What All Do You Need To Start A Business

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It took me 25 years to realize that I really enjoyed sitting in an empty room talking to myself.

What All Do You Need To Start A Business

What All Do You Need To Start A Business

I wish it didn’t take me so long to find the right medium to capture my voice and tell the stories I want to tell.

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Now, I have deeply offended you and half your family by arguing that audio is more important than video.

YouTube is the second largest website on the entire Internet. You read that right. It’s bigger than Facebook right now.

Finally, video on social media generates around 1200% more shares and likes than plain text or image posts.

Before I think that audio should take second place after video, let me share some brief information about podcasting.

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The podcast demographic includes 54% men and 46% women. This is far better than YouTube’s unequal distribution of 62% men and 38% women.

80% of podcast listeners pass at least 75% of each episode. In terms of listening time, podcasts perform incredibly well.

Podcasts allow you to participate in any situation, especially on your commute. Videos can’t do that (at least you shouldn’t let them). In fact, 22% of all podcasts are listened to in the car.

What All Do You Need To Start A Business

Now let us help you go from idea to podcast in under 20 minutes. If you follow this recipe exactly, you will soon begin to see steady growth.

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Most people say, “What are you passionate about?” I would say, but I believe that passion is not strong enough. We’re talking about defining something you can’t live without discussing regularly.

What sings to your heart? What is it that worries you so much and can’t help yourself whenever you have a chance to chat about it?

Start in general first. It could be sports, knitting, amateur dog shows, web development, candles, kangaroos, books or hipster mustaches.

Whatever it is, make sure it’s deeply rooted in the fibers of your soul. The key to getting started on the path to great content production is to light a well-oiled fire for your topic at any given moment.

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No matter how small the search volumes for your topic, stick to a topic that defines you.

The most successful podcasts, blogs, vlogs, and businesses don’t try to juggle too many topics or demographics at once.

Instead, find a topic you like or are targeted and work on it. Don’t worry if the search volume for that topic’s keywords is a little low. Google isn’t the best indicator of what people are interested in. It’s a great indicator of what businesses care about.

What All Do You Need To Start A Business

These platforms are not as games as Google. Content comes from real people, not businesses or robots.

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Dig deep into your topic in these secondary search engines and identify people who speak like you.

You’d be surprised how many great ideas you can come up with in a simple Reddit thread about your podcast idea.

It’s time to narrow down your target audience to the extreme. Take the general topic you find and edit it to suit a particular group of people.

“Sports” is clearly a crappy podcast topic. If you try to talk and market this general idea, the final product will have no value and no one will find it interesting.

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If we take it one step further, the final product will be “Street Hockey Stories and Tips”.

If you love street hockey more than anything, you should have no problem creating content for that topic every day.

Again, don’t force yourself to podcast on a topic just because you see an opportunity or the search volume is great.

What All Do You Need To Start A Business

Do all this for your love for your subject. It should make your heart sing every time you record it.

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Moving on to the more technical side of the process, it’s time to take your great idea online.

There are dozens of viable options for podcast hosting out there, but there is one that stands out as a clear winner in my eyes.

Anchoris is an online platform and iOS app that lets you turn your idea into a real show in seconds.

If you’re wondering, the answer is no. I have nothing to do with Anchor and I do not promote for money. I really like the app and it has made a huge difference to my podcasting.

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I won’t go into the specific process of setting up your Anchor Dashboard, but Medium has an article about it.

Do not use a white background. Don’t make it so simple that people will dismiss your design as soon as they see it in the queue.

Instead, use contrast to your liking and create simple yet beautiful graphics that convey the purpose of your podcast through images.

What All Do You Need To Start A Business

If you need help designing, try Canva. For non-designers who want to create beautiful graphics, this is the place to go.

Full Canvas Panels Painting Value Kit! All You Need To Start Painting 850001562164

It’s not as important as you think, to be honest. The key to a great podcast is to build a great foundation (see steps 1-3).

I personally use the Blue Yeti Snowball, a cardioid condenser microphone. It’s not the coolest microphone on the market, nor is it the cheapest. It gets the job done and provides great sound quality for my shows.

Do not stress the equipment. Don’t worry about the production value. Get a solid microphone that won’t bore you too much and get to work.

The most important thing you can do to build and grow your podcast is to publish quality content regularly. this much.

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Until you’ve done a few runs, you’ll be uncomfortable talking to yourself like crazy.

Gather your thoughts and write them down throughout your research for each chapter. Having a script gives you more confidence and stays on topic, which is key to engaging your audience.

The key to making a recording sound good and resonate with your audience is this: Always be yourself.

What All Do You Need To Start A Business

Remember, you are talking about the things you love. Be the person who loves this subject more than anything else when recording.

Things Not To Do When Starting A Business

How to Create Great Content and Gain a Loyal Audience Step 1: Never stray from what you know and love

You should choose a specific and energizing topic. Never deviate from that energy.

If you want to talk about your target audience and something else that has nothing to do with your passion, that’s great. Post about it on social media or start another podcast entirely on the side.

Put all your soul into your podcast and your audience will thank you. They will show deep gratitude by subscribing to your show and sharing it with like-minded friends.

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It goes back to comments about using Reddit and other social platforms to find out what real people are talking about.

I also want to add a plugin to search your keywords on Wikipedia. No other site ranks as many terms as Wikipedia, and no other site has more information on every keyword in human history.

Take advantage of these resources. As you brainstorm new chapter ideas, write down your general ideas on a piece of paper and quickly move on the research path.

What All Do You Need To Start A Business

This will pay dividends over time as your organic reach will grow rapidly and you won’t have to spend money on Facebook ads.

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How many Facebook friends do you have? What about Twitter and Instagram followers? And don’t forget.

They are not just your friends and people you meet. They are current loyal fans of your brand and will likely support your thoughts and dreams.

If you already have a small fan club, why not use it to promote your ideas?

Follow the social media path and post links to your new episodes. Share the photos you take in the studio. Humanize your podcasting journey and keep your loyal friends interested.

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You’ll eventually reach a point where you can teach public speaking and podcasting classes, but for now, enjoy the constant progress.

If you’re only recording for the sake of recording, it’s time to rethink whether your subject sings to your heart.

Each section should provide some form of tangible value. Examples of values ​​in the podcast include:

What All Do You Need To Start A Business

If your department does not provide one of these values, I recommend not registering in the first place. Don’t waste your time. Don’t waste your audience’s time. We may earn money or products from companies mentioned in this post. See policies for more information.

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This question is asked of me a lot. Especially from those who don’t regularly use a scrapbook. Pocket scrapbooking is like scrapbooking with a baseball card protector. It lets you look at scrapbooking in a different way. I think this is my favorite way to document everyday life and a great way to document travel. Want to see how I do scrapbooking on mobile?

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