How To Start Your Own Lawn Mowing Business

How To Start Your Own Lawn Mowing Business – Russell Jeffcoat, owner of Legends Lawn Care in Blaine, Washington, did more than dream about one day building his business. He started the lawn care business of his dreams and, later, made $100,000 in his first year!

Today, he makes between $500 and $6000 every time he releases his products and works on people’s weed. Although he started his lawn care business with just $2,000 as a senior in high school, it has grown into a six-person business.

How To Start Your Own Lawn Mowing Business

How To Start Your Own Lawn Mowing Business

In this section, we’ll go over the exact steps you need to follow to start your own profitable lawn care business. Lawn care is a $1.2 billion annual industry and is expected to grow exponentially each year.

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You will find everything you need to know about how to run a successful lawn care business. Includes tips on new ways to create a business plan, rank your website in Google, build long-term relationships with your customers, and more!

If you are not interested in starting a new business, buy an already established business here.

Even if you only have a lawnmower and a broom, you can start a lawn care business tomorrow, he says:

That’s all you need to have. So you can be in business with less than $100. Start up. You can go out and sell a job and say: ‘Okay, I want to cut your bushes for $500. You say (to the customer), ‘I want 50% down.’ So you have $250. You can use that to get a hedge trimmer and a broom, say $200 for that. So they already paid for you, so you can do the work.

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He started his own lawn care business with just $2,000. He spent $200 on the blower and $150 on the food and was left to save.

Before long, he had enough money to buy some of his biggest assets with 0% down payment. These include tractors, tilt deck trailers and industrial forestry.

In no time, you will have a cash flow in your lawn care business. Also, remember Russell’s words when faced with obstacles:

How To Start Your Own Lawn Mowing Business

Let’s say you’re ready to turn your bad lawn care business idea into a glorious reality. In that case, you will need a business plan.

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You will use your plan as a blueprint to take you from where you are now to where you want to be. It is a must for all business owners who want their company to succeed.

Having a business plan means you will achieve your business goals faster. This will help you plan everything you need to do to get your business off the ground and greatly increase the chances of your lawn care business becoming a huge success.

If you don’t need a bank loan, keep your business short, sweet and to the point.

Traditional business plans are what most entrepreneurs use, and they require a ton of knowledge and work. They are so complex and complicated that they can be several pages long.

How To Start A Lawn Mowing Business In 12 Easy Steps

Lean startup business plans aren’t organized because they only focus on the most important facts, like a laser-guided missile.

They can be completed in 60 minutes or less, and are usually no longer than one page. Here is an example.

If you are an information oriented person and you want more information, you may want to go with the traditional model. Remember that you don’t have to stick to the format that every entrepreneur on the planet uses.

How To Start Your Own Lawn Mowing Business

Create your own lawn care company business plan that meets your needs. When you do that, your plan will work better for you.

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Even if you don’t have any landscaping skills, you should learn the basics before starting your own lawn care business.

For basic services like cutting and folding, you won’t need much education. However, as you grow your business and add services, you may need specialized training. You can learn most of what you need to know from books that you can check out on YouTube or at your local library.

These days, you can’t really succeed in business unless you build a website. By having one, you make yourself more visible and generate more leads.

Some people are afraid of the thought of putting down. However, in this day and age, that concern is unfounded as it is easier than ever for a beginner to create a good website.

How To Write A Lawn Care Business Plan [with Free Template]

There are a few essentials that every lawn care website should have. If you need a license, you should display it prominently on your site to strengthen customers and establish credibility.

You should also have a special list to set yourself apart from all your competitors. Another thing you should include are testimonials from satisfied customers. Another important thing is to have a portfolio of previous work.

Always keep your contact information where everyone can see it. While the main reason for doing this is to get prospects to contact you, search engines also use it for ranking.

How To Start Your Own Lawn Mowing Business

Make sure you have a valid phone. If customers want to call you, display your phone number with a “Call Us Now” button above it. If you are going to generate leads, you can have a “Get Your Free Estimate” button that directs your potential customer to a form they can fill out.

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You need strong SEO to avoid being outdone by competitors. Make sure you are sending the right SEO signals by prominently displaying your branding and logo on your site.

Your site should also be mobile friendly. That’s because more than half of local searches are mobile.

Choose the right target keywords for your business. These are the ones that are making the most profit. It is best to focus on long-tail keywords (three words or more) because they are easier to rank for.

You need to understand the background behind the use of keywords. This is why the user is looking for the right word.

How To Start A Lawn Care Business {the Ultimate Guide}

For example, if a searcher types “grass fields” into the search box, they can search for all kinds of things. Most of the lawn stories that come to mind are yard maintenance or why my lawn is better than my neighbor’s.

But if he types in “best lawn care near me,” you know he’s looking to hire someone to do his lawn.

Business listings like “Google My Business” are important. A GMB article can help you rank on Google and get new customers for your lawn care business.

How To Start Your Own Lawn Mowing Business

Local connectivity is also important. Ask your business associates, local business directories, and local news to link to your business.

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Google Ads is Google’s advertising service that allows businesses to display their ads on Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs).

This is one of the best ways to advertise online. Used correctly, Google Adwords can double or triple your customers. This is an effective marketing method if you want to get your first customers online.

In other words, you can make sure that your ad is only shown to potential customers. You can filter your audience based on location, age, keywords, and other factors.

It’s true that you can start a lawn care business with just a push mower and a broom. However, as you expand your lawn business, you may need to add some or all of the following equipment and supplies:

How To Start A Lawn Mowing Business

If you are just starting out, you will want to be a sole proprietor. Most small businesses are sole proprietorships because it is the easiest and cheapest way to start a business.

In a sole proprietorship, you and the business are one. A sole proprietorship is unique among business organizations because it does not need to be registered in the state.

The main drawback of this type of business structure is that your personal finances and the business are one and the same. Also, as the owner, you are personally responsible for any debts.

How To Start Your Own Lawn Mowing Business

You will pay business tax on the income. You also have to pay self-employment tax, which covers Medicare and Social Security. Since this tax is not deducted from your business income, you usually have to pay a quarterly assessment.

Lawn Care Services

If you own a lawn business, you need lawn care business insurance in case you accidentally damage a customer’s property. Or, if an angry customer who is unhappy with your work decides to blame you.

The average cost of a standard $1,000,000 to $2,000,000 general liability policy for someone who owns a lawn care business is about $50 a month.

However, if you plan to hire employees in your lawn business, you will need to get one to open a business account, apply for a business license, or get a loan.

Each state has its own procedures for obtaining a license for your lawn business.

How To Get Your First Lawn Care Customers

To make it more complicated, you may need local licenses

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