How To Own A Dance Studio

How To Own A Dance Studio – With the upcoming dance studio building on campus, the opportunity to learn how to run a professional studio of your own is the latest step in enhancing Dance at Rowan’s academic offerings.

A new hybrid certificate program in dance studio management welcomes its first students this summer. The program is designed to teach skills related to managing all aspects of business in three week sessions at three advanced levels.

How To Own A Dance Studio

How To Own A Dance Studio

Kim O’Connor Sparks, a 1993 Rowan B.A. Majoring in Speech/Drama/Dance and Dance (plus a Masters in Social Work from Temple University), serves as an adjunct instructor for the program and has run her own dance studio for over 20 years. She notes that the idea was something she and Melanie Stewart, a member of the dance faculty and associate dean of the College of Arts, had been mulling over for a long time. “We talk all the time about the need for these types of programs,” he said, which puts Rowan in a unique position. “Not many universities in the country have many programs like this.”

Steps Dance Studio

The first phase of the program, planned for this summer and fall, is a series of three online modules: studio ownership, business development and production, equipment, touring and travel, and community service. Additionally, there are weekly Zoom meetings and regular email check-ins with Sparks.

“Many of our former students have gone on to become dance studio owners or teachers,” noted Stewart. “It seemed important to give them the knowledge to go into a small business.”

Sparks, referring to his own experience, recalled that he and his contemporaries would go out into the world after college and “we didn’t know we were supposed to know these business details.”

For a college student with future ambitions, this endeavor is now more than just an opportunity. This program will benefit an established studio owner looking to improve their skills and build a support network, or anyone interested in learning the ins and outs of running a similar small business. What is taught can be applied to more than dance; This skill set is equally applicable to commercial studios offering gymnastics, music/vocal/action, yoga, cheerleading or karate.

Create Your Own Class

“You get an overview of what your job is going to be as an owner,” Sparks said, “and how can I make a living doing what I love to do?” This project will help to answer the question.

Sparks, who has learned many such lessons on the job, said connecting with people with similar goals in similar fields can be another benefit. “It allows you to build a community,” she said of the opportunity to network and build relationships with her peers. “Support is always key to success.”

The second and third levels will be added next year. Each level has its own unique certificate. Stewart is excited to be part of what she calls “the future of education” in the dance industry.

How To Own A Dance Studio

This new program is now being registered. The next Level 1 session will be held from August 2-20, while the autumn sessions will be held from September 13-October 1 and November 1-19. For more details and a link to the registration process, visit This means we get a commission if you make a purchase. Affiliate relationships include Amazon Associates, FlexOffers, Etsy, and Pepperjam.

Dancer Wall Art Prints Dance With Your Heart When You Dance

If your home has a basement, you will be spoiled for choice as to what you can do and achieve by creating a dance studio in your home.

Converting your basement into a dance studio or practice space is a great idea for you or your kids, but where do you start with a project like that, and what are some of the best features you should include in your plan?

Basements are usually large spaces under a house and suitable for a home dance studio, but some lack access to natural light, while others are large enough to host not only a dance studio but other functions as well.

The following is a gallery of basement ideas converted into dance and exercise spaces, and below I’ve highlighted some tips and tricks and things I think you should avoid to make the most of your space.

Lanarkshire Dancer’s Dreams Come True As She Opens Her Own Studio

Looking to build your studio elsewhere or need more ideas? Check out other articles on building a dance studio in one:

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How To Own A Dance Studio

This basement space is blessed with plenty of natural light, but adding to the light feel of this room are pale wood floors, white painted walls and ceilings, silver fixtures, and mirrors that span the entire length of the wall.

Oh Joy! Builds A House: My Hip Hop Dance Studio!

Some of the key features to look out for in this studio are the ceiling fans and music or stereo in the corner. Colorful blocks of material on the walls not only light up the room, but also absorb sound and echo, which is important in such an empty and long room.

Another light and airy room with large mirrors that fill an entire wall. You can tell the mirrors were professionally installed because the electrical outlets on the mirrors are custom made. The bar is placed on one side of the wall, which means that you can only see your position when doing exercises on one side, so the bar is better on the back wall.

Beauty in pink! A lamp that doubles as a fan is a great choice in a dance studio to help circulate the air, and a double bar is great, especially if you have small children who can go practice too. The light wood floor helps this room feel light and airy.

It’s a simple but effective use of that basement space. If you look in the mirror, you’ll see what looks like a bar and realize that it’s actually in the corner of a multi-purpose space.

Creating Choreography — Quick Quick Slow Ballroom Dance Studio

Having a bar across that mirror with a second mirror is a great idea, and I think these are made specifically for this space, you can find prefab mirrors to create a similar look in a corner of your basement.

Dark paint and a brick wall in a basement create a very warm and cozy atmosphere in this dance studio, which works especially well with the light floor option.

I love the choice of light fixtures to go with the theme, and I feel like it’s a very inviting space to go downstairs and do some exercise or dance practice. The TV is included for viewing while on the treadmill, but it can also be used for online dance classes and workouts.

How To Own A Dance Studio

Unlike the previous room, by using darker colors, I think painting the ceiling cornice a darker color to match the baseboard will make this room feel more spacious and light.

How To Build A Home Dance Studio

However, it’s a great idea to have the wires between mirrors, and having them on opposite walls gives the dancer a good chance to check their placement and technique.

The basement had a special vinyl dance floor called the Marley or Target and tried to keep things open and spacious by painting the walls white. Although it’s not my taste, I love that they got creative and painted a ballet scene on the wall, and I love the built-in alcove for storing the stereo and other electronics.

This room reminds us of the three things a home dance studio needs. Dance floor, mirrors and ballet barre!

Tick, tick and tick. White walls can be boring to some, but they make small spaces look bigger and help create a more open feeling in a room.

Dance Troupe V Unbeatable To Make Another Dream Come True, Set To Open Their Own Dance Studio

No, at first glance it looks like a guest room in the basement, but if you look closer, there’s a mirror attached to that back wall and a ballet barrel attached to it.

If you look long, hard, you’ll realize that the built-in actually has a Murphy bed, so all you have to do is pull that bed up and da-da: you have a dance studio.

This photo was taken by the builder

How To Own A Dance Studio

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