How To Say Hi In Thai Language

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Or when you travel to Thailand, have you thought of talking or asking in English with the local Thai people, and it might be unsuccessful because the Thai people may not understand English very well…

How To Say Hi In Thai Language

How To Say Hi In Thai Language

If you are planning to travel to Thailand, you may be interested in reading this article on 5 simple basic Thai words for travelers and Thai greetings.

Useful Phrases To Know Before Traveling In Thailand

English is our compulsory subject at school, which we had to study every year from a young age. But in most schools we focus on reading and writing in English without speaking or listening to an English speaking English teacher.

Because Thai people can read and write English and we had over 38 million travelers worldwide last year 2018, so when you travel here you will see buildings and street signs written in English all over Bangkok, great!

Many Thais still find it difficult to listen and speak English. Especially the generation of parents and grandparents. Maybe they don’t know English well because they don’t use English with westerners and don’t interact with tourists everyday.

Nowadays, the young generation can understand more by listening to basic English speech as we learned in school from an English speaking teacher. We also have many ways that we can easily learn English by ourselves, such as watching western movies with Thai subtitles, listening to western songs, YouTube and Netflix are everywhere here, which helps us learn English very easily and enjoyably.

Ways To Say Hello In Thai & Other Greetings

One more thing about the English accent, the same word but many different English accents around the world, like American, English, or Australian, etc.

You can ask us questions in English, but the accents, the speed of your speech or our passion to speak English with you… sometimes we can get a blank face from your question because we don’t know how to answer properly.

Before we get into the details of these 5 words. I want to quickly explain about the gender words “Krub” and “Ka” you will hear Thai people say those words all the time.

How To Say Hi In Thai Language

If you are a man – you always add “Krub” to end every word and sentence, just like if you are a woman you always add “ka” to the end of every word, sentence or question.

File:lanna Thai Alphabet 3.jpg

For the masculine name ‘Krup’ You can see that Thai spells this word differently – Krub/Kup/Kap/Cup. Never mind – they’re the same – Krub –

These gender words are based on who we are as gender speakers, which is different from any Latin that assigns gender words to the person or object you are talking to.

Yes, that’s right!. Krub or Ka is a very polite Thai word similar to “Please”. Use Kruba or Ka to complete each sentence, question or word. This makes what you say sound very polite, while not adding the word ‘Krub’ or ‘Ka’ makes what you say sound very rude or commanding.

First of all, wherever you travel in Thailand, you will see Thai people greeting each other by ‘bowing’ or wai, which is similar to shaking hands, hugging, kissing. We bow for such situations as greetings, hello, thank you, excuse me, asking for permission, forgiving or worshiping in temples.

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The answer is YES PLEASE, you can bow to the Thai people and we love it! They are very polite and polite here.

To look good when bowing, you want to keep your elbows close to your body. Keep your elbow away from your body, because you don’t want to hit people next to you.

The wai or bow is very flexible and it’s up to you whether you want to bow or not when you say hello, hello or thank you. But trust me, every time you bow, you will see a beautiful smile from the Thai reaction.

How To Say Hi In Thai Language

So when you say hi/hello or thank you, remember to bow when you say these words like Sawasdee Ka (Bow) / Kopkunka (Bow)

How To Say “hello” In Italian: 19 Italian Greetings

But if you like spicy food, you don’t have to say anything because most authentic Thai chefs will prepare delicious spicy Thai food for you to enjoy.

I hope this article with 5 Thai words is easier to understand and will help you when you travel here.

Practice and don’t worry about spelling, pronunciation, tones, if you try to pronounce these words, we will really appreciate it and it will make your trip to Thailand much more fun because of the great experience with Thai people. One of the first and most important things you can learn in a new language is how to say hello. Of course, there’s a lot more to learning how to say hello in a new language than just learning the word “hello.”

In this article, I will introduce you to the different words and expressions you can use to say hello in Thai, as well as some tips on how to use them correctly.

Basic Thai Language, Basic Thai Phrases, Bangkok Tour Guide, Bangkok Guide Smile — Bangkok Guide Smile With Mandy |‎ Bangkok Tour Guide |‎ Bangkok Private Day Tours

The most common greeting in the Thai language is ต้วี (saw waht dee). This is a greeting used by almost everyone, regardless of age or status.

In Thai culture, it is important to always show respect to each other, especially those who are older than you or who have a higher status such as a teacher or boss. You can use the phrase सुद्वाद (saw waht dee) with almost anyone.

But there’s another word you can use to make this phrase a little more polite and polite to the person you’re talking to…

How To Say Hi In Thai Language

Spoken Thai has these unique words called final particles that can be added to the end of a sentence to make the speaker sound more polite and respectful to the person they are talking to.

How Do You Say Hello In Thai And Other Greetings

If you are a man, add the word ครับ (shit) to the phrase ต้ายย (video waht dee) to make it more dignified. If you speak as a woman, add the word 이이 (kau) to the end of the same phrase as 참리 (saw waht dee) to make it more polite. This is the most common phrase used to greet each other in Thai. It can be used for both “hello” and “goodbye”.

An important part of Thai culture and communication is the vái (why) gesture. This is done by bringing your hands together, palms touching, around your chest to neck level. You can also bow slightly to show respect for the person you are greeting.

This gesture will often be used together with greeting no. 2, सुसाद्यक्र/क्या (saw-waht-dee-crap/caw). There is no need to gesture when greeting, but Thai people use it quite often in everyday life.

If someone gives you the वियु (why) gesture, it would be considered polite and respectful to do the same yourself. It can be considered rude not to respond to the person you are talking to with the वियाय (why) gesture.

Top 10 Phrases To Learn Before Your Trip To Thailand

How to say “how are you?” in Thai 4. “How are you?” in Thai – สายสั่มี่ (sah buy dee my)

Often after you greet someone with ตัวิมมพัว/บิ (saw-waht-dee-crap/caw) you want to know how the person you are talking to is doing. One phrase you can use to ask this is பியுயிவிதி (sah, buy me).

This expression literally means: “Are you comfortable?” and you can use it with most people you talk to. You will often hear the answer, سبحاندی (sah buy dee), which means “I feel comfortable.”

How To Say Hi In Thai Language

An additional and perhaps more commonly used way of saying “how are you?” in Thai it’s ครีส้าย (ben yahng rye bong). This expression literally means “How are you?” and you might consider it similar to the English expression “how are things?”

How To Say How In Thai

In my experience, native speakers use this phrase more often than سبایدی دیج (sah, buy me), but both are acceptable ways to ask “how are you?”

Here is an example of a phrase commonly used in Thai culture that needs a little clarification. The phrase – ที่ไทย ตั้มมมัว (ghin cow roo yahng) literally means “have you eaten rice yet?”

You’ll often be asked this question after saying hello to ตัวิมมัว/ตัว (saw-waht-dee-crap/caw). Although in English it might be strange to start a conversation with “hello, do you have

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