Wiley X Prescription Safety Glasses Near Me

Wiley X Prescription Safety Glasses Near Me – Protect your eyes with prescription safety glasses. We have been providing prescription glasses to the Sherwood Park and Edmonton industrial community since 2007.

Has made buying prescription safety glasses as easy and affordable as possible. Our frame selection includes trusted brands such as Wiley-X, ArmouRx and Onguard. With Alberta’s EyeSafe program, you can make sure you have what you need to protect your eyes in the workplace.

Wiley X Prescription Safety Glasses Near Me

Wiley X Prescription Safety Glasses Near Me

ArmouRx safety glasses combine excellent eye protection with excellent value. The line features non-conductive frame material and removable cushion/dust inserts. In accordance with CSA Z94.3.

Wiley X Aspect Prescription Safety Glasses

Wiley-X safety glasses are becoming increasingly standard in Alberta workplaces. These goggles have removable and replaceable foam inserts to prevent dust and debris from getting behind the lens. The special design follows the 5mm gap tolerance recommended by CSA standards. Wiley-X is also a good option for motorcyclists and extreme outdoor enthusiasts looking for safety prescription glasses.

If your prescription has expired, you will need an eye exam. Like safety glasses, an eye exam is an investment in your eye health. We offer comprehensive eye exams using the latest technology and friendly ophthalmologists. In addition, we allow you to schedule your appointment online at your convenience.

Sherwood Park is a leading supplier of prescription glasses. Our optical store has a wide selection of safety glasses from top brands including Wiley-X, Onguard, Uvex and Armourx. We have safety limits to meet occupational requirements, recreational requirements, police and law enforcement requirements and motorcyclists. We also carry unique, petite frame styles for women. So don’t settle for plastic-fitting safety glasses that confuse and irritate your eyes. Let our licensed opticians help you find comfortable, high-quality prescription or non-prescription safety glasses that you’ll wear without compromise.

Safety frames are CSA Z94.3 approved to ensure they meet the industry’s strictest safety standards. We place a safety seal on all of our prescription optical lenses for quality assurance and your consideration. These instructions are designed to ensure that your eyes are well protected.

Wiley X Worksight Collection Review

Injuries can be caused by flying debris from another workplace, so most of our safety glasses come with fixed or removable shields. Some of our new products, such as the Willy-X high speed protection line, do not meet the 5mm regulation required by most Alberta oilfields.

Optometry participates in the EyeSafe program offered by the Alberta Optometrists Association. If your company participates in the EyeSafe safety glasses program, they can cover you for an eye exam with one of our optometrists. Ask your supervisor or security guard for a work ticket and let us take care of the rest.

N Also pay directly to many vision plans, including Alberta Blue Cross, Great West Life, Des Jardins and Green Shield. Visit our insurance section to learn more. Committed to providing military and law enforcement personnel with the best ballistic eyewear, Wiley X puts safety first by applying this approach to all of our design and eyewear manufacturing. With the highest level of protection.

Wiley X Prescription Safety Glasses Near Me

All Wiley X ANSI rated frames and lenses must withstand the impact of a .25” diameter steel ball. Shooting should be at 150fps for the lens and 250fps for the viewer.

Wiley X Prescription Sunglasses

Several models of Wiley X goggles are tested in V0 ballistics, which go Mil-Standard at 640-725fps and consist of a .15 caliber projection frame and lens, and depending on the model, either a google frame and .22. caliber projects. Mil-Standard and cruises at 550-590fps depending on model. The purpose of this test is to simulate the bugs that might appear on the battlefield.

Wiley X ANSI rated frames and lenses must withstand a 1.1lb impact. Ensuring your eyes are protected from 50 inches of drop and accidental bullet impact.

The Sport Series meets the highest ASTM F803 standards for safety and clarity with the fit and durability to withstand the rigors of youth sports.

Wiley X was founded on a mission to protect, and we use that same uncompromising spirit to make every Wiley X lens the clearest it can be. All of our lenses are ANSI rated, providing bright, clear optics, improved color contrast, minimal distortion and visual accuracy. Wiley X continues to continuously improve and develop technologies to deliver unparalleled clarity in each of our lenses.

Wiley X Vapor

All Wiley X lenses meet the strictest ANSI optical clarity requirements. We tirelessly test all of our lenses for visual acuity, refractive, resolving and prismatic powers. Unlike conventional lenses, which can bend light and distort the true size of objects, our lenses are centered and applied to ensure true spatial correlation and distortion-free clarity.

Wiley X will always keep safety as a priority. We apply this approach to our entire line and create the highest level of protective eyewear, from our ANSI Z87.1-rated everyday sunglasses to our ASTM F803-rated Youth Strength TM lines.

Wiley X defines color by introducing our new, patented Captivate™ technology. Captivate™ lenses filter clear light, enhancing clarity and definition with dynamic contrast and vivid detail. Available in multiple lens colors to provide exceptional performance in changing lighting conditions. Captivate™ lenses block UV/HEV rays and meet ANSI Z87.1 and EN.166 safety standards for unmatched protection.

Wiley X Prescription Safety Glasses Near Me

Our proprietary Filter 8™ polarized lens technology filters light to reduce glare and prevent glare. Includes two Slick™ hydrophobic coatings, two Selenite™ polycarbonate lenses, two T-Shell™ scratch-resistant layers, Violet 4™ reflective coating and 100% polarizing Filter 8™ polarizing film layer, giving you 100. UV protection.

Wiley X Victory Review

Air, along with fine dust and pollen, can cause prolonged eye irritation such as dry eye syndrome. Peripheral light can also reduce optical clarity. Wiley X’s removable soft foam face mask™ cells provide excellent ventilation and peripheral light blocking, protect the eyes and allow for superior performance of polarized lenses.

The Willy X Dynamic Ventilation System allows you to control the airflow to reduce fogging. Side vents on the frame allow air to flow behind your lens and clear condensation for a clear view.

Built to adapt to your changing environment, our Variable Series provides excellent protection and visibility in any condition with the ability to change lenses to suit your changing environment.

Designed for versatility, our removable shielded WorkSight® frames provide workplace protection with everyday wear.

Wiley X Peak Replacement Lenses By Revant Optics

Force® glasses are designed for children ages 5-16 and meet ANSI Z87.1 frontal impact for safety and optical clarity.

Protection against strong impacts. Youth Power Sports Goggles set the standard for eye protection to prevent eye injuries in your sport.

Wiley X uses a proprietary oleophobic coating on all Captivate lenses to help prevent dust, dirt, oil, snow and water from sticking to the lens. This, in turn, helps prevent smoke and water spots, making the lens cleaner than an uncoated, standard lens.

Wiley X Prescription Safety Glasses Near Me

Nail/stain resistance, the attractive lenses achieve a Bayer 7 rating for scratch resistance. A score of 4 or higher qualifies for premium coverage. * BAYER ABRASION VOLUME, APPROPRIATE [1] The Bayer test is one of the most frequently repeated test methods for gastric resistance. These test subjects are coated and uncoated lenses for staining with vibrating “sand”. After a certain number of cycles, the growth of fog on both lenses is measured. The Bayer Ratio is the ratio of the fog gain of a coated lens to that of an uncoated lens. A Bayer ratio of “1” refers to the gastric resistance of the coating versus the uncoated lens. A Bayer ratio of 7 means that an uncoated standard lens has seven times more fog than a coated lens. A standard Bayer ratio of “4” or greater is considered premium coverage by the industry. [1].

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The premium lenses are built with the ANSI-grade safety standards you’ve come to expect from Wiley X. It provides maximum protection so you can continue your adventures with confidence.

All Wiley X lenses meet the strictest ANSI optical clarity requirements. We tirelessly test all of our lenses against ANSI’s stringent standards for visual accuracy.

Also available in ANSI grade quality prescriptions found on all Wiley X glasses. We offer a wide variety of customization options for sunglasses and sunglasses, including mirror, sunglasses, and lens styles. Visit an authorized Wiley X prescription retailer to find your next pair of glasses.

Each pair of Wiley X lenses is a prescription carefully designed for precision, digitally mapped and rigorously tested for quality. The only way to ensure your glasses are ANSI rated for clarity and protection is to have your prescription filled at a Wiley X or certified partner laboratory. Every prescription lens manufactured by Wiley X comes with a warranty, ensuring that you are getting the best quality prescription lenses.

Wiley X Wx Axis Safety Eyeglasses

To meet ANSI standards, Wiley X uses a process called digital edge thinning to produce prescription lenses for high-end, eight-frame frames.

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