How To Say Your Numbers In Spanish

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How To Say Your Numbers In Spanish

How To Say Your Numbers In Spanish

Of course, you already know how to say some numbers in Spanish, but have you mastered them? No, we are not asking if you have a PhD in mathematics.

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We would agree that numbers are a very important part of our lives. Most of us don’t want to mess with math on a regular basis unless it’s part of your job description. But whether we like it or not, we all use numbers all the time. We all look at our watch several times a day, go shopping and look at the prices of products…

We all need to make things count sometimes. We can count our money, or how many cartons of milk we have left, or how many steps from your door to your room, or how many days until a special event.

You don’t have to be an expert, but we all need numbers and we all use them. We understand that they are not the most interesting topics when it comes to language learning, but if we all use it when we speak our mother tongue, what makes you think that you don’t need Spanish?

In today’s article, Using Numbers in Spanish, we’ll teach you everything you need to know, including how to count, write and pronounce Spanish numbers from 1 to 100 and beyond!

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Let’s start with the basics. One of the things you usually learn in Spanish is how to count from 0 to 10, so you probably already know that, but we’re going to show you here. (Also, the most important numbers in learning Spanish!)

Time to start learning some more numbers. As you can see, once we get to the 16th digit, the numbers start to follow a clear pattern, even though it may seem confusing at first. So we will start by explaining the most difficult ones first, and we promise that the other numbers will be easy to understand.

(“Ten and Six”) together. You may notice that it’s not spelled exactly the same, but it happens for a reason. Let’s analyze these changes step by step:

How To Say Your Numbers In Spanish

Now that we’ve seen the hard part, let’s look at the remaining numbers above 16, which are always followed by ten, twenty, or thirty.

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And another number? This is the type we are talking about. In our twenties and twenties these words are written together, as we have already seen, and may show some changes, but after we reach our thirties they start to be written separately, so they become clearer.

Do you think 1,000,000 reading numbers are not enough? We got you. On the other hand, if you think it’s too much for you, don’t worry. Come back when you’re ready.

However, thousands and millions are easier than hundreds because in this case they work like in English: number + mil (“thousand”) or millon (“million”).

For now, there’s just one thing to remember: In Spanish, plurals are divided into tenses instead of periods. In the list of numbers below, we will use standard English to avoid confusion, but for example, in Spanish, 2, 345, 392, 203 would be written as 2,345,392,203.

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We could go on, but we won’t because we have something more important to tell you. Apologies in advance as this may sound confusing, but unfortunately American “one billion” is not the same as Spanish.

We’re sure you’re hoping you don’t need to say these numbers in Spanish, but here’s a great example: In English, you’d say there are over 7 billion people in the world. However, you should say that it is finished in Spanish

When it comes to regular numbers, writing abbreviations is really easy because they don’t change from the number like in English. All you have to do is type the number you want after that

How To Say Your Numbers In Spanish

For example, if you want to indicate that you live on the third floor, second apartment at an address, you would write:

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When a phone number is given in Spanish, there are several different ways to express these numbers. This is not surprising, because we believe that this happens in many languages. You can call them number by number or two numbers or three at a time. Since we are just starting here, we recommend doing some numerical calculations.

In Spanish, decimal numbers are represented by a group instead of a point, so we don’t write or say 2.7 (seven points), but 2, 7 (

When shopping in Spain, remember that our currency is the Euro, as in most European countries. You can see in the following examples that we always put number after number. In the following examples, we have shown two different ways of expressing numbers in values, both of which are equivalent.

Meaning “with”. A literal translation in English would be, for example, “five cents and two euros”. Additionally, in this case there is an option to specify or ignore the currency name, which is Euro.

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Boys 56, 78 € (cincuenta y seis [con] setenta y ocho or cincuenta y seis euro [con] setenta y ocho [centimos]).

There is a slight difference between telling time in Spanish and English. For example, in the list below, you will see that all the sentences begin with

It is an article that makes sense. A woman’s article to clarify a little more. It’s not like a woman or anything

How To Say Your Numbers In Spanish

, means “time”, but when we have to say what time it is in Spanish, we always use the feminine article.

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Since Spanish is a deductive language (meaning we don’t use the subject when we write), we shouldn’t start the sentence with a transition like in English (“It’s half past five”). We can start working

With the right combination (don’t worry, it’s really easy) or directly with the article we mentioned.

If you want to learn more about telling time, watch the video lesson How to Tell Time in Spanish.

Note that in Spanish, as in most languages ​​(and unlike American English), it refers to the day first, then the month. Another difference is that we don’t use regular numbers, even though it’s usually a number; If we want to talk about April 3, we will

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As you already know, and as we will see in the following examples, the months and days of the week in Spanish are not written with titles in English. If you do not know the months in Spanish, you can find them in the list of words to talk about the Months in Spanish and other days of the week to talk about the Days.

Fortunately, these things do not change from language. Can you imagine it being different in other languages? It’s chaos. What changes is how we express the calculation and the result.

If you are a big fan of math and want to learn more math in Spanish, check out the Top 10 Must-Know Math Vocabulary in Spanish Video Lessons.

How To Say Your Numbers In Spanish

In learning the language, Spanish numbers are one of the most important subjects to learn and remember. In addition to counting and the other uses we mentioned above, you can use Spanish symbols to learn Spanish.

The Spanish Numbers From 1 To 1000

If you know all the numbers in Spanish and how to use them in the most common situations, you won’t stop there, right? We have a lot more to learn if you give it a chance. Follow lessons, podcasts, articles and vocabulary lists to learn everything you need to know and learn Spanish, the second most spoken language after Chinese.

If you want to learn more about numbers, check out our list of Spanish numbers. In Spain and Mexico, the numbers are the same and only differ in pronunciation, so even if you learn Spanish from Spain, check that list.

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