How To Advertise On Google For Free

How To Advertise On Google For Free – In October 2020, Google made sales on its shopping platform free. “But what does this mean for me?” you may ask.

This means that WooCommerce store owners like you can now advertise your products on the Shopping tab of Google search results. Your products can even appear in search and image results – all for free!

How To Advertise On Google For Free

How To Advertise On Google For Free

While you can’t guarantee a place on the Google Shopping tab with free listings, free listings have a significant impact due to the strong purchase intent that consumers use Google Shopping for.

Did You Know You Can Advertise On Google Shopping Ads For Free?

In this quick guide, you’ll learn how to quickly get your WooCommerce products on Google Shopping for free and keep them up-to-date with ease. But first, let’s learn more about Google Shopping.

Google Shopping is an aggregator-style online shopping platform where consumers can find physical products from various online stores. The service facilitates the search, comparison and purchase of products from several sellers.

It also makes it easier for online store owners to showcase their products in front of others. Although the service works mainly for paid ads, Google has made it possible to list products for free as well (unpaid listings may also be available for Google Search and Google Images in the US as a standard listing type).

That’s why you’ll see both sponsored products and free listings in the Shopping tab, with a preference for the former. You can qualify for free listings by simply uploading your product listing and regularly updating product details such as price and availability; which we will deal with here.

Free Advertising On Google For Beginners

However, if you want to guarantee a spot on the Shopping tab with paid ads, just follow the steps below to link your Google Merchant account to your Google Adwords account and create a Google Shopping campaign. You can also use the WooCommerce Google Ads plugin to simplify the process.

In order for your products to appear on the Google Shopping page, you must register for a Google Merchant Center account.

Your Google Merchant Center account is ready. Now you need to create a product feed. But first, what is a product feed?

How To Advertise On Google For Free

Products are sourced from your online store’s inventory data, such as description and image, which is uploaded to Google to automatically create Google Shopping ads and listings that feature your products. Basically, this is how Google gets information about the products you want to advertise.

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The last thing you need to create a Google Shopping feed is a link to a file hosted on your website. We will create it in the next step.

When creating the product feed, we selected the “Scheduled Pickup” option. So now we need a file on our website that contains all the product details and is regularly updated to reflect any changes in price and availability.

Manually getting WooCommerce products into Google Shopping this way can take a lot of time and repetitive effort depending on how many products you want to add to your product feed.

An easy way to do this is to use the ELEX WooCommerce Google Shopping plugin. It’s a free plugin that creates the document for us and even updates it regularly. Here is how we can use it.

Feed For Google Shopping Feed

After installing the plugin, go to settings and create a resource. Add a project name and description for reference.

Select the country of operation and choose to include variants, select the default category and assign a file format below.

Then create a schedule to update the file using the next option by entering the date and time. Select a time just before your scheduled pickup time in Google Merchant Center. For example, you can set it so that the file is updated with the latest details at 11:00 PM and they are loaded into the Google Shopping results at midnight every day.

How To Advertise On Google For Free

The next step is to map your store’s attributes to the default attributes used in Google Shopping. It is mandatory to map at least one of your WooCommerce product categories to a Google category available in Google Taxonomy. You can map attributes by searching for them in an array.

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In the next step, you also need to compare the default Google attributes with your WooCommerce store attributes. Although most of them are set by default by the plugin, you can modify them using these buttons.

Please note that you need to map at least the following attributes in order to present your WooCommerce products on Google Shopping.

In the final step, you can select specific products to exclude from the Google Shopping product feed.

Click “Generate Source” when you’re done. Copy the URL to your clipboard and return to Google Merchant Center to pick up where we left off. Here, paste the link in the URL field of the file and click “Create resource”.

How To Advertise On Google Shopping For Free

This has configured your product feed. Your products can start appearing in Google Shopping results and you can always be sure that they are up to date. Now all you have to do is wait for your new customers.

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How To Advertise On Google For Free

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How To Advertise On Google For Free

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