How To Start My Own Tutoring Business

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Being a good student in school, I always thought of starting a support company. But even though I never played it, Matt Fuentes did.

How To Start My Own Tutoring Business

How To Start My Own Tutoring Business

In this post and podcast interview, he describes the steps he took to build a $1,000-a-week coaching business. He focuses on the US college entrance exam, the ACT, and has even written a book on the subject, but I believe you can apply this technique to other tests or other academic subjects.

Summer Virtual Tutoring Begins June 1st!

The ACT is a college entrance exam that many colleges use to rank students applying to their schools. The subject covers English grammar, reading comprehension, mathematics and science.

Millions of students take the test every year and test preparation companies make over a billion dollars a year.

As a Side Hustle Nation reader, I want to show you how to get some of that money!

Don’t worry if you are not a teacher. I’ll give you the resources to get the skills, they cost $0.

How To Make $100,000 Income Tutoring And Teaching Online In 2021

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I am not a genius; It is far away. But I recognized a need and decided to take action to meet that need – and put money in my bank account at the same time.

Being an ACT instructor did that for me. It gave me freedom and options. This post and my book on Amazon will give you the knowledge and insight to start your own ACT tutoring business and make extra money (money that can change your life).

How To Start My Own Tutoring Business

My plan is easy to follow and before you know it, you will definitely be winning clients and income.

Companies That Hire For Online Tutoring Jobs

A few years ago I was struggling to make ends meet and traveling with my first child. One night at dinner I met a couple who was practicing and making a lot of money, so I decided to give it a try. I learned all the information, got busy and reached out to everyone I knew!

Within the first month, I had my first client, a high school student, and I helped him understand the text. I made business cards and gave them to everyone.

And even though I label myself as an ACT tutor, I have people who call me for other subjects. I was already earning $200 a month.

Within three months, I had acquired six more clients and was averaging $90 an hour. I had a few weeks where I tutored two students (brother and sister) at the same time and made $200 an hour!

How To Start And Run A Home Tuition Business In India

In six months, I increased my monthly coaching income to over $2,000 and was barely able to keep up. I even hired a partner to deal with the overflow. I was making money from students, but I wasn’t even training myself!

Today, I have a network of clients and referrals that keep me busy and I earn $3,000-$4,000 a month.

I’ll say it again: I’m not smarter than you or anyone else. I followed certain steps and removed my tail.

How To Start My Own Tutoring Business

Many people have asked me: Why ACT? Why focus on just one test?

How To Create A Comprehensive Tutoring Lesson Plan

Nick’s Notes: This makes sense because parents want their kids to do well so they can get into a great school.

The test does not go away. I know there are stories of colleges accepting applications from students without SAT or ACT scores, but the number of colleges that do is small. The test is here to stay and millions of kids are taking it.

According to the 2016 SAT Assessment Kit, over 6.7 million people took the SAT® or PSAT-related assessments during the 2015-2016 school year.

The test is offered throughout the year. The ACT is offered six times a year. Unlike subject-specific tutors, who may only work with a student before tests or on specific topics, there’s really no downtime.

How To Become A Tutor (and Earn $50+ /hour) //

Nick’s Notes: Another interesting teaching option is BookNook, a service that lets you teach math and reading to kids in grades K-8 online. Counselors earn between $15 and $22 an hour, and the only requirements are eligibility to work in the United States and at least one year of educational, counseling, or training experience.




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How To Start My Own Tutoring Business

How to start a tutoring business

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Reasons Why Tutoring Will Make Your College Experience Better

I was a decent test taker in high school. My SAT and ACT scores were in the top 25% in the US. However, once I started following the method below, my scores skyrocketed and I realized that I could turn my advanced testing skills into a really successful business.

It took time, effort and a positive attitude. I knew the resources were there; All I had to do was do the job and so do you.

I set my base price based on my needs. (How much do you need to earn to make this extra work worthwhile?)

For example, $80 is my lowest hourly rate, $120 is my highest hourly rate. The price depends on the following factors and how picky you are.

Crafting The Ideal Tutoring Business Plan: The Whats, Whens & Hows

As I got busier, my time became more valuable and my rate went up. I have also developed a following and can quote clients before justifying higher fees.

When the referred client asked for the same price as the referrer, I politely mentioned that there were other people willing to pay me more and how limited my time was. This small statement of demand for my services raised my “close rate” to 90%.

You might be wondering how I got my first clients. Here are the most effective marketing tactics I’ve used.

How To Start My Own Tutoring Business

I have found this to be the best way to find clients. Mention that you have started this business and want to let them know, even if they don’t want to. They might know someone!

The Pros And Cons Of Starting A Private Tutoring Business

Nick’s Notes: This way, your network is truly your network’s network, and that’s where the magic happens. Matt allowed potential clients to be referred to him by letting them know exactly what he was doing.

Be polite. Maybe I don’t want to bother you but I want to let you know. ACT, you can send my number to someone you know.

In the hundreds of texts and emails I’ve sent, no one has ever asked me not to talk to them or that they thought my message was spam.

Business cards make you look legitimate and give you something to leave with clients and referral partners.

One In Demand Side Hustle For 2023 Is Online Tutoring: How To Start

Contact your local library, schools and recreation centers. Many potential customers want free information, and these places are a great way to provide that in a one-to-many environment.

I have personally hosted events at coffee shops, libraries, and local recreation centers. I specifically state that the event is free, but please allow me to hand out my business cards at the end of the event.

Nick’s Notes: I call this the trick to tapping into other people’s audiences, and we covered it in detail on the podcast where my guest booked $9,000 worth of work using a very similar plan.

How To Start My Own Tutoring Business

Not every event is standing room only, and that’s okay. I have conducted workshops with as few as 5 people and some with 60 people.

Best Online Tutoring Services For K 12 Students In 2022

I never worry about crazy numbers because every attendee is a potential customer. Five people get me 2 clients and over $1000 a month.

To advertise, I created my own flyer and asked the specific host to post it on their website and bulletin boards.

Like tutoring companies, these counselors usually have a book of business for students to work on, prepare them for college essays and applications, and even advise them on opportunities they should pursue.

Every one of their clients takes the ACT – clients who have the income to pay you $100 an hour won’t think twice about it.

A Step By Step Guide To Become An Online Tutor

You can start with Google,

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