Product Launch Promotion Ideas

Product Launch Promotion Ideas – Although the average supermarket has over 40,000 items in stock, 85% of the average consumer’s needs are covered by just 150 products.

It’s even worse for mobile apps – according to Forrester, smartphone users spend 88% of their screen time on just 5 apps, although there are 4.2 million of them between the Google and Apple App Stores.2

Product Launch Promotion Ideas

Product Launch Promotion Ideas

Simply put, it’s fair to say that no matter what new product you develop, it’s hard to get people to adopt it.

New Product Launch Hi Res Stock Photography And Images

That’s why product launch is so important. Without a strong first impression, it’s hard to get any kind of meaningful traction (not to mention sales).

Here’s how to make sure your launch captures the attention of your customers and your revenue stream.

A product launch is the event or moment when a company introduces (or re-introduces) a product to the market. There are two common types of product launches that most companies use: hard launches and soft launches.

A tough launch is when you’re simultaneously promoting your product to the public with full marketing support.

Product Promotion Ideas For Your Social Media Marketing

A soft launch, on the other hand, is when you launch into a small target market segment with a specific message, usually to test your approach.

Although it’s difficult to get consumers to pay attention to something new (or change their habits), a strong product launch can break through their caveats and spark interest — not to mention drive additional revenue.

Of the three, preparation is the most important to ensure your launch is successful. According to Boston-based digital marketing and PR agency Belfort Group, the number one cause of product failure is lack of preparation.

Product Launch Promotion Ideas

Have you ever wondered how big stage comedians don’t tell bad jokes? It wasn’t by accident – because they were prepared.

How To Get Ready For A New Product Launch

Comedians spend months (and sometimes years) first trying out their jokes on small stages. When they got to the big stage, they knew everyone was going because they had said it hundreds of times.

First and foremost, before you launch anything, make sure your product is something people will buy. If your value proposition is not what the market wants, it doesn’t matter how well you start…it will fail.

So before launching to the public, validating your product and marketing is the first step.

Many companies do this by launching slowly (or several) to a small, targeted, segment of customers and using a specific message. This allows them to gather feedback and data on their products and marketing methods – to get a feel for what works and what doesn’t.

Tips For Successful Product Launch In Pharma

However, no matter how you start, the key to making sure it’s successful is to do your homework before you start. It is important to research your market, customers and competitors to ensure that your product and market introduction are popular.

The most important part of preparing for a product launch is taking the guesswork out of it. Ruthlessly research and understand your ideal customers, your existing market and your closest competitors.

Remember, there may be differences between what you learn from your research and reality. So ideally, you want to test what you’ve learned to make sure it’s correct. This is why a soft launch or beta version helps.

Product Launch Promotion Ideas

Once you’ve done that, you can refine your approach and launch into full serious work with confidence that it will be successful.

Marketing Plan For Your Product Launch: 10 Strategies

Preparing to launch can take months or even years. But the launch itself often comes and goes in less than a week.

The good news is that if you do the proper prep work early on, the launch should be a hit.

That said, there are a few ingredients that are proven to help you make the most of launch week. Here are 5 to include in yours:

When you launch your product, it’s a challenge to want to show people all the features and wonders. However, it is better to focus on showing potential customers the benefits they will get and the results they will see when they use your product.

Product Launch 101: Guide With Templates, Checklists & More

Unfortunately, there is no “one size fits all” for this – it really depends on your product and your customers.

When you understand your customers and what’s important to them, it’s clearer to create a launch strategy that bridges the gap between what they want and what your product delivers.

Once you’ve done your research, you’ll know where your ideal customer is best suited to reach. But it’s always a challenge to “spread the word everywhere” when it comes to startups.

Product Launch Promotion Ideas

Resist the urge to do so, as it only destroys the joy you generate from the channels you can reach your customers.

Product Launch Ideas For Your Next Launch [+checklist]

Think of it this way: if all feedback from your product launch is positive, it will resonate throughout the market and continue to attract more interest. But if you have channels that are “meh” about your product, it will send mixed messages to customers who are on the fence.

Focus on driving maximum incentives to the early adopters who will find your product most useful and those on the fence will see results. Get up from there.

According to Robert Cialdini’s The 6 Persuasion Principles, people are more likely to buy if they interact. In this case, the relationship means those you know or love.

That’s why incorporating an “in-person” component into your launch is an important strategy to ensure its success. Giving the customers you’re trying to reach a chance to connect with the people behind your product will go a long way toward making that connection.

Product Launch Email Examples That Drove Massive Sales (+ Templates)

Social networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Reddit have live streaming tools that help you do it digitally if a physical event doesn’t make sense for your brand. In some industries, webinars are also an effective tool for doing this.

Most people are friends with people who share similar interests and values.3 So the best way to make a successful launch day is to use early adopter networks to drive interest.

Offer a reward for making a referral or run a contest where you can enter just by sharing something on social media. If you give them a reason to tell their friends, it boosts the work they’ve done to launch your product.

Product Launch Promotion Ideas

The ultimate goal of your product launch is to drive sales. So if you have a sales team, make sure they stand to convert hot leads quickly. Take care of the staff so that they are ready to take advantage of the many leaders to come!

How To Perfect Your Product Launch On Social Media

Whether you’re looking for inspiring app launch strategies or just need ideas for setting up your startup, we’ve rounded up five of the most successful product launches and the strategies behind them.

Their main strategy? Asking influencers and journalists in the tech space to review their app before it’s official launch — most notably Twitter founder Jack Dorsey, who posted photos of the app on his own platform.

This approach generated a lot of interest before the app was officially available, generating over 10,000 downloads within hours of launch and over 100,000 in the first week.4

Instagram decided to launch their app after the release of the new iPhone 4 with a new camera and screen. This turns out to be a perfect combination that helps users get the most out of their app and their new device at the same time.

Best Virtual Product Launch Marketing Ideas

In addition to generating interest on social media before launch, Camera+ created a contest to identify features to drive referrals using one of their key apps.

Because their app offered the ability to upload images directly to social media (something no other camera app had at the time), they ran a photo contest that forced new users to post and give away images they’d taken using the app on social media. $10,000 worth of camera equipment for winners.

They started their business with this approach and earned $2+ million in their first year (with a 99¢ app).5

Product Launch Promotion Ideas

ProductHunt CEO Ryan Hoover never thought about releasing a product or even creating a platform. He was trying to solve one of his own problems (discovering new products) and had friends struggling with the same thing.

How To Successfully Launch A New Product In The Pharma Industry

So he started a weekly email to his friends, writing about the problem and the solution (a list of cool, new products that have the potential to change the game).

That email list grew quickly and when he launched the site he already had a group of interested people.6

Congratulations, you did it! Pop the bubble and celebrate! Remember that your work isn’t done just because the launch is over.

Not only did your launch generate more sales, it also generated more information and interest in the market. And you want to make sure you’re making the most of it

Tactics For Launching On Social Media And Generating Buzz

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