How To Advertise On Google Search Engine

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How To Advertise On Google Search Engine

How To Advertise On Google Search Engine

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Google Search Ads: Everything You Need To Know To Get Started

Google Ads is one of the most powerful platforms for paid advertising. Not only does it put a huge array of advertising tools at your fingertips, it also gives you access to the world’s two largest search engines—Google and YouTube, respectively—and a network of millions of websites to advertise on. do the work

But there are many types of Google ads and not every type is suitable for every situation.

Whether you plan to manage your own Google advertising or outsource it to an expert, it’s best to start by learning the essential terms and knowing the types of Google Ads campaigns you have. But what can you realistically expect from them? That will give you an idea of ​​what the platform can do for you.

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Google Ads And The War On Free Clicks

Google Ads has a lot in common with many other paid digital advertising platforms. It uses a pay-per-click (PPC) payment model, which means you are only charged when someone visits your website. You get flexible budgets (starting as low as $5), set up target audiences based on specific behaviors and demographics, and get fast, measurable feedback on campaign performance.

But what makes Google Ads uniquely attractive is its ability to reach users in three different ways; Search ads, display ads, and video ads. Here, we cover the types of businesses you can run in these three categories.

Users typically use search engines—unlike social media—with a specific intent in mind: to find answers, to find solutions to their problems, or to find specific products or services. This makes Google a powerful marketing channel for various businesses.

How To Advertise On Google Search Engine

How well you advertise on Google can be determined based on the average monthly search volume for a given query, the estimated cost you pay per click, and other data readily available to Google. You can run search ads promoting your products and services directly in search results for a specific query and limit your targeting to users in a specific geographic area.

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Say you sell plant-based protein powder. Over 200,000 people search for “protein powder” on Google every month, but searches for “vegan protein powder” are rare. Google will allow you to bid on both of these phrases individually to advertise your brand, but the more specific search term will translate better because it is more relevant to your product.

You can create text ads that appear in search results in a small box marked with the word “ads,” or Google Shopping Feed ads that highlight important shopping information like product images, prices, and more. , and rankings—make them perfect. For many e-commerce brands.

Branded words include specific names of a brand or product. For example “Apple phone” or “iPhone” are brand words for Apple.

You might not think about bidding on your brand, especially if your website already appears organically at the top of search results, but doing so allows you to promote specific content. (using Google’s ad extensions) and set the exact page where you want people. should be This protects you from competitors bidding on your name or other branded keywords.

Of Consumers Don’t Know A Google Advert When They See One

CPCs for branded search are typically lower than any other search campaign because your URL and your ads are highly relevant to the users who find you. At the same time, be careful that your ad appears for similar but unrelated keywords.

In the example of Apple advertising iPhones, you would remove keywords like “apple picking” or “apple cider,” or “how to upgrade my Apple iPhone” and use the appropriate keyword match type and negative keywords to target your ads. targeting

Because your branded search sales volume depends on how many people search for you, branded search campaigns can complement brand awareness campaigns. A pop-up shop or a viral Facebook video, for example, can translate into more searches for your brand.

How To Advertise On Google Search Engine

Ease of Implementation: This type of business can be difficult to implement if you are not familiar with search engine marketing. May require agency or internal resources. However, managing branded search isn’t tedious, so make this a priority if you can.

How To Use Google Ads: The Ultimate Guide

Non-branded search campaigns that do not include the name of your brand or products, such as name implies, targeted keyword phrases. As such, the lower the correlation with your users, the higher your interactions will be, especially for more general keywords (eg, “buy pillows” vs. “organic goose down pillows in downtown Toronto”).

The objective of this campaign is to bring new visitors and new customers to your website as efficiently as possible. But these campaigns also offer a positive return on ad spend (ROAS) for advertisers and a lot of potential scale.

Remember that the real value of a customer is not their initial purchase but their lifetime purchase from your brand.

Ease of Execution: As with all search campaign types, this one can be tricky. These campaigns require a lot of human resources to manage and test your creative and landing pages, and a lot of money to get results. It is best to get help to ensure that these businesses are managed properly.

The Ultimate Guide To Google Ads [examples]

Specialized unbranded search campaigns involve less competition than general unbranded ones. This is because they are more specific and, as a result, make you more relevant to the searcher’s intent if your products match what they are looking for.

If your business and products are suitable for niche marketing, this type of business is worth exploring. Niche marketing outside of the context of Google ads gives brands a much easier time getting traffic and positive ROAS because it provides a specific audience that is easy to identify and focus on.

Specific unbranded search is often combined with general unbranded search. But, for the reasons above, it makes sense to discuss this traffic separately for your business.

How To Advertise On Google Search Engine

If you sell third-party products, you can run this type of campaign by bidding on specific branded keywords associated with them. When purchasing these keywords, you can use these branding designs in your ads as long as you link directly to the landing page where these items appear.

Why Should You Link Your Client’s Google Ads Account To Search Console?

Ease of Implementation: Like other search businesses, this type of business is not easy to launch and requires sufficient resources to set up and maintain.

A competitive search campaign is essentially a reverse branded search campaign. Instead of bidding on your own brand and products, you bid on searches for your competitors’ branded keywords.

Stealing traffic from your biggest direct competition keywords sounds like a smart strategy, but it can be a relatively expensive one because, in this case, you, the competing brand, are the most relevant. Not what they want to find.

Typically, this strategy is used by brands that can justify the high cost of acquiring a new customer with a relatively high average order value or lifetime value. Otherwise, you may experience little success with this strategy.

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If a brand isn’t buying its traffic or doesn’t have a lot of brand loyalty among its customers and there is an alternative that is equal or better than your product, it can actually be a very profitable venture for you.

(We recommend purchasing your own branded terms to avoid this type of interference from the competition.)

Note: You shouldn’t use dynamic keyword insertions in ads when you buy your competitors’ branded keywords, and you can’t use their name in your ads unless you’re selling their products on their page. How do you increase traffic?

How To Advertise On Google Search Engine

Ease of Implementation: Like all search campaigns, this one is not easy to implement and can be very expensive. You need dedicated resources to manage this.

Google Adsense Search Engine Feature Update

Learn more about how you can drive traffic to your store with the Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Ecommerce SEO from Google.

Google Shopping campaigns generally provide a great user experience for shoppers: a user searches specifically for a product and Google displays images, prices and reviews of products it deems relevant. If buyers click on the ad, they will go directly to that product’s page.

Customers who search specifically for your brand are more likely to convert, so if you can set up branded shopping as a separate business, you can increase your traffic from this source. and be able to budget more efficiently. Otherwise, Shopping campaigns include both branded and unbranded traffic by default.

Without a segmented campaign strategy, there will always be more unbranded than branded traffic, and more of your budget will be spent on unbranded terms that are less likely to convert.

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