How To Say Seizure In Spanish

How To Say Seizure In Spanish – If you have epilepsy, you probably take at least one anti-seizure medication (ASM), also called an anti-seizure medication (AED). Scientists have designed these drugs to calm the driving force behind seizures, which are abnormal electrical bursts between brain cells called neurons.

Some drugs target charged molecules that flow in and out of neurons, allowing cells to send messages. Others target messengers used by neurons called neurotransmitters. The range of options — with more than 30 approved drugs and others in clinical trials — means people can often find seizure control.

How To Say Seizure In Spanish

How To Say Seizure In Spanish

Once your seizures are under control, doctors may reduce the number or dosage of medications you take. You may also have other options for changing medications that cause side effects. You won’t know until you seek extra help – everyone experiences seizures differently, so outcomes and treatments vary.

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However, as Josh from Texas discovered, medication doesn’t always provide seizure control. “I tried almost everything on the market,” he says. “Sometimes the medication suppresses the seizures for a while, but they always come back.”

Experiencing passion is not unusual. For some people, medications provide limited control, but only temporarily. For others, prescription drugs work well for years and then suddenly lose their effectiveness.

Many people try several medications for months or years without seeing any significant change in seizure frequency or severity. Diet doesn’t always help.

53 percent of people taking an epilepsy drug still have uncontrolled seizures. Adding a second drug reduces this figure to 40%, while a third drug has less than a 5% chance of suppressing seizures. In fact, when two anti-seizure medications don’t work for a person, doctors classify the condition as drug-resistant epilepsy.

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“For a long time, I had what I call ‘pharmacology,'” Richard says of his experience. “Everything my doctors gave me would work for a while and then the seizures would start again.”

Some people experience significant side effects from anti-seizure medications. These include weight gain or loss, mood changes, lethargy, confusion and memory loss. Finding a medication that balances quality of life and seizure control is more complicated.

In Tennessee, Kim became angry, sick, and depressed after taking a series of pills that left her unable to control her seizures. However, she did not want to stop the medication completely for fear of worsening the seizures.

How To Say Seizure In Spanish

If two or more medications don’t control your seizures, you still have options. Many people start with a neurologist who treats a variety of disorders, but going to a specialist neurologist called an epileptologist can provide new information. These specialists can often be found at comprehensive epilepsy centers and can work with your current neurologist to find treatment options that are right for you.

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Before seeing a new doctor, review your quality of life goals for epilepsy treatment. etc. Take time to think about the answers to the questions.

In addition to tracking your goals, be prepared to talk to your doctor. Think about what to share about your experience and what questions to ask about next steps. If you haven’t already, bring in loved ones to help. People with drug-resistant epilepsy say a support group is important when you’re trying to move forward.

“Talk to them to find out what questions they have,” says Jason from Florida. “Having family and friends to help me on this journey was especially important to me.”

Comprehensive epilepsy centers provide detailed evaluations and a better understanding of where seizures start and what treatments can help control them. Trying a new medication or a different combination may still help. In many cases, recommendations include treatments that have not yet been tried.

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For some people, surgeons can remove a limited amount of brain tissue where the seizures start. This gives the best chance of complete seizure relief.

However, not everyone can undergo surgical procedures. After reviewing the results of the diagnostic tests, surgeons can determine whether they are targeting to remove the amount of brain tissue that is damaging the parts of your brain that control memory, communication, and movement. do (Seizures that start on both sides of the brain present a particular challenge.) You may find removing brain tissue a daunting prospect.

Heating the source of the seizure with MRI-guided laser therapy (ablation) provides a less invasive alternative to more extensive brain surgery, but brain tissue is still destroyed.

How To Say Seizure In Spanish

Even if removing or removing the source of the seizure seems to work, the results don’t always last for some people.

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“I was seizure free for about two years,” Richard said of the surgery for drug-resistant epilepsy. “But my brain bypassed it and the seizures started again.”

If you’re not comfortable with (or don’t want to) amputation or amputation, a device called a neurostimulator can help. Surgeons do not need to remove or destroy brain tissue when placing these devices in your body. They treat focal epilepsy by sending short electrical pulses. Although they cannot completely prevent seizures, they do help reduce their frequency.

An option is vagus nerve stimulation (VNS therapy), which involves a device under the skin in the left chest area connected to a wire connected to the vagus nerve in the neck. Two other options, deep brain stimulation (DBS) and responsive nerve stimulation (RNS system), work with tiny wires found in the brain. (Learn more about the differences between VNS therapy, DBS and RNS systems.)

Of these neurostimulators, only the RNS system is programmed to continuously monitor brain activity, identify a person’s unique seizure patterns, and then respond automatically before a seizure begins. It also logs visit activity for analysis.

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After receiving the RNS system, Josh, Richard, Kim, and Jason reported a significant reduction in seizure frequency and improved quality of life.*

In Massachusetts, Christine was able to reduce the frequency of her visits. Medication stopped most of his seizures, but after 15 years, his regimen stopped working. Going on different medications didn’t help much, leaving him in a mental fog.

With the help of the RNS system, she was able to stop taking two medications and reduce the dosage of the other two as directed by her doctor. His mind was restored and he began to recall and recall details such as his daughter’s wedding.

How To Say Seizure In Spanish

Rx only. The RNS® System is an adjunctive therapy for adults with refractory partial seizures with more than 2 epileptogenic foci. See Important Safety Information.

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How To Say Seizure In Spanish

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Life As A Medical Student With Epilepsy: A Clinical And Personal Perspective // International League Against Epilepsy

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