How To Advertise On Bing For Free

How To Advertise On Bing For Free – If you’re planning to launch a Shopping campaign on Microsoft Ads for your personal store, you should know a useful feature that you can use for free. This is a list of free Microsoft products. Thanks to this, you can display ads with free products.

The basic principles of Microsoft’s Free List are similar to Google’s Free List. We’ve written a step-by-step guide on how to set up a Google Free listing.

How To Advertise On Bing For Free

How To Advertise On Bing For Free

E-commerce is growing and will continue to do so. So it is important that you learn new channels and tools that can increase your sales. Especially if it’s free.

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All you need to get free impressions on the Bing Shopping Channel is to create a product feed on the Microsoft Business Center.

Note! It takes some time for Microsoft Shopping campaigns to start getting traffic and start driving your audience to the online store effectively. Enabled free ads allow you to retain your audience and show them free product cards.

It is enough to do everything in accordance with the configuration of the Business Center on Microsoft Ads to set the list of your products in the free list on Microsoft search. Namely: creating and creating a Microsoft Business Center account, preparing and uploading data flows.

We won’t go into this process in detail in this article, but you can read all the details here.

Microsoft Unleashes ‘bing In The Classroom’ Ad Free Search

Make sure your product feed will appear for free on the Bing Shopping Channel after you set up Microsoft Business Center and add your product feed. To do this: go to the Product List page and ensure that Free Product List is enabled in the Microsoft Business Center settings.

Now you know how to use the free product listing on Microsoft Ads. Don’t hesitate to ask your questions in the comments section, we’ll be happy to answer them!

Our experts can create a free Microsoft product list for your e-commerce business. If that makes sense to you, please contact us here.

How To Advertise On Bing For Free

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Bing Ads 101

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How To Advertise On Bing For Free

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What’s Hiding Behind Bing’s Ads?

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Microsoft Advertising: How To Use Microsoft Ads In 6 Steps

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How To Advertise On Bing For Free

Microsoft Shopping promotions are available in the US, UK, Canada, Australia and many other countries. You can find a complete list of countries on this page – What is a Microsoft Business Center?

Try Microsoft Bing Ads. Simply Import Your Best Google Ads Campaigns

In this article, we provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to create a Microsoft Shopping campaign.

Microsoft Shopping ads are similar to Google Ads. The ad contains an image, ad text, price and additional information about the seller (value, etc.).

These visual ads are different from regular search ads and organic search results. So users can make a buying decision before visiting your website.

Enter the name of the store, select authentication by UET token or web tool, select or enter the URL of the store and enable automatic verification with SSL certificate (if the URL contains https):

Bing Makes Text Ads More Actionable With New Extension

You must have at least 50 articles written by the brand or the brand itself must be submitted to the site in the last 30 days to confirm the store through the UET mark. In this case, confirmation by the store may take up to 48 hours.

If the UET tag has been created and does not collect enough data to create a store, you can verify it using Bing Webmaster Tools

Sign in to Web Tools with your Microsoft account. In the next section, fill in the About me, contact form and message form.

How To Advertise On Bing For Free

In the field, enter the store’s URL and click Add. Add information about your website. Fill in one of the provided verification options and click Confirm. The dashboard will be available once the URL has been verified.

What Are Bing Places For Business?

To create a product feed in Shopify, install and configure Feed For Google Shopping in your Shopify account:

The decision to choose this app is based on our experience with various applications. It is the best in terms of price and performance ratio. In addition to Microsoft Ads, this application is useful for Google Merchant and Facebook Shopping Ads.

Go to the Feed for Google Shopping app, then the Integrations section, and link the in-app account to your Microsoft ad account:

The first type of promotion gives you more power. Smart shopping campaigns give you the opportunity to increase returns with the help of automatic shopping and targeting on the Microsoft search engine.

Bing Shopping Free Product Listings

Set Microsoft Shopping campaign priority, select your store, products to advertise (all or filter)

If you decide to promote all products, you must divide them into product groups. Establish flexible bid management for each group based on margin or ROAS information. As a result, the advertising budget will be managed efficiently.

To divide products into groups, select an ad group, go to the Product Groups section and click the arrow next to the All Products button.

How To Advertise On Bing For Free

We have divided products by category, product type. There are other parameters such as logo, manually created parameter (custom label) etc.

Know Before You Spend: The Best Digital Advertising Channels

Create different search strategies for different products (based on margin or ROAS). After collecting statistics, you can use the target ROAS strategy automatically:

Microsoft Smart Shopping campaigns are an automated way to reach your goals with Bing Shopping campaigns. The promotion is now available for launch in most countries, where the Business Center is also located (you can find the list here).

Just like creating a strong shopping campaign, you need a Microsoft Business Center and product flow. Be sure to update the feed at least once every 30 days.

A Smart Shopping campaign, unlike a regular campaign, uses only automatic submission techniques. You cannot run it on manual input logic. In the campaign, you can especially use:

Bing Search Ads

By automatically placing ads based on multiple factors in real-time, the campaign will show your product ads at the right time to the right user, allowing you to increase sales and increase ROAS.

Because the automated strategies in the campaign are focused solely on conversions, the system will not allow you to create Smart Shopping campaigns unless the UET tag and conversion tracking have been set up.

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