Salesforce Account Based Marketing

Salesforce Account Based Marketing – Let’s face it: account-based marketing (ABM) can significantly increase revenue from a customer base. But ABM is advanced. It’s not simple, fast, or easy to measure, and it can’t be done “on the side” without any resources.

Technology isn’t cheap, it’s just part of the equation. It’s very complicated. But, if you’re ready to really invest in account-based marketing and do it well, know what you need.

Salesforce Account Based Marketing

Salesforce Account Based Marketing

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Get Your Salesforce Data In Shape For Successful Account Based Marketing

Want more? You can always grab our ABM checklist, or learn more about what our team can do for you with our ABM consulting service. Let’s break it down: What is account-based marketing?

Account-based marketing is a holistic marketing approach that is account-based, not communication-based, that aligns with sales and customer success. The focus is often on cross-selling and up-selling rather than new customers.

Instead of acquiring leads, the company strives to grow its business within target accounts – focusing primarily on buying committees and key decision makers.

This is best for companies that have well-defined customer groups and want to maximize their footprint in each one.

Account Based Marketing Adoption Infographic

Another important difference is that sales, SD and marketing all work together to organize sales using cross-play. ABM’s measure of success is not just MQL or SQL, but revenue and retention of key accounts. This is really an income marketing idea.

Many organizations implementing ABM fail to track success metrics well, and the benefits aren’t as easy to track as any brand might think. Here are some eye-opening statistics:

If you’re starting to worry about your readiness (or current implementation), read 4 Reasons Why Your Company Isn’t Ready for ABM before continuing.

Salesforce Account Based Marketing

For all the talk about it, ABM is still a young solution in terms of adoption. About 70% of B2B companies have started building an ABM program, but less than 15% have had it for more than 2 years. 40% have been using ABM for less than a year. (Demandbase / Engagio)

Salesforce Sales Package V1.85

Common challenges include data quality, operability, lack of resources, internal consistency, and measurement. Even the most advanced ABM programs, as they mature, still focus on measurement, execution, data quality, and accuracy.

Many organizations start by purchasing expensive ABM tools. Check out my blog on this topic:

… and StrategicABM for one-on-one personalized marketing to your top 10 accounts and key contacts. Many companies choose a hybrid ABM approach with each style.

Your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) is the standard by which you hold other accounts. This is a detailed description of your real or symbolic ideal potential customer. Once you have an ICP, use it as a yardstick to organize your account. A good ICP match and a lot of institutional knowledge suggests strategic ABM. and vice versa.

Abm Analytics Overview

Acquisition committees or centers are common in companies preparing for large investments. Purchasing Committee Participants (BCPs) need information to make decisions based on their role. For example, decision makers may focus on budgets, champion problem solving, and be assigned to impact studies. Evaluators may focus on IT interoperability, security measures, legal requirements, or procurement processes.

When choosing accounts like ICP to pursue, consider BCP’s information needs at each stage. Put together a customer experience (CXP) or customer journey for each of them. This may mean running several separate campaigns.

First-party intent comes from your database, and the tools you have in place can help you present it. But many organizations prefer to buy third-party intent data, which is getting better and better. (D&B)

Salesforce Account Based Marketing

Account-based marketing tools use IP addresses and cookies to match purchase signals or intent data from the web to accounts in CRM. The most commonly tracked data is keyword-based search activity.

Les 15 Meilleurs Outils D’account Based Marketing

Some tools can use AI and ML to analyze historical and real data and then predict future results. Unlike traditional tools that use static components, these best ABM tools update data dynamically, constantly updating data from third-party providers.

Organizations can leverage buyer intent data: prioritize incoming leads based on their interactions with you and reach the right prospects at the right time with personalized information.

Remember the ideal customer profile we talked about earlier? What if you knew which ICP-friendly companies were “on the market” or ready to join? This is what third-party ABM tools do, and they call these hot accounts “in-market ICPs.” Let’s take a look…

Intentdata gives you real-time prospecting. But that doesn’t mean they’re ready for a sales call – in most cases you’ll still need to feed all account BCPs along the way.

Why The Key To Alignment Is Sharing Metrics

AI-based ABM platforms can track meaningful metrics like BCP or People Engagement Rate in sales and marketing. This allows you to promote ways to nurture prospects in awesome ways like repeat visits, personalized website content, and email campaigns.

AI-based ABM platforms can look at meaningful metrics like BCP or engagement levels in marketing and sales. This allows you to promote ways to nurture prospects in awesome ways like repeat visits, personalized website content, and email campaigns.

By account and BCP, the content, channels and strategies are different, and so is the definition of success. This is where the account participation number comes into play. A marketing automation platform like Eloka includes several baked-in reports to show account-level activity. Account summary shows the top 100 contacts and activity of your account for the last week or two (these are optional).

Salesforce Account Based Marketing

For your top 10 accounts, you can see more details in the Most Engaged Accounts report and Activity Timeline report, one account at a time. As you can see, you can access and share valuable information from these reports. Nice place.

The 30 60 90 Day Plan For Abm

Later you may want to consider more advanced “full hole” ABM tools including 6 Sense, Demandbase, Terminus, or any of the above. These tools not only identify IICPs based on keyword activity, but also rank based on your specific criteria, often using ML and AI.

Target Account Pipeline differs from traditional pipeline reporting in two key ways: First, instead of tracking MQLs, your sales team can track MQA’s in-market accounts. Second, a unified pipeline represents all touchpoints (marketing, bizdev, sales) and how they meet the information needs of all BCPs.

Sales may be based on the number and percentage of new and established accounts. Managers may be looking at the number and value of accounts in the pipeline. Ultimately, everyone is seeing an increase in opportunity, close rate, average trade size, and funnel velocity in target accounts.

No matter what role you play in an organization, you claim credit for the revenue you impact, right? Custom tools track and model all the touches that lead to closing opportunities. These may appear in CRM – in this case Salesforce displays first and last touch attribute data.

Engagement History Dashboards

Marketing is increasingly responsible for demonstrating MROI, or “marketing return on investment,” so tools like this are critical to proving value and finding more budget. There’s a lot you can do with your sales automation tool, but the more functionality you need, the more likely you’ll need a third-party tool. (Demandbase)

ABM differs from traditional B2B marketing funnels because the entire organization is a component. Marketing doesn’t just chase the fence, marketing actively takes over. At each stage, the accounts are numbered and maintained according to the guidelines established by the agreement.

For example, marketing can sync paid media, email campaigns and personalized online experiences. BDRs can receive customized cadence marketing scripts. Finally, the live sales are exclusive presentations and handshakes.

Salesforce Account Based Marketing

I’ve laid out a few rules and steps for you, so check out this handy checklist for your best practice:

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

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Any Eloqua administrator worth their salt knows the importance of clean, validated data in optimization.

Lately Salesforce’s management has been like a circus troupe. Why? Well, if you’re not flexible, hurry up…

Everyone loves to give suggestions on how to optimize your marketing team. In fact, we covered this topic in… this podcast episode called “How to Talk ABM: Part 1 – Getting Started with Account-Based Marketing.” Episode Summary:

Our new series explores an evolving B2B strategy called Account-Based Marketing (ABM). In Part 1, we’ll introduce the basics of ABM and explain how it can help sales and marketing teams target the accounts most relevant to potential business.


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