How To Say They Are In French

How To Say They Are In French – Now is as good a time as any to learn about the days of the week in French! After all, they’re good – whether you want to tell a story, set a date, or tour the French-speaking world.

In this article, we’ll cover the French names for the days of the week, what you need to know to use them, and a handy trick to help you remember them.

How To Say They Are In French

How To Say They Are In French

We’ve included a pronunciation guide for the French days of the week here, but as you probably know if you speak French, the sounds used in French don’t always correlate with English spelling and pronunciation.

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OK, so these are the names of the days of the week, but what do they mean? And how do you remember them? They don’t look much like the English days of the week, do they?

Learning and remembering French days is actually easy – we’ll teach you our favorite trick. Once you know them, they make as much sense as our weekday names.

See, the English days of the week take influences from German, Nordic culture, Latin, and more, but the French days follow more of a pattern. The first 5 days take their names from the planets and associated Roman gods – French is a Roman language, after all.

Mars is named after our nearest planet (well, most of the time, let’s not get into planetary science for now) and the Roman god of war, Mars –

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It’s actually in English too, because our Tuesday is Tyr, son of Odin and the Norse god of war – equivalent to Aries or Mars. Tuesday is, in short, a day to make war. So if you roll out of bed on Tuesday feeling frustrated, you’re just helping him earn his name.

Which comes from Mercury. That’s probably why we feel so mercurial on Wednesdays. On the one hand, the work week is almost over, but on the other hand, there is still half a work week left…

(Thursday) named after Jupiter, the 5th planet from the sun and the Roman god of thunder. If it thundered, probably

How To Say They Are In French

In French, a perfect name for Venus, our closest neighbor to the sun and the Roman goddess of love. Looking for a date night? Look no further than the highly romantic Venus

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Fun fact: Have you ever wondered if there is a Black Friday in France? Although the event was uniquely American (since it comes after an American thanksgiving), but many companies around the world have adopted the annual sale. Although not a national holiday, Black Friday is now known in France. And the name Black Friday in French?

While English transfers to Saturday names for Saturn, French transfers. You may be surprised to hear that, apart from being named after Saturn,

, the French name for Saturday, actually comes from the Latin for Sabbath – first

Like Saturday, this name comes from a Latin root that originally means Lord’s Day. The Latin

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Saying the 7 days of the week in French: 5 things you need to know 1. Start with Monday

In the English world, calendars often start on Sunday. In French, however, the week starts on Monday – just like the work week.

How To Say They Are In French

In English, we say we do things “on Mondays”, “Saturday nights”, etc. Just make the name of the day. See this in action:

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This coincides with English, but while we can insert “on” in French, there is no “on” – or “the”, as in the Spanish days of the week.

In French, the days of the week do not need to be capitalized except for one exception: when they start a sentence. Otherwise, leave it in the box below! The same goes for months, nationalities (when used as an adjective), and languages.

Learning French involves memorizing a lot of genre. But the days of the week are all male, so they are quite easy. This means that we always use

If you want to make the plural of the week, add s at the end, like in English. The main difference is only the

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We really only use the plural when we are talking about the days as a definite group, which means when we add an article like ‘the’ in English. For example:

It’s a bit complicated, but the long and short of it is that you probably won’t need to multiply during the week very often.

We use cookies to give you the best experience on . They help our site work and are used for analytical purposes. Accept cookies for a better experience on our website. Let’s start with the good news: ‘l’alphabet’, the French alphabet, is the same as the English alphabet. Both languages ​​have the same letters. However, they are not all pronounced the same way. The French alphabet also has several accents, which change their pronunciation. French pronunciation can be difficult.

How To Say They Are In French

In fact, one of the most difficult aspects of learning French is that it is not a phonetic language. For example, the word for frog,

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We know from experience that there are some extra complicated letters of the French alphabet that can be difficult for English speakers. So let’s look at them:

If the letter ‘g’ comes before ‘e’ or ‘i’ (like genou), pronounce it slowly, like “jeh” – and try to stretch the ‘j’ a bit. It may help to think about the sound at the beginning of the name Jerry.

But if the letter ‘g’ comes before ‘u’, ‘o’, ‘a’ or a consonant (like grenouille), the sound you want to make is more difficult. Think of the sound at the beginning of the name of Jerry’s best friend, Greg.

The letter ‘j’ is pronounced as “jhee”. This is similar to the English pronunciation of the letter ‘g’, but with an “ee” sound instead of an “ay” sound at the end.

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At, we give you many opportunities to practice your pronunciation, and gradually develop your speaking skills.

And it’s probably the hardest letter to pronounce because we don’t have an English sound. Try to say the letter ‘u’, but also shut up, as if you were ‘EE’. The correct “e-yooh” sound should come… quite naturally.

It is pronounced “ee-greck” with two distinct sounds. It is pronounced as a two-syllable word, so do not cross between the two parts.

How To Say They Are In French

This digraph is pronounced as ‘oeh’. But you can hear e dans l’o on it, which means “the e in the o”. When used in a word, it usually takes the sound of the letter that follows it.

How To Say

French has six vowels, and 20 consonants. Y is considered a vowel, unlike in English, where it is classified as a consonant.

French has many signs of accents, called diacritics, although unlike other languages, these accented letters are not given special names. Instead, they are usually called the name of the letter followed by the name of the speech.

French accents don’t always affect pronunciation, but they can change the meaning of a word, so it’s important to always add the correct accent in written French.

Would you like to know more? Check out our French pronunciation guide which covers the main things you need to know when speaking French.

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French pronunciation is a world of its own, and the only way to really master it is through practice! Get started with French and learn online, with courses from beginner to advanced level. With everything from basic French vocabulary to grammar, we’ve got you covered.

We use cookies to give you the best experience on . They help our site work and are used for analytical purposes. Accept cookies for a better experience on our website. As antisemitism in France continues to run rampant, Jews and the general public in France agree on the extent of the problem, according to a new survey by the American Jewish Committee ( ) Paris on perceptions and experiences with antisemitism in France .

But the alignment on the threat of anti-Semitism to French society, and the weak reaction of the government, did not alleviate the fears of the Jews about their security and their future in France. To read the full report, click here.

How To Say They Are In French

Almost three quarters, 73%, of the French public, and 72% of the Jews, consider antisemitism as a problem that affects the whole of French society. 47% of the general public and 67% of Jewish respondents say that the level of anti-Semitism in France is high, while 27% and 22%, respectively, say it is low.

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While 53% of the general public say that antisemitism is increasing, and 18% decreasing, in recent years, 77% of Jews say it has increased and 12% decreased.

“Anti-Semitism is a concern for French society as a whole,” said Paris Director Anne-Sophie Sabban-Bécache. “It is no longer seen as a Jewish concern only.

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