What Are The Functions Of A Tablet

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Anyone familiar with the iPhone interface will have no problem getting to know the iPad. But Apple divides the operating systems of these two devices into iOS and iPadOS, there are some iPad functions that tablet owners should know.

What Are The Functions Of A Tablet

What Are The Functions Of A Tablet

Why build another operating system? Because there are many functions that work with a large screen. Instead of this code taking up space on the iPhone, it is limited to the iPad. What kind of jobs? Read on to learn the secrets that will make Apple’s biggest screen an essential part of your everyday life.

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For more information, check out our iPhone tips article, as well as the basics of how to control an iPad without a home button and how to change the look and feel of photos and text.

The conditioner – the software tool at the bottom of the iPad screen – is not similar to the one on the iPhone. You can access it even when you’re in apps by swiping down from the bottom of the screen. Plus, it has slots for your favorite apps (up to 13) and always has two or three slots on the right side for recently used apps, as well as apps you may have opened on your iPhone or Mac (used via Handoff).

Adding apps to the dock is easy: long press the icon to activate home screen editing mode where all icons rotate. Drag to the bottom of the dock and set as desired. It also works with folders.

Another way to share access between devices is to see the tabs open in the Safari browser on the iPhone, for example, also appear on the iPad or Mac. You do this using iCloud Tabs. On an iPad (or iPhone) go to Settings > [your name] > iCloud and make sure Safari is turned off. Do the same on a Mac under System Preferences.

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Now, if you go to Safari on the iPad and click the tabs button (it looks like a big box that grows another big box) or pinch the screen, you’ll see the tabs you have open on the iPad, including a list of tabs open on your other Apple devices at the bottom of the screen. Scroll up to see everything. (Note: It may take a few minutes for tabs you open on one device to appear on another; the handoff is immediate.)

If you’re used to using your thumb on your iPhone, the iPad keyboard can be split in two to accommodate the iOS experience.

When the keyboard opens at the bottom of the screen, press and hold the keyboard in the lower left corner. Menu options include Undock (hence a “floating” keyboard), Floating (to get a smaller iPhone keyboard that you can place anywhere on the screen), and Sharing (pictured above). or pinch out with two fingers.

What Are The Functions Of A Tablet

On either keyboard, you can still hold down the space bar to turn the entire keyboard into a trackpad, so you can position the cursor anywhere while typing.

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Note that each letter on the keyboard also has a corresponding icon above the letter, in gray. These are the symbols, punctuation marks, or numbers you get when you press the Shift key on either side of a space. But you don’t have to move. Just look down quickly at one key. For example, press the E key to get an E, but scroll down and get a 3.

Otherwise, press the .?123 key for these symbols, including new symbols you can move to get (hold the # key to find £, for example). Double click the switch button to close the lock.

Undoubtedly, the most important thing that differentiates iPadOS from iOS is the ability to multitask, or open several programs at the same time (although screen mode works on iPhone and iOS 14). You do this with Slide Over (pictured above), where one app sits on top of the other, or Split View, where two apps are side by side, making it easy to copy data back and forth between them.

First, make sure multitasking is turned on under Settings > Screen Display & Docking > Multitasking. To open the Slide Over app, open the dock by gently lifting your finger from the bottom of the screen (just enough to bring it up, not enough to get into the app switcher path). Hold your finger on the app you want to install and drag it left or right. To change the Slide Over window, swipe up from the bottom of the Slide Over window.

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To display a side-by-side split view, do the above, but then hold the top of the Slide Over window and drag it slightly to the right (or left, depending on your preference). You can have two apps running at the same time in Split View, just like two instances of the Safari browser.

Need a third-party app that works? Drag the Slide Over app on top of your two Split View apps.

Note that not all apps support Slide Over and Split View. For more information on how to do this, read How to multitask on your iPad.

What Are The Functions Of A Tablet

The glory of multitasking is the ability to drag and drop text or other content between programs. Copy and paste is 2019.

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Set a split view window with Safari next to Notes, for example, and you can copy notes (tap to select text, then drag to select more) and URLs. It also works with images. For example, the Photos app next to email, messages, or text lets you drag and drop your memorable photos to share or save to a new story. The video above from Apple Support shows how to drag multiple photos (you’ll need multiple fingers).

You don’t just drag and drop a Split View or Slide Over app – but it makes it a lot easier. This “old” method has been around since iOS 11. Hold your finger on an item to copy/drag (eg a phone number from the Contacts app). With the other hand, pull down from the bottom of the screen to grab the exit. Then drag the copied item/drag and drop to the dock (like the mail app). Hold your finger until the app opens, then lift your finger to drop it. You can also see it in this video (starting at 1:07).

Of course, not every app will support drag and drop. You might have to try it. But beyond Apple’s apps, you’ll find support for Google Docs, Chrome, Annotable, Twitter, Evernote, AirMail, Bear and more.

Sometimes you need to take a picture of what’s happening on the iPad to share or be born. For normal photography it’s easy. If your iPad has a home button, press the sleep/wake button at the same time. If you don’t have a home button, press power and volume down at the same time. If you have an Apple pen (opens in a new window), try from the bottom corner. You can annotate a photo as you take it (which is easy with the Apple Pencil, of course). Save and it will go into your photos folder.

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IOS and iPadOS now allow full-screen recording, for videos of what’s happening on the screen. For more information, read how to record gameplay for your iPhone or iPad.

Got a kid who wants to play with one app on your phone, but is always emailing your boss? Lock them in an app with Guided Access.

Turn it on in Settings > Accessibility > Guided Accessibility. Once you’re up and running, open the child app, triple-click the sleep/wake button (or the home button, if you have one) and you can turn on Guided Access or access the list of shortcuts, if you have more than one. He turned it on. After that, the app is only accessible to those who want it. Don’t scroll up or down to access notifications, Control Center, or other apps. You have to press it three more times to turn it off. Note: This asks you to set a specific passcode for this feature, which is not the passcode you use for the rest of your iPad, unless you specify it.

What Are The Functions Of A Tablet

Apple has a laptop. But if you use your iPad as one, it supports using a mouse or trackpad. Which is completely possible now. Grab a non-Bluetooth pointing device, connect it to the iPad via Settings > Bluetooth, and start moving the pointer. It’s not really a pointer, but a round dot, and you use the mouse as a finger. Scroll wheels will do things like display the search bar and scroll through pages. You can learn more by reading how to use it

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