Wiley X Safety Glasses

Wiley X Safety Glasses – Protect Your Eyes With Prescription Safety Eyewear We have been providing prescription safety glasses to the Sherwood Park and Edmonton business community since 2007.

We have made buying prescription safety glasses as easy and affordable as possible. Our frame selection includes trusted brands such as Vali-X, Armo RX and Onguard. With the Alberta Eye Safety Program, you can be sure you have everything you need to keep your eyes safe in the workplace.

Wiley X Safety Glasses

Wiley X Safety Glasses

ArmouRx Safety Eyewear combines exceptional value with eye protection. This line features non-permanent frame materials and removable cushion/dust inserts. CSA Z94.3 compliant.

Wiley X Compass Safety Sunglasses With Captivate Polarized Bronze Mirror Lenses #cccmp06

The Wiley-X safety glasses are quickly becoming the standard in Alberta workplaces. These safety glasses are equipped with removable and replaceable foam to prevent dust and dirt from getting behind the lenses. The unique design follows the standard 5mm gap tolerance recommended by CSA standards. Wiley-X is also a great choice for motorcyclists and extreme outdoor enthusiasts looking for protective eyewear.

If your prescription has expired, you will need an eye exam. Like safety glasses, an eye exam is an investment in protecting your eye health. We offer comprehensive eye exams using the latest technology and friendly optometrists. Additionally, we allow you to book your appointment online at your convenience.

Is a leading retailer of prescription eye protection in Sherwood Park. Our optical store has a large selection of safety glasses from major brands such as Wiley-X, Onguard, UVX and Armorx. We have safety frames that meet work needs, recreational needs, police and law enforcement needs, and motorcyclists. We also have special, petite frame styles for women. So don’t buy plastic matching glasses that protect and spoil your vision. Let our licensed fitters help you find a comfortable, quality pair of prescription or non-prescription safety glasses that you can wear without compromise.

Safety frames are CSA Z94.3 certified to ensure they meet the industry’s most stringent safety standards. We put a safety stamp on all prescription contact lenses to ensure quality and your piece of mind. These guidelines are designed to ensure that your eyes are properly protected.

Wiley X Aspect Prescription Safety Glasses

Injuries can still occur from flying debris from various work environments, and that’s why most of our safety apparel offers fixed or removable side shields. Some of our new products, such as the Wally-X High Speed ​​Protection Line, follow the 5mm no gap rule required by most Alberta oilfield operators.

Optometry participates in the Safe Eyes Program offered by the Alberta Association of Optometrists. If your company participates in the EyeSafe safety eyewear program, your insurance may cover your eye exam with our eye doctor. Ask your superintendent or security manager for a work ticket and let us take care of the rest.

N Also bill directly to multi-view plans such as Alberta Blue Cross, Great Western Life, Desjardins and Green Shield. For more information, see our insurance section.

Wiley X Safety Glasses

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