How To Start A Small Pressure Washing Business

How To Start A Small Pressure Washing Business – If you are thinking about starting a pressure washer business, you may be surprised to learn that it is surprisingly easy to get started. The learning curve isn’t too steep if you have a van and gear. In addition, you have low costs and unlimited income opportunities.

The hard part of this business, like most businesses, is when you’re trying to get customers. While there are a large number of people who need pressure washer services, a large number of people are not aware of such a service.

How To Start A Small Pressure Washing Business

How To Start A Small Pressure Washing Business

Your job is to make potential customers aware of your presence by marketing your business. Once you do this, you will find that customers are willing to pay significantly more for your services.

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Below I will explain everything I know about starting a pressure washer business along with some great ideas for acquiring new customers.

If you don’t have time to read this article and are just looking for some tools to get you up and running quickly, I can’t recommend Kiam products enough! I have used them in the past and they have never let me down. Below you will find a link to the complete road cleaning package.

Most people wanting to pressure wash their driveways will probably pick up an old lorry bought from Argos for £50. They use a flat head nozzle and scrape their entire driveway. If you’ve never seen it before, trust me, it looks like an absolute mess.

Homeowners rotation line occurs when they go back and forth with pressure washers at uneven and inconsistent distances. As a professional pressure washer company, you would only do this if you are trying to reach places that a rotary head can’t reach, such as corners.

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Homeowners trying to clean their driveways like this is a dirty, dirty job. Back because they usually walk up and down the car with a spear for hours. Dirty because they have no guards to protect dirty water from splashing back.

If you buy the right equipment, you will see that it is not that harsh or dirty. Dirty water is removed using a rotating cleaning head that protects the back of the cover.

Most rotary cleaning heads are on wheels, which equalize the distance between the surface and the pressure sprayer. The rotating head also eliminates back pain because you don’t have to bend over and move back and forth – it’s easy.

How To Start A Small Pressure Washing Business

All you have to do is connect your hoses and attachments, start your pressure washer and go!! so simple…

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So if running for a living and making a lot of money sounds like a good thing, read on to find out what tools you need and more.

Depending on where your business is located in the UK, prices for this service may vary. The type of work you do can also influence your speed, for example; private work and commercial contracts, road and graffiti removal, and more.

I live in the north, the average rate for a driveway is about € 3.00 / m2. So for an average semi-detached house of about 100 square meters that would be about € 300. You will also need to re-sand the block, which should count in your favor.

This type of road trip can easily be completed in about 3 hours. That’s €100 per hour! This is not an exaggeration, you can easily fit 2 in a day.

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When it comes to starting a pressure washer business, you usually decide for yourself which market you want to serve, residential/commercial or a combination of both.

Combining the two is always a good idea as you will find that commercial work will be the mainstay of your business through regular work. Private work will be much more profitable, but less.

It goes without saying that you need a van. But the type of car you need depends on the type of work you plan to do. Commercial jobs will likely require a very large tank of water, a large tank will require a large van/pickup.

How To Start A Small Pressure Washing Business

Housework can be done in a smaller van as most domestic customers are fine with hooking you up to the water supply.

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A pressure washer wouldn’t be much without a powerful petrol engine. The reason why you need a gas car instead of an electric car is because you need to be mobile. Extra power also helps ;).

But some electric pressure washers may be available for smaller, more difficult jobs, so don’t rule them out. Sometimes setting up your industrial pressure washer can be overwhelming.

Personally, I don’t believe you need too much of a pressure washer, but I recommend a bar reading of 225 and a flow rate of 15 liters per minute. This is enough for the most stubborn house roads, parking lots, etc.

If you want to do mostly commercial work and don’t expect a private driveway then anywhere from 30 gallons per minute is ideal.

Pressure Wash Trailers For Sale

The rotary cleaner is designed to do all the heavy lifting for you, it is not an optional extra. When you think about spray painting, you need this tool 100%. Not only does it allow you to clean up to 10 times faster, but it EVEN holds up without scratching the surface or breaking your back.

These can be expensive, but the better they are, the more time you’ll save, so you’ll get more bang for your buck at the end of the week from those two extra jobs you have lined up.

Your water tanks will be used frequently and should be at least 1000L to be portable. Remember that 1000 liters of water weighs 1 ton so you need to make sure your van can handle the weight along with the rest of your equipment.

How To Start A Small Pressure Washing Business

If a 1000 liter water tank is too big for your van then I suggest you just do it yourself and connect to their network connection. For small jobs, you can buy a smaller tank of about 350 liters that fits well in most minivans and doesn’t weigh too much.

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It is recommended that you purchase at least 40 feet of high pressure hose, most jobs will be large surface jobs and you will need to reach that full area from a static point such as a van or water outlet. If it is unlikely that you will be able to connect to the mains, make sure you have enough hose.

Before cleaning, you should clear roads, parking lots, etc. Optionally, a powerful blower will make your life easier!

Before you start cleaning your surface, you should wash your surface with a cleaning agent. This is not necessary for every job, as a pressure washer can often do all the heavy lifting.

This way you can be sure that your surface will be free of grass and weeds in the foreseeable future. Check with the chemical brand first for compatibility. Make sure it’s pet-friendly, check it won’t damage garden furniture, and check how long it lasts because you can do it again later.

Be Power Equipment

Always keep extra hose attachments as you will find some fittings break or lose their seal which is really not a good place to be. Regularly check the seals of all your attachments.

You can also consider kitchen faucet attachments for household chores, which are useful for those who don’t have an outdoor faucet.

You may need to quote for work, go to people’s homes, or look at work that requires your measurements to be accurate. Work is usually calculated in square footage.

How To Start A Small Pressure Washing Business

Your fuel won’t last all day, maybe even the whole job! Be sure to bring extra cans with you on every job.

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The best way to market this kind of business is through word of mouth – an example of word of mouth in this day and age is Facebook, for example “tag a friend” is popular. That’s why it’s important right now to have a professional Facebook page and website that customers can go to check out before contacting your services.

Hire door-to-door colleagues or do it yourself. Printed sheets. Tell everyone what you do, it’s one of those types of business where you have to show people that they really need your services.

Most people can go for years with a smooth green driveway and never think it needs to be cleaned to keep it safe in like-new condition. It’s your job to tell them!

Having a website that is marketed to search engines is always a good idea because the number of people who realize their driveway is dirty look for a solution online.

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