Wiley X Safety Glasses Near Me

Wiley X Safety Glasses Near Me – Protect your eyes with prescription safety glasses from. We have been supplying prescription safety eyewear to the Sherwood Park and Edmonton industrial community since 2007.

Has made purchasing prescription protective eyewear as easy and convenient as possible. Our selection of frames includes trusted brands like Wiley-X, ArmourRx and Onguard. Through Alberta’s Safe Eyes program, you can rest assured that you have everything you need to protect your eyes in the workplace.

Wiley X Safety Glasses Near Me

Wiley X Safety Glasses Near Me

ArmourRx safety eyewear combines exceptional value with serious eye protection. This line features non-conductive frame materials and removable cushions/dust pads. Conforms to CSA Z94.3.

Wiley X Eyewear Chval06 Valor Safety Glasses Matte Black

Wiley-X safety eyewear is fast becoming the standard in Alberta workplaces. These goggles have removable and replaceable foam inserts to keep dust and debris from getting behind the lenses. The specialized design follows the standard 5 mm backlash tolerance recommended by CSA standards. Wiley-X is also a great option for motorcyclists and extreme outdoor enthusiasts looking for prescription eyewear.

If your prescription has expired, you will need an eye exam. Like safety glasses, an eye exam is an investment in protecting eye health. We offer comprehensive eye exams using the latest technology and friendly optometrists. We also allow you to book your appointment online at your convenience.

Is the leading supplier of prescription safety eyewear to Sherwood Park. Our optical store offers a large selection of safety glasses from leading brands such as Wiley-X, Onguard, Uvex and Armourx. We carry protective frames that meet professional requirements, recreational requirements, police and law enforcement requirements, and motorcyclists. We also have unique and smaller frame designs for women. So don’t settle for plastic glasses that blur and distort your vision. Let our licensed opticians help you find a quality, comfortable pair of prescription eyewear that you can wear without compromise.

Safety frames are CSA Z94.3 approved to ensure they meet stringent industry safety standards. We place security seals on all of our prescription optical lenses for quality assurance and your peace of mind. These guidelines are in place to ensure your eyes are well protected.

Wiley X Helix Safety Glasses Grey Lens With Matte Black Frame #ac6hlx01

Injuries can still occur from flying debris from a different work area, so most of our safety eyewear is offered with permanent or removable side shields. Some of our newer products, such as the Willy-X high-speed guard line, follow the 5mm no-gap rule demanded by many Alberta oil sands operators.

Optometry participates in the EyeSafe program offered by the Alberta Association of Optometrists. If your business participates in the EyeSafe safety eyewear programme, your coverage may also cover you for an eye health exam with one of our optometrists. Ask your supervisor or security supervisor for a work card and let us take care of the rest.

N also directly billing several vision plans, such as Alberta Blue Cross, Great-West Life, Desjardins and Green Shield. To find out more, consult our insurance section. Our Wiley X Twisted Radiation Glasses are designer lead-acid glasses that offer radiation protection in a virtually unbreakable, wraparound triloid nylon frame. 0.75mm lead Pb equivalent radiation reducing lead glass lenses. OSHA rated for occupational eye protection. Optional lens enhancements include anti-fog coating and anti-reflection coating. Frame color options are detailed nearby. Ideal for medium to large faces. If you want to fit your Rx prescription lenses into your lead glasses, consider our Nike lead glasses, most of which can accept prescription lenses. For more designer frame options, browse our Wiley-X frames or view our entire leaded eyewear collection.

Wiley X Safety Glasses Near Me

The Phillips family’s deep roots in the eyewear industry go back more than 115 years with the production of eyewear for Bausch & Lomb in 1905. With the creation of Phillips Safety Products in 2001, the company began to focus its vast optical experience in occupational safety, especially in protecting the eyes of customers using X-ray and laser equipment for medical, educational and military purposes. As the company has grown, its expertise in protecting X-ray professionals has led to the creation of innovative radiation shielding barriers that provide both radiation protection and patient visibility. Phillips edge’s state-of-the-art computer numerical control (CNC) enables them to produce the highest quality products, ensuring precision manufacturing of both spherical and aspherical lenses. With a wide range of designer and affordable classic frames along with its ability to incorporate prescriptions into safety eyewear, Phillips Safety prides itself on combining the best, most affordable styles with the safety features you need to protect your eyes.

Best Wiley X Tactical Sunglasses

Storage: Eyewear should be stored in a clean and sanitary “out of the box” condition, away from dust, dirt and other contaminants. Storage at normal room temperature and low relative humidity is ideal.

Cleaning for standard and anti-reflection coated lenses: Rinse all dirt, dust and particles from the lenses by running them under a stream of warm water. If the residue isn’t rinsed off, you’ll end up with scratches on your lenses that can’t be removed. Apply a small amount of dish soap diluted with water to the lenses and rub gently over the entire surface. Rinse the lentils well under running water and dry them with a dry cloth. Always store dry glasses, face up in a case to prevent scratches.

Lens Cleaning WITHOUT Fogging: Always use a microfiber cloth to clean and dry your lenses and never scrub your lenses hard. Be kind to your lenses. Use a combination of 4 parts denatured alcohol and 1 part water to clean the lenses with a microfiber cloth. Dry well with a microfibre cloth. After cleaning, the strength of the anti-fog coating will be temporarily weakened. For best results, clean the cups at the end of the day and leave them in an open, dry place out of the storage box for a few hours/overnight to allow the coating to fully dry. Do not use ammonia or chlorine as a cleaner. Do not rinse or immerse the lenses in water. Coating performance will be permanently impaired if the above instructions are not followed. Always store dry glasses, face up in a case to prevent scratches.

Maintenance: Inspect your glasses often. If your lenses become punctured, cut, or otherwise damaged, stop using them immediately. End user maintenance should be limited to tightening the hinge bolts when necessary.

Radiation Glasses Wiley X Censor

Warranty: All Phillips Safety products are fully warranted against manufacturer defects (materials and workmanship) for 1 year from date of purchase. This does not cover careless use of the product (including scratched lenses). Coating problems caused by cleaning the lenses in a way other than specified above will void the warranty. Phillips-Safety will repair or replace any defective goods free of charge. All shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer.

Recycling/Disposal: All frames are made of nylon, acetate, aluminum or black materials. The frames can be recycled with metals or similar plastics. Lead lenses contain 70% lead oxide. Lenses should be sent to an approved lead recycling center or can be returned to the manufacturer for proper disposal. Please contact customer service for detailed instructions.

Customers wishing to return this product must contact Customer Service to obtain a valid Return Authorization Number within 14 days of receipt. A restocking fee may be deducted at the manufacturer’s discretion. Prescription orders cannot be returned. Custom printed frames cannot be returned.

Wiley X Safety Glasses Near Me

Unfortunately, we don’t have the weight of these frames with the lenses installed. However, the weight of the frame itself is 20.1 grams.

Wiley X Saber Advanced Sunglasses, Clear, Matte Black

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