How To Start Your Own Beauty Brand

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How To Start Your Own Beauty Brand

How To Start Your Own Beauty Brand

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Start Your Own Beauty Brand

Megan Cox wakes up one morning to find that she made $ 10,000 in sales overnight. At the time, she was an MIT student with her newly opened skincare line, Amalie Beauty, which was her first foray into the field.

Over the next few years, Megan expanded her brand into a six-figure business. But even as her serums and lotions continue to sell, she loses interest in running a skincare brand directly to consumers (DTC). He’s at a crossroads: expand or sell.

Megan decided to sell, turning her attention to another skincare business she’s growing. The business is Genie Supply, a pure beauty lab that produces products for hundreds of other founders who started the same way as Megan, with ideas and passions for skin care.

Now with experience in both DTC and Megan production, there is no shortage of advice for those interested in starting a skincare line. Here she shares the hard lessons she learned in the way and guidance of everything from branding to finding a skincare provider.

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Branding skin care products means researching things like basic chemistry, product standards, and ingredient sources. You may also need a significant upfront investment.

But getting started on a shoe budget is possible, as Megan has found, if you love and resourceful. Here’s how to start a skincare line from the beginning with lessons that Megan has learned throughout her beauty career.

The global skin care industry is expected to be worth $ 183 billion by 2025. Much of the growth in recent years can be determined by independent factors. “The traditional brand – Estée Lauder, L’Oréal – is not thriving,” says Megan. “Indonesian beauty and beauty is driving the beauty industry to grow.” And legacy brands are responding by grabbing smaller companies to keep their footing.

How To Start Your Own Beauty Brand

Tarte, a natural beauty line that started with one-bedroom founder Maureen Kelly in 1999, joined Sephora in 2003 for $ 12 million in 2008 and sold most of its stake in 2014 to the company. The beauty of the world giant Tarte behemoth Kosé. Maureen started the business with $ 18,000.

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When you look at how to start a skin care line, remember that time factor leads. It takes no less than 12 weeks to develop a skin care product. However, most skin care lines require a lot of time for research, development, testing and marketing. Skin care products also require extensive testing and time consuming.

With the trend of skin care evolving so fast, it is better to start with a good idea now than to wait until everything is perfect.

Market research is critical to beauty, the industry is saturated and the trend is moving fast. But the evolutionary aspect means that there are still opportunities for young people to start skin care lines. Pay attention to trends by following beauty and influential publications and use tools like Google Trends to validate your ideas.

“There is this big change in the way people spend their money when Gen Z reaches adulthood,” says Megan. “There is a lot of room for creativity.”

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When Megan created her skincare brand, she ordered all the high quality products from Amazon. He also looked at a database of MIT research papers and found that essential fatty acids showed promise in the study, but not a single company was using them in eyelash products at the time.

I have a history of chemistry, but actually all the research is there. There are many smart people on the internet who share information for free. Megan Cox, founder of Genie Supply

His formal scientific education helped him develop the product, but he found the most useful information on the site. “I have a history of chemistry, but actually all the research is there,” he said. “There are a lot of smart people on the internet sharing information for free.”

How To Start Your Own Beauty Brand

Your research should include competitive analysis, market research, and keyword research to determine the viability of your ideas. Here are some steps you can take to begin the process of preparation for mediation: How much does it cost to start a business? How to finance it?

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Where skin care innovators can succeed is in identifying an audience that is not served by the current brand on the market. There is no clearer example than in the cosmetics industry where indie brands are leading the charge for cosmetics that cover a wide range of skin tones.

Observing trends as they emerge is important, but be aware of transit trends and make sure you have a sustainable plan. “Recently I saw people being very interested in something hot at the time,” Megan said.

While the product development cycle has accelerated in recent years, it has not always been possible to maintain the flash-in-the-pan trend. “You’re four months late,” Megan told clients. “By the time we get to the market, the road is probably over.”

An innovation contrary to the bandwagon approach is how indie skincare brands can avoid these pitfalls. While legacy brands cast a wide net, independent brands can approach a specific audience or address a specific issue, and issues change more slowly than trends.

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Whether you want to be broader or stick to the basics of design or product type, you can rely on a strong brand philosophy and story to connect with your audience. “If you’re going to make a specific recipe or remove or combine some ingredients, you have to think about it,” Megan said.

Calling for a specific diet or lifestyle choice is a popular way to find niche markets in the food industry. But it is the same with skin care. Non-abrasive and non-abrasive beauty and skin care products are gradually becoming the norm as an alternative. Ensuring that your product meets this standard from the beginning means that you do not need to adjust later when the market demands it.

Beauty does not show a stop sign. The health movement has jumped into skin care, with more and more consumers paying attention to what is going on.

How To Start Your Own Beauty Brand

Their bodies are not just what is inside. If you are looking to start a line of skin care products in this niche, pay attention to your inventory and the chain products without artificial preservatives will quickly break down.

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Find niche markets for your skincare business by researching current and emerging trends and untapped markets. Other ideas include:

Before thinking about product development, decide what you stand for. You can develop your skincare brand and increase your audience well before you create a product or start an online store. This time will allow you to get to know your audience, gather feedback, improve and build trust. Use this time to sharpen your brand story and create an exaggeration of your upcoming launch.

Megan thought her clients would be a lot like her: young people with natural eyelash damage due to Eyelash extension or trichotillomania (a disease characterized by hair pulling).

“We found it relevant for older women and people who have just had cancer,” says Megan. I did not expect that at all. He embraced this unexpected market and actively supported cancer survivors by donating one product to cancer survivors for every bottle sold during the campaign.

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This brand and marketing segment is possible due to the size of Amalie, but it is important to establish some priorities at an early stage. Maintaining a consistent brand voice and presence can increase brand awareness and build trust.

Visible brand identity is also important in the skin care industry. Attractive packaging that speaks to the beauty of your target audience gives your brand professionalism. Be sure to create a clear set of trademark guidelines to make sure that where your name appears it adheres. Will set of rules.

“I have no money or experience,” Megan said of her decision to start her own business. His initial investment was $ 1,812 (10% of the initial cost of starting a Tarte) – it was the money he had.

How To Start Your Own Beauty Brand

Megan invested $ 700 in the business, bought 500 bottles and a few thousand boxes and paid her first monthly fee that day. He has $ 6 left.

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With no money left over from the sale, Megan had to create art. She went to an online forum for cancer survivors that led to some sales. It was a simple call to the homepage of his hometown that hurt him the most. The article interviewed him, bringing in a few more commercials, but the turning point was when the story was compiled by the government newspaper and the Associated Press. “I went to bed and when I woke up I sold $ 10,000 and it sold out,” he said.

When starting your own skincare line, look for creative ways to expand.

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