How To Say Hi In Spanish Slang

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How To Say Hi In Spanish Slang

How To Say Hi In Spanish Slang

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Spanish Greetings & Farewells For All Occasions

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Wherever you go and wherever you go there are always a few words you should learn before you leave; This is not only an honor but it can take you very far! Everyone appreciates how difficult it is to learn a new language, so you can’t stop trying.

There are behaviors and gestures that go beyond speech, smiling and laughing are the first, waving and crying are the second.

Hello In Japanese

The most commonly used word for hello is ‘konnichiwa’. This is called ‘kon-ni-chi-wa’. Japanese is a phonetic language but try not to add fake Japanese words. Say ‘kon-ni-chi-wa’ quickly, but be honest and try not to say every river that is called. If you have a problem the Japanese are very kind and encourage you in your efforts to speak their language.

If you are answering your phone or video call, the most common greeting is ‘moshi moshi’. It’s pronounced ‘moh-sh moh-sh’, it’s very simple. However, remember, this works hard on the phone and not in person.

There are many different languages ​​spoken in China; Mandarin and Cantonese are the most widely spoken. Unlike Japan, bowing is not common when greeting Chinese people, although this is a common misconception.

How To Say Hi In Spanish Slang

To greet in Mandarin you say ‘Nǐn hǎo’, again, like in Japanese try not to pronounce it or insert a fake expression, doing so can cause offense.

Ways To Say Hi In English

Answering the phone in Chinese is very easy, people often say ‘wéi’ or in places with a lot of western influence and then ‘hello’ is heard again! You can learn Chinese using this app!

There is a big difference between the language spoken in North Korea and the language spoken in South Korea. Yes, they are almost completely different languages. That being said, it is unlikely that you will find yourself in North Korea, unfortunately you meet many North Koreans around the world. South Korea is open and worth visiting.

The Korean greeting is ‘annyeong haseyo’. This little mouth?! Fortunately, when you meet friends you can say ‘annyeong’, just like in other informal situations.

There is no such language as ‘India’ but a language itself, so the official language of India is Hindi. In Hindi you use the phrase ‘Namaste’ as a greeting in all situations.

Spanish Slang Words: 159 Of The Best

This is a deep spiritual word and should be used with great sincerity. When you say ‘namaste’ you should put your hands together and bow your head slightly.

Other common languages ​​in India include Bengali, Telugu, Marathi, Tamil, Urdu, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Odia and Punjabi. Fear not, ‘namaste’ is everything!

Like Japanese and Chinese, the Thai language, Thai, is also tonal. Thailand is also known as the Land of Smiles and this is true. You will meet smiling faces everywhere you go.

How To Say Hi In Spanish Slang

To say hello in Thailand you say ‘S̄wạs̄dī’ this is pronounced ‘sa-waa-dee’. Now, like in French you have to add the masculine or feminine ending. Women add ‘kaa’ to make the pass sound like ‘sa-waa-dee-kaa’. Men have to say something a little different. In the Thai language, the masculine ending is ‘krab’. So, men should say ‘sa-waa-dee-krab’.

Quiz & Worksheet

As in India it is customary to join hands and bow when you say hello in Thailand. This is known as ‘wai’. Greeting a Thai person, especially in a formal setting, without giving a ‘wai’ will cause a serious offence.

Saying goodbye in Indonesia is very easy. The Indonesian word for ‘hello’ is ‘halo’. You should have no problem remembering that!

The Indonesian language is known as Bahasa and is a variation of the Malay language, so you will come across a lot when traveling in Malaysia and Indonesia.

There are local languages ​​and regional languages, for example, Javanese and Minangkabu, Batik too. Don’t be surprised, ‘halo’ surpasses all these.

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As we mentioned earlier, Indonesian is a development of the Malaysian language, so it is perfectly acceptable to greet people with a friendly ‘halo’. If you want to sound small and greet people with phrases that match the times.

For example, ‘Selamet Pagi’ means early morning. This is called ‘Suh-la-mat pa-gee’. Good afternoon is more difficult, but there is no challenge ‘Selamat tengah hari’ is what you should say. Pronounce it like ‘suh-la-mat teen-gah har-ee’.

Vietnamese is not a language you often hear abroad by itself, and this is a new word, not a phrase for most of you. Even if you’ve never been to Vietnam, you never know when this question might pop up on Pub Quiz!

How To Say Hi In Spanish Slang

To greet in Vietnamese you say ‘xin chào’. The ‘chào’ part of the phrase translates to hello but you rarely use this word alone, ‘xin chào’ is the only acceptable greeting.

Learn Latin American And Spanish Slang

The official language of Myanmar is Burmese and the alphabet is not exactly the same as other languages. Despite the tricky alphabet, saying hello in Burmese is very easy. Burmese people greet each other using the phrase ‘h-lo’. On paper it looks weird but think about it, it’s like our hello without the vowel ‘e’.

Another common greeting is ‘min-ga-la-ba’ which means welcome. Both phrases are used equally but if you want to be seen to be making an effort with your language skills then the phrase ‘min-ga-la-ba’ is better for you.

Hong Kong has two official languages, English and Cantonese. As you well know, or we hope you do, the most common greetings in English are hello, hello or hello. It doesn’t matter if you are talking to an English speaker or a Cantonese speaker saying hello in Hong Kong is a welcome gesture.

As we mentioned above the word for hello in Cantonese is ‘Nǐn hǎo’. There are many people who speak Cantonese in Hong Kong, but since you are a tourist, most of the people you meet will be able to speak English at a high level.

Useful Spanish Greetings And Goodbyes (+ Slang Greetings)

So that covers most of the Asian countries that are popular with tourists. Now it’s time to learn how to greet your guests! This is not only self-respecting but also makes you appear to be a worldly and progressive person!

Do you know how to say hello in Greek? No? Well, now is the best time to learn! Saying hello in Greek is ‘Chaírete’. Although the Greek language has its own alphabet, it is easier to spell it phonetically using the Latin alphabet.

Greeks tend to be informal most of the time, even when meeting new people and as a result you may find yourself greeted with ‘Yassou’ instead of ‘chaíete’. ‘Yassou’ is pronounced ‘yahh-soo’, so simple!

How To Say Hi In Spanish Slang

We’re sure you already know this! Spanish is one of the three most spoken languages ​​in the world. Even children are taught a little Spanish at an early age by watching TV shows like Dora the Explorer.

How To Say “hello” In Italian: 19 Italian Greetings

If you want to test yourself, try phrases like ‘buenos días’ and ‘buen día’ which mean good morning and good day.

French is the language of love, love and food! The French language is not the same as English, and on your travels you will meet many French speakers. There are countries in Africa where French is the main language and in the Caribbean.

French is a very useful language to learn, at least to understand the basics. To say hello in French you say ‘bonjour’. Although the French use

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