor. Both processes require you to have no coding knowledge.

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However, it is important to preview the automatic backup HTML version and make changes if necessary. Apart from these, the solution allows you to add a contact list, plan your marketing campaign and analyze performance with critical metrics and analytics data.

Elastic Email is an all-in-one email marketing platform suitable for businesses of all sizes. It helps you create beautiful email templates and send them for your marketing campaigns. You can also use it to collect subscriber lists for your website and track performance.

Here you will find a diverse collection of templates to create beautiful AMP emails in minutes. All you have to do is choose a ready-to-use template and customize it. The facility to customize your emails with social media widgets or recipient details is also available.

Advertising & Promotion An Integrated Marketing Communications Perspective

Although its intuitive drag & drop editor is suitable for people with no coding experience, programmers can code their own templates in HTML. In addition, it allows you to control the campaigns by selecting recipients, performing A/B tests, and scheduling emails according to the time zone of the recipients.

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Above all, Elastic Email provides detailed statistics and reports on how your email campaigns are performing. It will help you learn your strengths and weaknesses to create a more effective email marketing strategy for the future.

Looking for more engagement, CTR, and conversion from your marketing emails? You can use Dispatch to provide an elevated email experience to your subscribers. It allows you to create an engaging email that influences more actions from the audience.


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