How To Advertise Your Business On Google For Free

How To Advertise Your Business On Google For Free – Are you ready to grow your cleaning business? Advertising on Google can be a great way to do this and drive targeted traffic to your website. In this post, you’ll learn how to advertise your cleaning business on Google, even if you haven’t advertised before.

Before we get into anything about how to get your cleaning business listed on Google, you first need to set up your account. It’s a simple process and just go to

How To Advertise Your Business On Google For Free

How To Advertise Your Business On Google For Free

Before you start setting up your first Google ad, you need a place to send traffic. Ideally, this is some kind of free estimate or quote page where people can enter their name, email, and phone number.

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You can drive traffic to a content post, but if you’re targeting keywords with high purchase intent, you’re probably better off sending people to a free offer page. This is not 100% necessary, especially for commercial cleaning companies, but you may want to include some kind of special offer on this landing page, such as discounted services or free add-ons.

A special offer or discount is more common for residential cleaning companies and can help increase conversion rates for people who click on your ad versus your competitors.

Also, add a form where someone can participate in a quote or estimate and send them to a thank you page after filling out. This way you can track conversions when people fill out the quote form.

Advertising on Google can be a bit confusing and to most people it seems a lot more complicated than it is. There are many different types of ads you can run, but the best option for a cleaning business would be to run search-based ads.

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The reason you should choose this option over others is that your ads will be shown to the most relevant people. Many people get confused when creating their first campaign because there are so many options to choose from.

As you can see in the image below, many options are good choices, but in most cases, you can create an ad without targeting and just optimize for conversions. From here you choose the keywords and location you want to target and your ad will appear when people search for those terms and the locations you’ve targeted.

We’ll walk you through this process in a later post, but let’s understand the general concept of creating ads based on search intent. By targeting the right keywords, you are more likely to get someone interested in purchasing your services. You want to show your ads to these people.

How To Advertise Your Business On Google For Free

Most people hear the term keyword research and dread thinking that it is some overly complicated process. Of course, you can dig deeper and it can get complicated, but it’s not that hard to set up a basic ad that will generate an audience.

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The main idea is to determine which search terms are relevant to your ad. You also want to make sure that the term has a high probability of generating purchase intent or asking for an estimate.

For example, some good terms to use are things like, “janitor cleaning estimate,” “house cleaning quote,” “commercial cleaning service,” “house cleaning service near me,” etc. People using these types of search terms are looking for it. To receive a price for cleaning services

You probably don’t need to convince these people that they need your services, you just need to convince them that you are the best option. That’s why highlighting the benefits of your service, your key differentiator, and customer reviews and opinions can be important on your landing page.

People who use search terms with the intent to buy are willing to hire someone instead of starting their own research process.

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The next way to advertise your cleaning business on Google is to place your ad. There are 3 fields you need to set when creating an ad. Campaigns, Ad Groups and Ads.

You can look at the campaign to see what the advertising objective is. For example, two common ones you use are to get traffic and clicks to pages, or to get conversions like leads and phone calls.

An ad group is the locations, keywords, and demographics you target. The last part of the ad is the ad itself, and this is where you can write different versions of the ad and see what converts for you.

How To Advertise Your Business On Google For Free

As you go through the 3 steps to creating an ad, you’ll first want to create a new campaign. You do this by simply clicking New Campaign on the home page of your Google Ads account.

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The next step is to choose a campaign objective. Currently, you can only select “Create campaign without targeting”.

The next step is to choose the website you want the traffic to go to and the phone number you want people to call. You can do both at the same time or place them in two separate ads. Another good practice is to use separate tracking links and tracking phone numbers to differentiate your traffic and promotional calls from other forms of traffic.

We generally recommend unchecking the following two boxes: Include Google Search Partners and Include Google Display Network. Both can get more people to see your ads, but the places where they appear may not be very relevant, resulting in wasted clicks and ad spend.

Also below it says “Show more options” you can check them as one of the options is the start and end dates of your ad. You can usually leave it alone and just pause it if you don’t want to run any more ads, but you can set an end date so it turns off if you forget.

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The next step in advertising your cleaning business on Google is to choose the locations you want to target your ads to.

If you are not a national cleaning company, you may want to choose another login option. After selecting this option, you can enter the names of the cities you want to target or a specific zip code you want to target.

Also, make sure you click on location settings and then select the option below where people are regularly in your desired locations, or the option below may work as well. This setting is important because the first option can show your ad to people who are just looking for the location but may not actually live there. This means you could be wasting money showing your ads to irrelevant people.

How To Advertise Your Business On Google For Free

The average option usually works best because it shows your ad to people who actually live in your target area. The last option can also work because it includes people who are searching in your area. Someone from the outside may own property in the area and be able to find cleaning services there, but often not, but it will still be effective using this option.

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The next step in setting up Google Ads is to choose your preferred language and any audiences you want to target.

Normally, you should choose English here unless you speak another language or your ads are in another language. By navigating to Audience, you can search interest groups that Google has created.

These audiences may or may not be effective or completely accurate, but you can definitely test them and see how they work. Also, if you’re using the right keywords, this audience may not even be necessary because people are already searching for the terms you specify and show a high intent to buy. We usually leave this section blank for this reason.

The next part of setting up your Google Ads is choosing a budget and optimizing your bidding strategy.

How To Advertise On Google And Grow Your Business

Setting a budget is pretty easy as you can simply divide the amount you want to spend per month by 30 and get what you should set as your average ad spend per day.

For example, if you want to set your monthly budget to $1,500, just take 1,500/30 and you’ll get $50 a day. Also, be aware that Google sometimes fluctuates around this number. Some days more, some days less, but for the month it should be the average of what you set in this setting.

Google Advertising is a bidding platform, so you’re often competing with other advertisers for the same keywords. Therefore, if your market is more competitive, your costs per click or conversion may increase. There are several options for optimizing your ad, but if you’re looking for leads or

How To Advertise Your Business On Google For Free

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