Remote Employee Gift Ideas

Remote Employee Gift Ideas – Once again, it’s the holiday season and we’re starting to think about how we can show our gratitude for the amazing work our employees, coworkers, and teams have done over the past year. While continued, empathetic feedback is important throughout the year, a more traditional gift is a thoughtful way to end the year and say thanks for a job well done.

Buying a gift for someone we live with every day can seem daunting enough, but it can be even harder when it comes to doing something meaningful and personalized for team members who work from home and Whom we cannot see face to face as much as we would like.

Remote Employee Gift Ideas

Remote Employee Gift Ideas

As a completely remote, global Hubstaff team, we know a thing or two about the types of gifts we all love to give (and receive). These are our favorite picks for the best gifts, with enough variety to make sure you find the perfect match for all the different tastes, personalities, and lifestyles of everyone on your remote worker shopping list.

Work From Home Gift Guide: 21 Amazing Gifts For Remote Workers

It is a gift that keeps on giving. Literally. Subscription boxes are a great way to gift throughout the coming year to make your favorite Remote Worker’s Day even more special.

“but first coffee.” Remote workers need their morning (or afternoon or late night) dose of caffeine just like everyone else, and if you have coffee lovers on your team, this is the perfect way to help them try out new brands and varieties. Each shipment contains single origin beans from local farms in different regions, and you can send just one box or a monthly subscription. Each pack includes information on coffee cultivation and specific brewing tips to brew the perfect cup.

If you prefer adult beverages, you can help your employees relax with a glass of wine with Gold Medal Wine Club Membership. With six different vintages featuring unique bottles from a variety of boutique California vineyards, everyone from wine noobs to wine snobs will find their new favorite vintage. Choose to send red, white or a combination of both and say hello to 2019.

Coffee lovers won’t believe it, but not everyone is a coffee lover. Whether it’s the health benefits or the satisfying feeling of wrapping your hand around a freshly infused cup and gazing contentedly out the window (that’s what tea always does, right?), a selection of gourmet teas is a must for those remote workers. And there are delicious options to incorporate into your daily ritual. Free Your Tea features six loose-leaf teas from around the world each month, including a decaffeinated option for those not so adventurous.

Practical Gifts For Coworkers That Won’t Dent Your Paycheck

Kombucha is one of those things you either love it or hate it, but if you love it, so do you

I love it For those health-conscious, kombucha-loving fellows, Kombucha Co has you covered. Wait, kombu-what? Although it has been around for thousands of years, kombucha has only recently become more popular in North America. Made by fermenting tea, sugar, mushrooms and bacteria, the fizzy, delicious drink offers several clinically documented health benefits, including increasing energy, fighting certain cancers, detoxifying the body and aiding weight loss. Kombucha Subscription will send different flavors every month straight to your lucky recipient’s home.

Remote workers are generally not included in standard skills development programs. Therefore, this holiday season is the perfect time to invest in your employees’ career development and provide them with additional education, regardless of where they live.

Remote Employee Gift Ideas

LinkedIn Learning is a great option. Powered by content from renowned e-learning pioneer Lynda, their new connected platform offers a massive catalog of courses including over 1,200 for businesses, 600 for software development, 700 for design, and more. Regardless of your remote worker’s area of ​​expertise, he or she is sure to find the right course to take their skills to the next level.

Top 10 Remote Employee Work Anniversary Ideas And Gifts

Since 2010, Udemy is the world’s leading on-demand distance learning marketplace, putting the “you” in academia. Connecting over 40 million students with 130,000 courses in 60 languages, it is a truly comprehensive solution that provides new opportunities for every employee to learn in their own language and at their own skill level.

Offering both technical and academic courses, Udemy helps both for-profit companies and non-profit organizations train and inspire their employees for the world of work of the future. With more than two-thirds of students outside the United States, their truly global focus helps provide access to education for students and professionals in traditionally underserved areas and for anyone with an Internet connection Makes career training accessible.

Kudu offers an extensive library of courses on topics ranging from business management to various languages. It is a great option for gifting to remote workers who are always hungry to learn something new from anywhere.

Adding a charitable aspect, for every course completed, Kudu offers another up-and-coming professional who needs it from anywhere in the world for free. What a great way to celebrate the season of giving.

Memorable Gifts For Every Type Of Ceo In 2023

Every remote worker has their own style and environment when setting up their home office. From binaural beats to podcasts to Top 40, one of the many advantages of working from home is that you can play your own music as loud as you want without worrying about your neighbors. That’s why smart speakers are the perfect way to help remote teams work the way they want and add high-quality sound to their personal environments.

Hey Google… or Alexa… or Siri! Sonos One is the industry-leading smart speaker with built-in voice control, so teammates can control music without taking their hands off the keyboard. It connects to Alexa, Google Assistant and AirPlay 2 (coming soon to Google Home) and delivers premium sound quality, stable multi-room audio and smart home features, making it highly versatile. What’s more, the Sonos One connects to nearly 100 audio streaming services around the world, which is a thoughtful touch if you have employees around the world.

If your coworker’s need for multitasking also extends to their tech-savvy, then a touchscreen smart speaker might be just what you need. The JBL Link View gives you the best of both worlds – a stylish speaker and an 8″ screen for great audio and visual capabilities. It also comes with Google Assistant for quick responses, weather updates and CNN news summaries. If your employee is a chef or JBL Link View also provides step-by-step audio and visual instructions for recipes if you’re a home cook. (Though, we’ll be asking for proof in the form of a cupcake sent in the mail. Thanks for the tip later).

Remote Employee Gift Ideas

Working remotely often means having a water cooling conversation with Alexa (or your pet), so music or e-books are a great way for home workers to take a break and switch gears before returning to their work. Great way.

Holiday Gift Ideas For Your Remote Team

Amazon Music Unlimited is a great option if your remote employees already have an Alexa or two at home. It’s easy to stream songs while working, relaxing, or relaxing while working. It’s easy to create separate playlists for work and personal life, and the device comes with pre-suggested playlists and personalized stations.

For an employee who loves to read, try an audiobook subscription like Scribd. The platform started as a research paper publishing company, but has since grown to offer a vast selection of eBooks, audiobooks and news feeds. Your employees will have unlimited access to over one million titles available online and on Android, iOS, Kindle Fire or Nook devices.

No matter where you work – in the office, at home or at your local coffee shop – a comfortable environment is key to success. Some people work better standing up, others need a specific keyboard, and others need the right monitor to fit their body. Here are some great options to save employees a trip to the chiropractor.

In addition to spending a lot of time on video calls, remote workers spend more time at their computers than traditional office workers, so a good monitor is essential for reducing eye and neck strain. The Dell UltraSharp 24 monitor has 90-degree swivel, 45-degree left and right swivel, 20-degree backward tilt, and 4.8-inch screen height adjustment range. The ultra-lightweight, easy to carry, sleek design makes it as good as your employees will feel while using it.

Gift Ideas For Event Attendees And Employees Affected By Coronavirus

Many workers use computers many hours a day, and poor ergonomics can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome and other conditions. For remote workers whose livelihoods depend on the ability to write comfortably, this can be a major problem. To reduce stress on workers’ fingers and wrists, the curved design of the Microsoft Sculpt keyboard automatically positions fingers and wrists in a more natural way. Plus, it comes with a mouse and a separate numeric keypad for continuous data entry, and it’s wireless so it’s easy to use

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