How To Say Thanks In Russian

How To Say Thanks In Russian – My first visit to Russia in 2016 was a success. I didn’t know many Russian words at that time. But I’m glad I took the time to learn a few ways to say “thank you” in Russian.

Once Russians get to know them, they can be hospitable. Then it’s important to thank them for the good food, drinks and help they can offer.

How To Say Thanks In Russian

How To Say Thanks In Russian

Before we begin, I want you to understand that you don’t need to know all the ways to say thank you.

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I’ve included a simple translation below each word, along with how and where to use it. This is because you don’t want to say a very informal “thank you” to customs when you land in Moscow.

I recommend that you choose one or two to practice. It’s better to be able to tell which pair is always right than to click and choose the “best” one for each situation.

By the way, if you want to learn Russian quickly, I have a course that will teach you how to develop strategic skills to make learning Russian fun, easy and automatic. It’s not free, but it’s useful if you’re struggling to learn Russian right now. More information can be found here.

So, you have decided to learn Russian. The most common way to thank someone and express your gratitude is:

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The great thing about this word is that you can say it in almost any situation. Official duty? You can thank the police officer during the driver’s license check. Or thank the doctor who just passed your medical exam.

Informal? You can thank your close friends when they put salt on the table. Or to someone younger than you who says “bless you” when you sneeze.

It also doesn’t matter if you want to thank a specific person or group. It will work fine.

How To Say Thanks In Russian

Verdict: If you want to get the most bang for your buck, the best way to say thank you is in Russian. It’s easy to learn, easy to pronounce, and you can use it in literally any situation.

How To Say Thank You Very Much In Russian

Thank you and if you want to add a modifier to thanking someone, you can say:

This way of saying thank you in Russian adds uniqueness. You’re not just saying thank you casually, you’re giving that person a special thank you.

Solution: Every time you say this phrase, you can add a modifier and give a special thank you to that person (or group of people). It makes it more personal and thank you.

Thank you very much / Thank you very much – спасибо большое / большое спасибо (Thank you very much / большое спасибо)

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If you want to make the word thank you stronger and express more gratitude in Russian, you can add the word “big” to it. It doesn’t matter if you add it before or after Спасибо большое and большое спасибо.

It translates to “Thank you very much” or “Thank you very much”. Just like regular thank yous, you can direct it to the person you’re thanking to make it more specific.

It literally means “big”. But this word translates to “thank you very much”. So I really appreciate it if you say so. Where the past form can be used in formal situations, it is best not to use it in very formal situations. Огромное спасибо, как большое спасибо, but stronger.

How To Say Thanks In Russian

This phrase literally translates to “grateful.” It has a more secure and formal feel, so you won’t tell your close friends and family. If someone did something really nice for you, you would say so.

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You can also add a modifier if you want to enhance the thank you aspect: Thank you.

So when you put each word together, it’s a way of saying thank you in the form of a blessing.

Thanks is the first verb, so the word literally means something like “I bless you.” You can also use it to thank a close friend or group of people:

Although it has lost some of its meaning over time, it is still considered a very formal way to say thank you and thank someone.

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Verdict: You don’t need to say thank you in Russian. But it’s good to know when someone tells you that.

Let’s move on to a more informal health, where you can use the word спасибочки. It’s a typical thank you, but in a reductive way. It’s something you only tell your close friends or family.

If someone has offered a special help and you want to express your gratitude, you can say I appreciate your help. This is a formal way of thanking someone for their help.

How To Say Thanks In Russian

If you want to say that someone is very kind to help you, you can say, “You are very kind.” Since adjectives in Russian vary depending on the name of the person describing them, there are several other forms:

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If you want to thank someone for their help, but in a less formal way than the previous sentence, you can use this sentence.

If you add “for help” it means “for your help”. So now you can use it to express gratitude for other things:

If you have a reason to be very grateful and want to express your sincere gratitude to/from someone, say this phrase.

For example, if you had visa issues and were at risk of deportation, someone cared. In this case, “thank you from the bottom of my heart”.

Thank You In Advance

Therefore, it is not used very often. As a foreigner who started learning Russian, this is not expected. If you’re already average, you can even say it as a joke when someone does something small to you. But don’t forget to put a smile on your face and show that you’re joking.

You’re not the only person saying thank you in a two-way conversation. When interacting with Russians, you will often encounter people who say one of the above phrases to you.

So in such cases it is good to have an adequate response. Below are 3 sentences that you can answer in Russian.

How To Say Thanks In Russian

This is the easiest way to answer. When someone says “thank you very much” in Russian, respond with a simple “please”. This is the easiest and most common way to respond.

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Literally, this word translates as “not in vain.” The best way to understand the meaning of this phrase is “oh, nothing.”

You can say this phrase when you feel that someone is “very grateful” to you. If they are very grateful, but what you did was not a special effort on your part.

I suggest you avoid it because it has a bit of a silly feel to it. It seems that he does not accept the man’s gratitude and wants to soften it.

You can respond by saying that you are happy to help. “Happy to help” is an abbreviation of happy to help. If you really enjoy helping someone, you can use it.

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Now you know how to say thank you in Russian. I recommend that you focus on saying thank you first. It’s the easiest way to say thank you. You can use it in almost any situation.

After that, you can learn to use some modifiers, such as huge, big, wam or tebe. If you want, you can stop here if you’re just learning Russian for fun.

If you are serious about learning Russian and want to speak it well (and not just with friends and family), you can make an effort to learn more varieties. You can learn things like “I’m very grateful” or “Thank you for your help.”

How To Say Thanks In Russian

After all, there are many ways to say thank you in Russian. The most important part is being able to recognize someone when they tell you. You can answer one of them yourself.

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Learning Russian is not difficult. All you need is a solid plan to continuously improve the following:

This is what you need. If you can do this for a few weeks, you will already improve your Russian significantly.

The best part? If you improve little by little every day, these practices will soon become daily habits.

This means that learning Russian has become a part of your daily life. That way, he no longer needs discipline to force himself to exercise.

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It will teach you how to use strategic skill development to make learning Russian fun, easy, and automatic, and ultimately, you’ll enjoy conversations with native Russian speakers.

My name is Ari Helderman and I help people learn Russian through videos and blog posts sharing my experiences. I have been learning Russian since 2016. Nowadays I often make the mistake of speaking in my mother tongue,

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