What Do You Need To Start A Carpet Cleaning Business

What Do You Need To Start A Carpet Cleaning Business – I made a massive DIY rug (5×8) from scratch using just a few supplies. And you can make it too…any size you want!

After my DIY weaving project, I felt I needed another challenge, so I decided to tackle another large project that was on my bucket list… a DIY rug from scratch! I was in desperate need of a new rug and was relentlessly searching for one that I absolutely loved (that was also affordable).

What Do You Need To Start A Carpet Cleaning Business

What Do You Need To Start A Carpet Cleaning Business

Unfortunately, I seem to have very expensive taste because every rug I saw that would work was WAY out of the range of what my wallet thought it could handle. So, like any DIYer, I decided to make it myself using cotton piping.

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It was definitely a labor of love (as you can imagine making a giant rug by hand), but I really like how it turned out. And it’s time for the weather to start getting cooler because this thing is as comfortable as it gets… It’s like walking on clouds! Super soft and plush.

This DIY rug technique can be used for a runner, a small kitchen or bathroom rug, or even a larger seating area rug like mine. Want to make your own cotton rug?

*Cotton piping comes in a variety of thicknesses (from 1/4 inch to 1 inch and more) and any thickness will work for this project. But the thicker the pipe, the faster the DIY process (and the less yardage you’ll need to use to complete it).

My personal favorite pipe sizes are: 1/2 inch and 11/16 inch, but you can use ANY size. Pipes come in many sizes.

Should I Start A Corporation Or Llc For My Carpet Cleaning Business?

1. Determine how long you want the rug to be. In my case, I wanted a 5×8 rug under the couch.

My roll of netting was smaller, so I did some quick math to determine how many pieces I would need to cut to make a 5X8 rug (3 pieces 8 feet long since the netting is 2 feet wide). And I have an extra leg left over from the width, which I can cut the mesh, etc. before starting.

Once you figure it out, roll out the required length of netting and cut the strips with scissors.

What Do You Need To Start A Carpet Cleaning Business

2. Next, start cutting pieces of cotton piping about 4 inches long (each). You want them to be roughly the same length so that the rug looks nice even when it’s complete, and also has a bit of variation so you have more of a textured feel that looks handmade (rather than manufactured).

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Note: Depending on the size of your rug, you may need more cotton edging than you expect. To give you a better idea of ​​what I’m talking about…we used over 200 yards of cotton piping for a 5×8 rug. Lots of cotton!

But cotton hemming is pretty affordable, so it’s still pretty cheap when you consider the cost of a thick, handmade rug like this that costs thousands of dollars to buy at a store.

3. Next, weave the cotton strips between the mesh grid as shown in the picture. Then pull the pieces up and tie them with a rubber band (again as shown in the picture).

After securing with a rubber band, fluff the pipe pieces so that they have a fuzzy pom-pom shape.

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The procedure is basically the same as in step #3, but this time you will weave the strips through the ends of each separate piece of mesh to connect them as one.

Secure them together in a pom-pom shape (for lack of a better term) with rubber bands and fluff them when secured.

6. Repeat this process on the edge of all the pieces that need to be joined until it is complete.

What Do You Need To Start A Carpet Cleaning Business

7. Finally, use sharp scissors to cut off any edges or insides if needed.

Best Homemade Carpet Cleaner Solution

I like to trim the outer edges all the way around to match, and then sometimes there are inner pieces that need trimming because they are longer than the others.

You can use any size of piping to make a rug like the ones you see in this post, but one thing to keep in mind is that the smaller the piping, the longer it will take to complete your rug.

So, for example, if you’re using 1/6 inch cotton piping, you may need to double that piping in the mesh to get a thick, fluffy look like I did. But if you’re using 1/2-inch or thicker pipe, you don’t have to.

My favorite sizes of cotton hems for rugs I’ve made using this technique are 1/2 inch and 11/16 inch. I also like the 1 inch thick pipe but not as much as the other two.

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This is all I want. You may find a different groove size that you prefer, so it’s not a bad idea to buy a very small amount (say, a few feet) of several different sizes to try out before buying a large yardage. You can find cotton piping by the yard at craft supply stores like JoAnn’s, often with upholstery supplies.

And once you’ve decided which size you like best, you can shop around to see what’s cheapest (online at Amazon or somewhere similar, or at a craft supply store).

It is true that tires can deteriorate or break over time (years). Not a problem for me personally, but there are many comments asking about this particular thing. So if you’d rather not use rubber bands, there’s another option.

What Do You Need To Start A Carpet Cleaning Business

If you prefer, you can use string to wrap the cord instead of a rubber band. A thin string with some stretchy material if possible like these would be ideal if possible (just stay away from the obvious option as I’m not sure it’s enough.

Reasons You Need A Cheap Rug & How To Make Them Look Expensive

Tighten and knot each one tightly and trim off the excess. NOTE: This will take longer than the rubber band method. And for me, the rubber bands hold up well. But I wanted to share this option for anyone who prefers to use something else.

I will be the first to admit that the process is long. I will not lie. BUT the results are really good if you ask me.

And literally anyone at any skill level can make one, as long as you have the patience to hide it.

The process is SUPER easy. It would be a nice ritual every night when they sit down to watch a movie etc. It’s like knitting…slowly plugging in a project for hours at night until it’s done.

Ways Flatten An Area Rug

And when it’s done, you have a real rug to show off. That you did it yourself! How many people can say they made a rug?!

I recommend cleaning up the spill area. Since you are using a cotton material, any surface cleaner that will work with this material should be fine. When done, just tap clean/dry instead of rubbing.

In case of spills and stains that cannot be cleaned and require repair, the pipe can be very easily removed and replaced with a new pipe.

What Do You Need To Start A Carpet Cleaning Business

Simply remove the piping that is damaged or beyond repair and use the same method you used in the beginning to fill in the missing pieces.

How Do You Make A Carpet Soft And Light Again? Just Moved In And Already See It Getting Hard & Not Bouncing Back With Vacuum

The carpet sheds quite a bit at first, as many carpets still do. But it gradually decreases over time.

It is somewhat similar, but there are two main differences. One of these differences is that the cotton cord I used to create this DIY rug is not attached to itself (knotted like a hook). And the second major difference is that there are no special tools available.

As you can see from the materials list at the top of this post, there aren’t many materials or special supplies needed to make this rug. Which I think is a big plus.

Yes! I actually recently made a new version of this rug as a runner and it looks great! I used the exact same approach I shared above.

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But this handmade cotton rug is a runner and I wanted to share some new photos in case you’d like to make something similar.

My DIY carpet runner is 2 feet wide and 5 feet long, but you can make a runner any width and length you need. This makes it a great choice for any area of ​​your home where you can’t find the “perfect” size rug. I have a very long hallway upstairs (almost 20 feet long) that could use an extended runner.

I also received updates from people who made one of these DIY rugs from my tutorial and a few people shared that they made a bath mat

What Do You Need To Start A Carpet Cleaning Business

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