How To Get Money For Startup Business

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The Startup Association Funders and founders draw the curtain on startup life in this infographic, inspired by author Paul Graham, ‘How to start.’

How To Get Money For Startup Business

How To Get Money For Startup Business

From thousands of miles away, Silicon Valley can feel like a magic box: ordinary people in and out of billions. But starting an ecosystem is very similar to the Wizard of Oz, where, when you pull back the green screen, you stand in front of a person.

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There is definitely a process behind the creation, growth and financial success of startups. It is not a mistake to start a successful startup and grow it into a multi-billion dollar business, but it has been done, and there is an old process and a mature attitude that surrounds this project.

The sponsors and founders of the San Francisco team created the infographic below, charting the path from concept to publication. The infographic is based on the famous book by entrepreneur Paul Graham “How to start a startup.”

Check it out to get a clear picture of what’s going on inside Silicon Valley’s big black box. Behind the curtain.

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How To Get Money For Startup Business

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